Canary Islands flag

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Canary Islands flag
Flag of the Canary Islands (simple) .svg

Vexillological symbol : Civic flag?
Aspect ratio: 2: 3
Officially accepted: August 10, 1982
Service flag on land? Unofficial flag with coat of arms,
aspect ratio 2: 3

The flag of the Canary Islands was established in 1982 in Article 6 of the Autonomy Statute of the Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias : The flag of the Canary Islands consists of three equal, vertical stripes. The colors, as seen from the flagpole, are white, blue and yellow. The regulation was retained unchanged in the new version of the Statute of Autonomy in November 2018 in Article 7 paragraph 1.

In the "Manual Identidad Corporativa del Gobierno de Canarias" the colors are precisely defined:

  • the blue (azul): Pantone 3005 ( RGB 7.104.169)
  • the yellow (amarillo): Pantone 7406 (RGB 255.204.0)

The flag specified in the Statute of Autonomy does not contain the Canary Islands coat of arms .


  1. La bandera de Canarias está formada por tres franjas iguales en sentido vertical, cuyos colores son, a partir del asta, blanco, azul y amarillo.

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