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Dissidents at the presentation of the Praetorius Music Prize 2012 in Lower Saxony in the category of International Peace Music Prize
Dissidents at the presentation of the Praetorius Music Prize 2012 in Lower Saxony in the category of International Peace Music Prize
General information
Genre (s) World music , indie rock
founding 1980
Website http://www.dissieger.com/
Current occupation
Friedo Josch
Uve Müllrich
Drums , keyboard , vocals
Marlon Klein (since 1981)
former members
Michael Wehmeyer (1980-1981)
Vocals, guitar
Hamid Baroudi (1984–1990)
Vocals, bass ( Gembri )
Houssaine Kili (1984–1988)

Dissidents is a German world music / indie rock band. She is best known for her collaboration with artists from the Middle East , North Africa and India . The Rolling Stone Magazine described it as "Godfathers of World Beat". The name of the band refers to the term dissident for those who think differently or opposition.

Band history

Until 1980 Uve Müllrich and Michael Wehmeyer undertook “experiments between Orient and Occident” with the Munich krautrock and world music band Embryo . In 1980 the two musicians founded “Embryo's Dissidents” together with Friedo Josch in India. In 1981 the group changed its name to "Dissidents"; Marlon Klein replaced Michael Wehmeyer.

The first (in small editions) self-financed singles followed a tour through Asia until the end of 1981. Inspired by personal travels and the experiences with the band Embryo, the trio played numerous concerts in North Africa, Spain, Italy and throughout the Mediterranean . The group was able to celebrate great success with single dance hits in discos as well as with the most sold-out concerts.

"Godfathers of World Beat"

In 1982 the “dissidents” moved to Central India, where they prepared their first album as guests in the palace of Maharaja Bhalkrishna Bharti of Gondagaon in the state of Madhya Pradesh . It was in this 'exotic' environment that the recordings of “Germanistan” were made, inspired by the percussionist Trilok Gurtu , produced in collaboration with the “ Karnataka College of Percussion”, the singer RA Ramamani and the saxophonist Charlie Mariano .

A year later the group moved to Morocco to record “Sahara Elektrik” in the Sultan's Palace in Tangier . They were supported by "Lemchaheb", the well-known author / composer Paul Bowles and Abdessalam Akaaboune as producers. "Fata Morgana" became a dance hit in Europe (especially in Spain and Italy) and Canada, where the album reached number 1 in the "Independent Charts". The band then toured Spain in sold-out halls; later recordings with John Peel in London followed.

The trio decided to spend 1986 in Spain, produced "Life At the Pyramids" and achieved initial successes in the United States and the United Kingdom . The following world tour opened at the "1988 New Music Seminar " at the "Palladium" in New York City.

In 1989 the "dissidents" moved back to Morocco to "Out Of This World" with the "Royal National Orchestra of Morocco" and well-known artists - including Cherif Lamran and Mahmoud Saadi (both members of "Lemchaheb") and "Jil Jilala" and " Nass El Ghiwane " - to be recorded from Morocco (for the first time under the US label "Sire / Warner"). The following year, the group moved back to Berlin after ten years, where they released their album "Live in New York", recorded at the opening concert of the world tour in New York. Then the band members concentrated on a (not released as an album) film / music project on the subject of "Music of the North American Indians".

For “The Jungle Book”, which integrated recordings from everyday Indian life into dance tracks, the “dissidents” took almost three years, again in collaboration with the “Karnataka College of Percussion” from Bengaluru , Trilok Gurtu and Ramesh Shotham . The album was voted number 2 in their annual “World Music Charts” by European DJs in 1994, followed by a remix by Sven Väth (“Jungle Book Part II”) as a techno dance track.

After a subsequent tour that supported the album, Marlon Klein spent the rest of the year in Los Angeles producing Gary Wright's albums "Human Love" and "First Sign of Life" with a guest appearance by ex- Beatle George Harrison . In 1983 the "Dissidents" founded their own music label "Exil Musik" and in 1997 released "Instinctive Traveler", their first album with mostly English-language songs, followed by a tour with festival appearances at the "Stuttgart Jazz Open", the Leverkusener Jazztage and the "Festival De La Diversidad “in Barcelona .

In 1998 they toured with guest musicians and singers such as Izaline Calister , Noujoum Ouazza and Manickam Yogeswaran , including a performance at the Glastonbury Festival . In the same year they released their second live album "Live in Europe".

20 years of dissidents

Appearance with guests at the gala for the presentation of the Praetorius Music Prize 2012 in the Schauspielhaus Hannover

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, the group developed with the American composer Gordon Sherwood ("New York Symphonics" & "Beggars Opera") and the conductor Peter Feranec ("Bolshoi Orchestra" & "Oslo Opera"), in collaboration with the Danubian Orchestra and Choir ”, her most ambitious artistic project to date: the documentary opera“ The Memory of Waters! ”“ for orchestra, 28-part choir, band and computer ”. The opera was premiered at the “International Danube Festival” in Ulm, broadcast live by SWR , with other performances, for example at the “Festival de Navarra ” (Spain) with the “Orchestra & The Coral de Cámara de Pamplona ” in July 2004 with 50 musicians and Singers. The media artist and photographer Stefanie Seidl from Berlin designed the video scenes for these performances.

