Regional Church Office Hanover

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Regional Church Office Hanover

State level Ecclesiastical corporation (Lower Saxony)
position Supreme service authority of the Evangelical Lutheran Regional Church of Hanover (EVLKA), church governing body of the EVLKA (college)
Supervisory authority Church Senate (Function: Supreme Service Authority College)
founding 1924
Headquarters Hanover
Authority management President
Stephanie Springer (head as administrative authority)
Chair of the regional church office, regional bishop Ralf Meister (head as church governing body)
Servants 220 (2014)
Web presence
Entrance of the regional church office
Fürstenhof at the back of the regional church office with the seat of some offices

The regional church office of Hanover (LKA) is the highest service authority responsible for the administration of the Evangelical Lutheran regional church of Hanover and emerged from the consistory of this regional church. The regional church office is one of the six governing constitutional bodies of the regional church in Hanover . The church authority has its main office in the street Rote Reihe 6 in the district of Calenberger Neustadt in Hanover .


After the Second World War , the regional church office was based in the Hanns-Lilje-Haus from 1947 to 1957 .


The regional church office administers the affairs of the regional church and supervises the existing ecclesiastical bodies in the regional church, and represents the regional church in matters of law and administration. It leads the church office holder. The primary tasks of the regional church office include the processing of fundamental theological questions, the representation of church positions in society, culture and politics, the preservation and further development of church law and the appropriate organization of the regional church and the safeguarding of the finances of the regional church.

The regional church office is the publisher of the church gazette for the Evangelical Lutheran regional church of Hanover.



Since 2010, the authority has been divided into eight departments , to which units are assigned, and other offices and offices . Until 2010 the regional church office was divided into more than twenty departments .

  • Department 1 : Management with the accompaniment of the church governing bodies, church and state
  • Department 2 : Theology and Congregation, Church Fields of Action, Mission and Ecumenism
  • Department 3 : Personnel, Education and Training
  • Department 4 : Education, School, Children and Youth
  • Department 5 : Diakonie
  • Department 6 : Finance and Information Technology
  • Department 7 : Legal Department
  • Department 8 : Real Estate Management, Environmental Protection

The offices of the church senate and the regional synod of the regional church are located in the regional church office. Around 220 employees work in 193.60 positions in the regional church office, including 95 church officials (as of 2014). In 1992 there were 296 positions.

The press spokesman of the Hanover regional church works for all church governing bodies of the regional church and for the confederation of Protestant churches in Lower Saxony and is assigned to the president. It is involved as a work area in the Protestant media work (EMA) of the regional church. The Landeskirchenamt Hannover (service building Rote Reihe 6) is the seat of the office of the Confederation of Protestant Churches in Lower Saxony.

Offices of the regional church office at other locations in Hanover

Other offices

Head of the regional church office as administrative authority

The president is paid according to grade B 7 and the vice-presidents according to grade B 4.


The regional church office is headed as an administrative authority by a lawyer . The president heads department 1. The president is the superior of all employees, is responsible for all fundamental matters relating to the organization of the regional church office and for coordinating the departments. He handles fundamental administrative matters and is responsible for the church governing bodies of the regional church as well as for the EKD and VELKD. He is responsible for questions of state and European law.

Vice President

The vice-presidents support the president in the management of the business. They coordinate the work of the college committees assigned to them. You can be informed about all work processes of the departments assigned to you and reserve the right to finalize them.

Spiritual Vice President

The Spiritual Vice-President heads Division 2 and the Theology Committee. He is u. a. Responsible for ecclesiastical / theological fundamental and legal questions, the works and institutions (fundamental), the theological faculties and ecclesiastical universities as well as for the regional superintendents of the regional church. He carries an official cross .

From 1934 to 1953, Karl Stalmann was the head of the regional church council and the president's representative.

Legal Vice President (not complete)

The legally qualified Vice President heads Department 6 and the Legal Committee. He is u. a. responsible for fundamental questions of taxation and budgeting as well as asset management of the regional church.

Regional church office as church governing body


The regional bishop as chairman of the regional church office is to be informed about all fundamental matters. He holds regular service meetings with the President and Vice-Presidents. He is represented in the college by the president. The regional bishop is paid according to salary group B 8 of salary order B.


The regional bishop is the chairman of the regional church office. In addition to the regional bishop, the president, the clerical vice-president, the legally qualified vice-president, the clerical (theological) and legal higher regional church councils as ordinary members of the regional church office and other persons (lawyers / theologians) as extraordinary members (ao upper church council / upper regional church council) are represented in the college . The members of the regional church office are appointed by the church senate of the regional church. The regional church office decides as a college and usually meets twice a month. All matters of fundamental or significant theological, legal or financial importance are reserved to the college, such as draft church laws to the church senate and the regional synod, drafts for the budget, regulations for institutions of the regional church. He makes nominations for the election of superintends (heads of church districts) and appoints pastors in a general church mandate, insofar as this is connected with leadership tasks, and sends representatives to church and non-church organs. The college takes over supervisory measures according to the service or labor law as well as measures according to the disciplinary law and the law of teaching objections. In addition to the regional bishop and the president, the college has 9 full members (previously up to 16 full members, plus additional participants) of the regional church office (April 2019), membership is suspended. The spiritual members wear an official cross. The regional bishop's personal advisor and a representative from the press office take part in the meetings. The president can call in other employees of the regional church office, experts and guests to the meetings if the college does not object. The college meets regularly with the regional superintendents (bishop's council) of the regional church for joint deliberations.


  • Regional Bishop Ralf Meister (Chairman)
  • President Stephanie Springer (Deputy Chair)
  • Jurist. Vice President Dr. Rolf Kramer
  • Spiritual Vice President Arend de Vries
  • OLKRin Dr. Kerstin Gäfgen track
  • OLKR Rainer Kiefer
  • OLKR Hans-Joachim Lenke
  • OLKR Dr. Rainer Mainusch
  • OLKRin Andrea Radtke (membership suspended)
  • OLKR Adalbert Schmidt
  • OLKRin Dr. Nicola Wendebourg

(As of April 2019)


Some scenes for the crime scene episode The Last Patient with Maria Furtwängler as Charlotte Lindholm were filmed in the building of the regional church office in Hanover . In the film, the church office acts as the youth and social welfare office in Hannover-Mitte .

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