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Eduard Gustav Karl Wilhelm von Kehler (born January 19, 1843 in Saarbrücken , † June 3, 1910 in Berlin ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .



He was the son of Eduard von Kehler (1799-1858) and his wife Henriette, née von Schöning (1821-1888) from the house of Lübenow-Klemm . His father was Colonel a. D. and finally commander of the 1st Dragoon Regiment . The later Prussian Lieutenant General Richard von Kehler (1846–1913) was his brother.

Military career

With the character as Portepeefähnrich Kehler took effect on 25 April 1861 from the Cadet Corps coming into the in Grudziadz stationed 8. East Prussian Infantry Regiment. 45 a. On July 23, he was transferred to the 6th Pomeranian Infantry Regiment No. 49 in Stargard . There he received the patent for his rank on December 8th and was promoted to second lieutenant on November 11th, 1862 . Since May 11, 1866 Adjutant of the Fusilier - Battalion , Kehler took the same year during the war against Austria at the Battle of Hradec Kralove in part and it was with the Order of the Crown IV class awarded with swords.. He remained a battalion adjutant until July 23, 1870 and was promoted to prime lieutenant on September 2, 1870 .

In the war against France in 1870/71, Kehler took part in the enclosure of Metz , the siege of Paris , the battles at Gravelotte-St. Private , Villiers , as well as battles on Mont Mesly, Champigny ( Iron Cross II. Class), Frasnes and between Pontarlier and La Cluse . At the Battle of Villiers he was slightly wounded in the lower leg by a gunshot. From October 24, 1870 to August 14, 1873 he was the leader of a company in the mobile regiment during the occupation .

With his promotion to captain Kehler was appointed company commander on March 11, 1875 . In the same function he was transferred to the Oldenburg Infantry Regiment 91 on March 13, 1884 with a patent dated May 12, 1873 . There he was promoted to superfluous major on March 14, 1885 . In the second Hanseatische Infantry Regiment. 76 were added and the battalion commander in Lübeck , he was appointed on 22 January 1887. After Kehler on November 18, 1890 to lieutenant colonel was promoted, he was on 15 December as-budgetary staff officer in the 1 Hessian Infantry Regiment No. 81 transferred to Frankfurt am Main . When he was promoted to colonel , he was appointed regimental commander on June 17, 1893 .

With his promotion to major general on March 22, 1897, Kehler was appointed commander of the 84th Infantry Brigade in Lahr , Baden , which was newly established on April 1 . On March 22, 1900, in approval of his resignation letter , Kehler was put up for disposition with the statutory pension and the character of lieutenant general . On the occasion of his farewell, the Grand Duke of Baden awarded him the Commander's Cross 1st Class of the Order of the Zähringer Lion .



Kehler married Marie Brunner (* 1848) on June 2, 1870 in Gnesen. The following children were born from the marriage:

  • Alice Henriette Marie Emma (* 1873) ⚭ 1899 Rudolf Beyer, Lieutenant Colonel
  • Hermann (* 1877), Prussian lieutenant ret. D., Herr auf Klein-Wehnendorf ⚭ 1903 Herma Fellmann, widowed Maager

He was buried in the old garrison cemetery in Berlin .




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