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German Motor Sport Association V.
DMSB logo
legal form registered association
founding June 8, 1997
Seat Frankfurt am Main
purpose Exercise of sport sovereignty for the automobile and motorcycle sport organized and monitored by this association for the Federal Republic of Germany and representation at the FIA, FIM and FIM Europe
Chair Hans-Joachim Stuck
Members ADAC, AvD, DMV, ADMV, VFV, state motor sport associations and various members

The German Motor Sport Bund e. V. (DMSB) is an umbrella organization for motorsport in Germany . Support of the association are ADAC , AvD and DMV . Other members include 15 regional associations, the General German Motorsport Association (ADMV), the Veteran Vehicle Association (VFV), the Automobil-Club Verkehr (ACV) and the Porsche Club Germany (PCD).

It was founded on June 8, 1997 to take over from OMK and ONS in 1998 .

The DMSB is a member of the FIA , the FIM and FIM Europe and - nationally - the DOSB . The DMSB has the status of an ASN ( French : Autorité Sportive Nationale, holder of national sports sovereignty) with the FIA and the status of an FMN ( French : Fédération Motocyclisme National, national member federation of FIM / UEM). The DMSB is thus entitled to issue international FIA and FIM licenses for its national licensees.

The association is headed by a five-person presidium , which is supported by an executive committee with numerous committees to advise on technical issues . On April 21, 2012, Hans-Joachim Stuck was elected as the new president at the DMSB general meeting after his predecessor Torsten Johne no longer stood for election. The seat of the association in accordance with statute is Frankfurt am Main .

Purpose, goals and tasks

1. The DMSB exercises sports sovereignty for automobile and motorcycle sport for the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and represents German automobile and motorcycle sport internationally as a member of FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) and FIM (Fédération Internationale Motocycliste) and FIM Europe (Fédération Internationale Motocycliste Europe).

2. 1 The purpose and task of the DMSB is to promote motorsport with special consideration of youth work. 2 The DMSB realizes the purpose of the statutes in particular through

a) safeguarding the interests of its members and the motorsport enthusiasts belonging to them in state and society, in national sports organizations, in particular the DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation), and vis-à-vis the media and business. 3 He safeguards the interests of motor sports enthusiasts in general and the indirect members (Section 4, Item 3) in particular when implementing their wish to pursue motorsport according to the rules of the DMSB by taking all appropriate measures. 4 It carries out its tasks in party-political and denominational neutrality in compliance with the principle of equal treatment.

b) the supervision of the implementation of motor sport, insofar as it is in his area of ​​responsibility, in the entire area of ​​the Federal Republic of Germany according to uniform rules. 3 For this purpose, the DMSB can also make use of the sponsoring associations and the state motor sport associations (LMFV) belonging to the DMSB. 4 As part of its tasks, the DMSB recognizes the association statutes, sports laws and jurisdictions of the FIA, FIM, FIM Europe and DOSB and is subject to them. 5 He carries out these tasks u. a. by establishing, enforcing and monitoring uniform sports rules for automobile and motorcycle sport in accordance with the statutes and sports laws drawn up by FIA, FIM, FIM Europe and DOSB. 6 In exercising its statutory duties, the DMSB carries out sports jurisdiction and issues association regulations with binding effect on its members.

c) the enforcement of the doping ban. 3 For this purpose, the DMSB participates in the doping control system of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) and the international professional associations. 4 In motor sports regulated by the DMSB, DMSB, NADA and the international specialist sports associations are entitled to carry out doping controls during and outside of the events. 5 Details on the prosecution and punishment of violations regulate in their current version the international and national sports laws of the FIA, FIM, FIM Europe and DMSB, the anti-doping regulations of the FIA, the anti-doping code of the FIM, the NADA Code and the "List of Prohibited Substances and Methods" of the World Anti-Doping Agency, none of which are part of these statutes. 6 The procedures are carried out in accordance with the international procedural regulations, the legal and procedural regulations and the procedural regulations of the NADA Code. 7 Responsible disciplinary bodies within the meaning of the NADA Code are the DMSB Sports and Appeal Courts for Automobile Sports and Motorcycle Sports.

d) the support and development of elite and popular sport, amateur and recreational sport.

e) to regulate and promote the admission of trainers and instructors as well as their education, training and further education and that of voluntary and full-time club and association employees.

f) Information and improvement measures to promote safety in motorsport.

g) compliance with the necessary measures to protect nature and the environment.

h) maintaining and promoting voluntary work.

3.a) Within the scope of the aforementioned tasks (items 1 and 2), the DMSB is responsible for:

1 The advertisement of his grades, series or events, the creation of the calendar for this and the handling of these grades, series and events. 2 This also includes the delegation of its distinctions to one or more sponsoring associations.

• The issue of licenses for participation in the aforementioned categories, series or events as well as international licenses.

b) Members have the right to advertise and carry out their own ratings, series or events, the approval of which must be granted by the DMSB, provided that they observe and adhere to its rules.

c) The DMSB does not approve any new grades, series or events that are in competition with existing or specifically planned grades, series or events of the DMSB or one of its members, unless the DMSB participates as a promoter and / or organizer and / or licensor.

d) Receive awards, cups, series or other events of the members i. S. d. § 2 number 4 b), in which the DMSB is not involved, upon request a DMSB rating, the DMSB receives the license fee provided for this. However, the rights to calendar planning, drawing up the regulations and marketing remain with the member.


