Daihatsu Charming

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Daihatsu Charming
Production period: 1974-1987
Class : Compact class
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Successor: Applause

The Daihatsu Charmant was a car model from the Japanese manufacturer Daihatsu . It was presented in the spring of 1974 .

First generation (1974–1981)

Charming I
Daihatsu Charming (1974-1981)

Daihatsu Charming (1974-1981)

Production period: 1974-1981
Body versions : Limousine , station wagon
Engines: Petrol engines :
1.2-1.6 liters
(47-61 kW)
Length: 4005 mm
Width: 1520 mm
Height: 1370 mm
Wheelbase : 2335 mm
Empty weight : 885 kg

The first generation of the Charmant was a license build of the Toyota Corolla E20 .

Engines from 1200 to 1600 cm³ were available. It was available as a four-door notchback sedan and station wagon. It was only imported sporadically to Europe.

Second generation (1981–1987)

Charming II
Daihatsu Charming (1981-1987)

Daihatsu Charming (1981-1987)

Production period: 1981-1987
Body versions : limousine
Engines: Petrol engines :
1.3-1.6 liters
(46-61 kW)
Length: 4150 mm
Width: 1625 mm
Height: 1380 mm
Wheelbase : 2400 mm
Empty weight : 840-905 kg

In October 1981 an independent successor model was introduced, which was created on the platform of the Toyota Corolla E70 .

For the first time, the Charmant was officially offered in Germany. A combination variant was no longer available. A 1.3 l or 1.6 l petrol engine with a 5-speed manual gearbox was installed . A 4-speed automatic transmission was available for the 1.6 l from mid-1983 .

Production stopped in mid-1987. In mid-1989, the five-door successor Daihatsu Applause was presented.

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