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General information
origin Melbourne , Australia
Genre (s) Death Doom , Gothic Metal , Christian Metal
founding 1990
resolution 2013 as inExordium
Last occupation
Jayson Sherlock
Sheldon D'Costa
Electric guitar
Peter Willmott
Andrew Tompkins
former members
Electric guitar
Chris Balassone
Electric guitar
Jason De Ron
Steve Palmer
Mark Orr
Electric guitar
Chris Burton
Electric guitar
Colin "Mosh" Mynard
Electric guitar
Mark Kelson
Electric guitar
Ian Arkley

Paramaecium (also spelled Paramæcium ) was an Australian death-doom band from Melbourne , which was formed in 1990 and split up in 2013 after being renamed into Exordium in 2006 .


The band was formed in 1990 and was named after the paramecium and released a first demo in 1991 called Silent Carnage . In 1993 the debut album Exhumed of the Earth was released . On the phonogram, of which around 12,000 copies were sold, the group consisted of bassist and singer Andrew Tompkins, guitarist Jason De Ron and drummer Jayson Sherlock. De Ron met Tompkins when they and original guitarist Colin "Mosh" Mynard took the cover photo for the Silent Carnage demo in a cemetery . De Ron had gotten to know Tompkins better when he was present at a rehearsal that Paramaecium served in preparation for an appearance with Mortification . That same night De Ron also met Jayson Sherlock. After Mynard left the band in 1992, De Ron came on as a replacement. On the second album Within the Ancient Forest , which was released in 1996, Chris Burton was represented as the second guitarist. Attached to the album was a novel of the same name, written by Andrew Tompkins. In 1997 the EP Repentance was released , which contained newly recorded songs from the demo Silent Carnage as well as previously unreleased material from 1994. The sound carrier on which the guitarist De Ron had been replaced by Mark Kelson had an edition of 500 copies. On the third album A Time to Mourn , which was released in 1999, all members had disappeared except for Tompkins. The guitarist included the Briton Ian Arkley ( Seventh Angel , Ashen Mortality , My Silent Wake ). The guest singer was Tracy Bourne and the drummer was Mark Orr. In mid-2002 Jason De Ron returned to the band as a guitarist. Together with Tompkins he worked on the next album Echoes from the Ground , which was released in 2004. Then De Ron left the band again briefly before he held further appearances together with Tompkins the drummer Jayson Sherlock, who had also returned to the band in April 2006. In November 2006 the group held their last gig in Oslo under the name Paramaecium before changing their name to Exordium. After the release of a self-titled album in 2008, the group disbanded in 2013.


According to the band's Myspace profile, Paramaecium for Exhumed of the Earth was influenced by bands like Cathedral , My Dying Bride and Anathema . In addition to normal Death Metal, the group also use non-genre things like a flute , a violin and soprano vocals. Within the Ancient Forest contains more female vocals as well as a harpsichord , piano , flute and cello . The band Death Doom also plays on Echoes from the Ground and uses soprano vocals and violins. According to , Exhumed of the Earth is about the deeds of Jesus Christ . Within The Ancient Forest is about how Tompkins professed his belief. According to Brian Fischer-Griffin in the Encyclopedia of Australian Heavy Metal , the band plays massive and epic Doom Metal . The novel Within the Ancient Forest reflects Tompkins' Christian beliefs, while the album of the same name is orchestral. Repentance is kept in a death metal style. According to Garry Sharpe-Young in his book AZ of Death Metal , the band plays Christian-oriented death metal. Mark Allan Powell's Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music wrote about the singing that it sounded like a man without a tongue choking up a hairball. Exhumed of the Earth is about the life of Jesus, with the album consisting of seven pieces. The first of these is over 17 minutes long. The group integrates progressive art rock into their Doom Metal . The violins used would be reminiscent of Kansas . A Time to Mourn contains female soprano singing.

In his review of Exhumed of the Earth , Kostas Panagiotou from stated that the band differs from other bands in the Doom Metal scene because Paramaecium is the only Christian Death Doom band it addresses Top of the genre. The first song on the album consists of female soprano singing and male growling . Due to the tonal parallels and the same Bible-based texts, a comparison is made with the My Dying Bride album As the Flower Withers , although the Paramaecium sound carrier is better produced. In addition to using a flute and a violin, an acoustic guitar was also used. According to Panagiotou, all style elements are still present on Within the Ancient Forest that were on the predecessor. The band play an atmospheric mix of doom and death metal.

