German Judo Association

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German Judo Association
Logo of the DJB
Founded August 8, 1953
Place of foundation Frankfurt am Main
president Daniel Keller
societies 2,188
Members 134.392
Association headquarters Frankfurt am Main

The German Judo Association V. ( DJB ) is an association of German judoka .

The sport of judo in West Germany was organized as a sport of heavy athletics from 1949 to 1954 in the German Athletes' Association (DAB). On August 8, 1953, the German Judo Association was founded by Dan holders from the German Dan College (DDK) such as Alfred Rhode from the 1st German Judo Club (1st DJC in Frankfurt am Main). Alfred Rhode introduced judo in Germany with the 1st DJC at his Frankfurt summer school in 1932.

The separate areas of responsibility of the two associations DJB and DDK complemented each other when the DJB was founded. The DDK was responsible for the Danträger, training of teachers, dissemination and teaching of the judo idea and exams. From 1955, the DJB was solely responsible for the competition - for national and international tournaments and championships, after the DAB had transferred its responsibility for judo to the DJB in December 1954.

The DJB was recognized by the German Sports Association in 1956 and worked together with the DDK until 1990. On February 2, 1991, the German Judo Association of the FRG ( DJB ) and the German Judo Association of the GDR ( DJV ) merged in Passau under the name Deutscher Judo-Bund . The Judobund organizes judo championships in Germany just like other professional associations in Germany.

From 3rd to 6th In October 2013 the Judo Association celebrated its 60th anniversary with a judo festival in Cologne . Here u. a. Individual and team competitions were held, and courses and presentations were also offered.

The association organ of the DJB is the Judo Magazin .

The German Judo Association is a member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation DOSB . Under its umbrella, sports associations of related sports, such as sumo , can join the DOSB, the number of members of which do not meet the admission criteria for direct membership in the DOSB.


  • President: Daniel Keller
  • Vice President of Competitive Sports: Egbert von Horn
  • Vice President of Popular Sports: Carl Eschenauer
  • Vice President Association Development: Andreas Kleegräfe
  • Vice President Finance: Thomas Schynol
  • Vice President Media / Public Relations: Renate Goschin
  • Vice President Youth:
  • Athlete representative: Mareen Kräh
  • Board spokesman: Reinhard Nimz
  • Head of competitive sport: Ruben Göbel

Regional associations

  • Badischer Judo Verband
  • Bavarian Judo Association
  • Brandenburg Judo Association
  • Bremen Judo Association
  • Hamburg Judo Association
  • Hessian Judo Association
  • Judo Association Berlin
  • Judo Association Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Judo Association Palatinate
  • Judo Association Rhineland
  • Judo Association of Saxony
  • Judo Association Saxony-Anhalt
  • Judo Association Schleswig-Holstein
  • Lower Saxony Judo Association
  • North Rhine-Westphalian Judo Association
  • Saarland Judo Association
  • Thuringian Judo Association
  • Württemberg Judo Association





From 3rd to 6th October 2019 the 2nd Judo Festival took place in the Sportschule Oberhaching / Munich . More than 40 seminars, workshops and training units were offered.

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