Ferdinand Grimm

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Ferdinand Grimm (born February 15, 1869 in Vienna , † November 8, 1948 in Bad Kreuzen , Upper Austria ) was an Austrian finance expert and finance minister.

Ferdinand Grimm, son of a higher state officials, studied at the University of Vienna and received his doctorate in 1893 for Dr. jur. During his studies in 1888 he became a member of the Ostmark Vienna fraternity . He entered the civil service and, after initially serving in the customs service, was transferred to the Ministry of Finance on January 19, 1898, in 1912 he became a ministerial advisor and in 1917 a section head , where he held an important position as president. He was a financial advisor to the House of Habsburg and finance teacher to the future Emperor Charles I and was ennobled for it .

He was initially Undersecretary for Finance in 1918/19 and was Minister of Finance from November 20, 1920 to October 7, 1921 . He then returned to the post of President Section Head. In 1924 he took over the credit section, where he had to deal with the banking crisis in the course of speculation in the franc. In 1925 he was given the prominent position of Ministerial Director, which he held until his retirement in 1931. From 1921 he was also President of the Credit Institute for Public Works and Enterprises. A share in Ignaz Seipel's renovation work is attributed to him.


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