The magazine Heaven's Metal album led Exhumed of the Earth at number 42 of his ranking of the 100 best Christian metal albums of all time. According to the author Doc of that magazine, the group was influenced by My Dying Bride and Cathedral. The album is the most powerful and moving of the Christian Death Doom.

According De Ron started in 1987 with playing the electric guitar after a guitar solo by Dave Murray of Iron Maiden had heard. He was influenced by the music of Larry Carlton , Chick Corea , Dave Weckl , Miles Davis , John Coltrane , Wes Montgomery , Scott Henderson , Simon Phillips and Joe Satriani . Jayson Sherlock was released in 1979 by Peter Criss' drum solo on the Kiss live album Alive! been influenced. He received his first drum kit in 1985. He was through various bands and artists such as Gojira , Dark Tranquility , Death , Darkane , Nile , The Corrs , David Gray , Jamiroquai , At the Gates , Cynic , Necrophagist , Altera Enigma , Opeth , early Bolt Thrower , early Sodom , Kreator , Aghora , early Soilwork , In Flames , Obituary , Terrorizer , Terror 2000 , Nightrage , Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips, Iron Maiden, Decapitated , Killswitch Engage , Lamb of God , King's X , Primus , Virgil Donati and Zyklon .

Gregor Arndt from Metal Hammer wrote in his review of Exhumed of the Earth that the album was a few years too late. The sound carrier has the qualities of Cathedral's Forest of Equilibrium , but now looks old-fashioned. The band play a slow mixture of Grindcore and Doom Metal, which is "deep, very dark, heavy and enriched with classical instruments". According to Michael Schäfer from the same magazine, the band plays “Doom, which develops a positive force from depression and the adversities of life ” on A Time to Mourn . The vocals and violins would remind the early My Dying Bride. The guitars and drums are kept in a minor key. The music could also be called Power Doom .

According to the band's website , A Time to Mourn is about the life of a person illustrated in the form of a house whose rooms are different aspects of life. In a Christian life Jesus would stand for the door and the inside of the house would be the new Christian life that one began through Jesus.

In addition, several reviews of A Time to Mourn were given on : In his review, Kurt Demeulemeester from Mindview , Belgium stated that Exhumed of the Earth and Within the Ancient Forest were pioneers of the depressive Doom Metal style. Parallels to the early My Dying Bride can be heard on the album. Anders Blisten from the Norwegian magazine Scream stated that the album was a very atmospheric album. The guitar riffs are now more present and the speed has been reduced in order to correspond more to Doom Metal. Abdiel from the US magazine Empyrean Reign also assigned the album to Doom Metal, with the use of flute and violin also leaving an opera- like feeling. Bjorn Bauer from the American Christian Metal Resource website described the music on the album as a mixture of death and doom metal. The guttural singing is extremely deep, but understandable. According to the Hungarian Metal Hammer , the group plays a mixture of Gothic , Doom and Death Metal on the album . The music is dark, slow and non-commercial. Paramaecium play in the style of English bands such as Anathema and My Dying Bride. However, some riffs would also be reminiscent of Black Sabbath . According to German Rock Hard , the band plays Death Doom, although the album now emphasizes Doom Metal more. The use of flute and violin brings back memories of the first My-Dying-Bride album or Amid Its Hallowed Mirth from November's Doom . The German EMP merchandising also called the music Death Doom and recommended it to fans of My Dying Bride. There are simple melodies and harmonious singing on the album. The arrangement of the songs has matured on the album.


as Paramaecium
  • Silent Carnage (Demo, 1991, self-published)
  • Exhumed of the Earth (album, 1993, Witchhunt Records )
  • Within the Ancient Forest (album, 1995, Pleitegeier Records )
  • Repentance (EP, 1997, self-published)
  • A Time to Mourn (album, 1999, self-published)
  • Echoes from the Ground (album, 2004, Veridon Records )
as inExordium
  • inExordium (album, 2008, Veridon Records)

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