For the Expo 2000 in Hanover, Uve Müllrich composed a performance for 96 Bavarian brass bands and, in collaboration with the Munich sculptor, designed a sound installation from the bells of 96 Bavarian churches.

In Brazil, “Arabian Nights” took first place with 750,000 copies sold, and the soundtrack “Sassaricando” has sold a million times since its release in 1988.

In 2001 Marlon Klein produced “The Zulu Choir Phikelela Sakhula”, “The Real Happy Singers” and the album “Love Letter” in Durban (South Africa) as well as two songs for the IMAX film “Ski to the Max” by Willy Bogner junior . Friedo Josch produced and was a guest musician for Foxy Brown's “Na Na Be Like” on their album “Broken Silence”.

In the ten years (1991–2001) “ World Music Charts Europe ”, “The Jungle Book” took second place among 6,500 nominated albums. The actual anniversary album - "2001: A World Beat Odyssey" - comprised nine hits from the "dissidents" remixed by DJs and producers (including "Badmarsh", "Lemongrass", Shantel and "Slop Shop"). In April 2003 "Dissident Remx.ED 2.0: A New World Odyssey" was published. As is now a tradition with the trio, some of the DJs appeared as guest artists on the subsequent tour .

In 2003, Uve Müllrich developed the “Danube Trip”, a CD and sound installation for the State Garden Show in Tuttlingen an der Donau, together with media artist and journalist Tom Hagenauer.

Marlon Klein took part in the "Pili Pili Jubilee Tour 2004" with Jasper van't Hof , Nicolas Fiszman , Philippe Alleart, Mabinthy Sakho, Simangele Khumalo, Frank Itt, Izaline Calister, Eric Vloeimans , Dra Diarra and Peter Less as well as Tony Lakatos and Ian Hillman “, Which was extended with further performances in the summer.

The album "DAN_TXA" produced by Marlon Klein - a joint production with "Tomás San Miguel and Txalaparta" (a Basque group) and a concert at the "Basque Music - Vitoria Jazz Night Festival" in Cannes - reached number 9 in January / February 2006 of the "Top 20" CDs in the "World Music Charts". From September 30th to November 18th, 2006, “Dissidents” and “ Freundeskreis ” toured in Germany and Spain.

In 2007 and 2008 the band and their friends from the Moroccan band "Jil Jilala" were busy producing their album The Tanger Sessions in Tangier / Morocco . From summer 2008 this formation could be heard all over Europe at festivals between Spain and Helsinki. In September, during two live concerts in Berlin, the live CD / DVD Dissidents & Jil Jilala Live was created in Berlin . Embryo guitarist Roman Bunka and Henning Rümenap from Guano Apes have been in the band's line-up since 2008 . In 2010 the dissidents played at the two largest African festivals, L'Boulevard in Casablanca and the Mawazine Festival in Rabat. Concerts in Russia, North America and Europe were planned for later in the year.

On March 24, 2012, Lower Saxony's Minister of Culture, Johanna Wanka , awarded the dissidents the Praetorius Music Prize 2012 of the State of Lower Saxony in the category of International Peace Music Prize in the Hanover Theater .



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Compilations and EPs

  • 1985: Casablanca ( EP ) - Exil Musik Germany
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  • 2003: Dissidents Remx.ED 2.0: A New World Odyssey - Exil / Indigo
  • 2003: 2003: A Worldbeat Odyssey (CD) - Exil


  • 1988: Sassa Ricando - Globo Brazil
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  • 1992: Pankuj Parahar - Louis Banks Bombay
  • 1991: Great Journeys - BBC
  • 1989: Wild Orchid - Warner Brothers
  • 2007: The Hippie Trail - ARTE TV

Video clips

  • 1995: Jungle Book Remix - Exile Music - 4:00 min.
  • 1990: 20 Minutes from the Life of Dissidents - Exile Music - 20:00 Min.
  • 1991: Live at the Pow Wow - Exile Music - 5:00 min.
  • 1989: Out of This World - Sire / Warner Bros. - 4:15 min.
  • 1989: Live in New York - Exile Music - 45:00 min.
  • 1985: Telephone Arab - Cairo - Exile Music - 3:50 min.
  • 1985: A Worldbeat Odyssey - Berlin - Exile Music - 7:00 min.
  • 2000: The Memory of the Waters - Ulm - Exile Music - 10:00 min.
  • 2005: La memoria de las aguas - Pamplona - Exile Music - 15:00 min.
  • 2008: Dissidents & Jil Jilala - Morock'n Roll - Exile Music - 6:00 min.
  • 2008: Dissidents & Jil Jilala - Gun Factory - Exile Music - 7:00 min.
  • 2009: Dissidents & Jil Jilala - Truth is the only Religion - Exile Music - 6:00 min.


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