In Germany, the DMSB issues licenses for drivers, co-drivers, sports attendants and instructors to participate in national sporting events of the DMSB and the international events of the FIA. The licenses are issued for one year from January 1st.

The licenses must be applied for in writing from the DMSB or one of the umbrella organizations ( ADAC , AvD or DMV ). Evidence of the requirements for the respective license must be provided. These include, for example, health tests, participation in racing events including placements, participation in training events or previous licenses.

Fees are payable for issuing the licenses. The license includes accident insurance (basic insurance).

Motor racing driver license requirement authorization
National DMSB license
  • none (age regulations per event)
Club sport of the sponsoring associations, rally 200 , slalom , regularity test , dragster (with restrictions), autocross , rallycross
National license level A
  • Participation in at least 3 events with a DMSB or junior license and placement among the first 75% in the last 12 months


  • Participation in a certified training course
such as DMSB license + mountain races , kart races , dragsters, performance tests , circuit races
National EU professional license
  • Participation in at least 3 events with level A or junior license and placement among the first 75% in the last 12 months


  • Generating income through motorsport activity
like level A + national competitions of other European countries
National DMSB junior license
  • none (age regulations per event)
each with restrictions: dragster, cross-karting , rally , regularity test (passenger only), slalom, autocross, rallycross
National junior license
  • at least 6 kart races
  • Sighting and driver training
  • at least 3 clubsport circuit races
ADAC Formula Masters , Formula Vee 1300 , touring car brand cups, kart races, slalom
International license level D (Event License) none (from 18 years) individual events with international participation
International license level R
  • National A license or EU professional license
  • Participation in at least 5 national A competitions in EU countries and placement among the first 50% in the last 24 months
  • Participation in at least 5 historical rallies with NEAFP status and placement among the first 50% in the last 24 months
National rallies and hill climbs
International license level C
  • International license A, B, C


  • Depending on the national license, participation in 5 events of the respective class and placement among the first 50% in the last 24 months
National and international circuit races / kart races of level C, rally, slalom, autocross, rallycross, truck races, competitions for solar / electric vehicles, dragsters (restrictions), historic vehicles
International license level B
  • Finish and evaluation points in at least 5 national or international championship runs in the last 24 months


  • Placement among the first 30% in at least 6 races in a 2.0l formula class, the Formula BMW, the ADAC Masters Formula or the Formula V-1300
International FIA level B races
International license level A
  • Placement among the first 5 in at least 6 level B races within the last 24 months


  • Achievement of at least 5th place in a level B championship of the current or the previous year
International FIA level A races
Additional authorization for oval races
  • International license level C
  • Participation in at least 5 circuit races and placement among the first 50% within 24 months
  • Take a rookie test
International license for historic vehicles level B none (from 18 years) Race with historic racing and sports cars
International license for drag racing levels 4,3,2 and 1
  • DMSB Junior license
  • Proof of deployment in drag racing
National and international dragster competitions (divided into 4 levels and 3 classes)


A collection of the regulations that are important for functionaries and active people is sent out annually in the form of an "Automobile Sports Manual" or "DMSB Motorcycle Sports Manual" . From 2009 these will also appear on mini CD . Current announcements are published in the “Vorstart” magazine, which appears six times a year.

Championships for automobiles

Automobile racing series

The DMSB is issuing the following automobile racing series for 2008:


  • DMSB-Rallye-Pokal in the regions north, west, east, middle and south
  • DMSB mountain trophy for touring cars
  • DMSB mountain trophy for racing vehicles

DMSB relay

The DMSB relay was the first safety relay in the entire automotive sport worldwide. Founded in 1972 based on an idea by Herbert Linge , the premiere took place in 1973 at the Hockenheimring . Today it still secures the race tracks all over the world, rescues and retrieves many injured drivers from their vehicles. For its 30th anniversary in 2002, the squadron had 150 voluntary members.


Sponsoring associations

State motor sport associations

  • Bavarian Motorsport Association V.
  • Hessian Association for Motorsport e. V.
  • Motorsport Association North Rhine-Westphalia e. V.
  • Lower Saxony Association for Motorsport e. V.
  • Landesfachverband Brandenburgischer Motorsport e. V.
  • State Association for Motorsport Berlin e. V.
  • Thuringian Motorsport Association V.
  • State Motorsport Association Saxony-Anhalt e. V.
  • Motorsport Association Baden-Württemberg e. V.
  • Landesmotorsport Fachverband e. V. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Schleswig-Holstein Association for Motorsport e. V.
  • Motorsport Association Rhineland-Palatinate e. V.
  • Motorsport-Union Saar e. V.
  • Sächsischer Landesfachverband Motorsport e. V.
  • Landes-Motorsport-Fachverband Hamburg e. V.

Other members

honors and awards

In addition to the - sportily measurable - success, the DMSB would also like to honor personality or services to motorsport. He also awards the DMSB Cup - in the tradition of the ONS Cup and the OMK Prize of Honor .


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