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Under guttural singing ( latin guttur , throat ') refers to throat singing, mainly with the ventricular bands is formed.


During throat singing, parts of the larynx are narrowed, among other things. In English, rough sounding vocal techniques are often called throatsinging . Throatsinging also describes the throat singing from Tuva and Mongolia, which includes overtone singing and is therefore partly synonymous with overtone singing. Some of these chants are similar to the process of yawning or deep, sonorous sighs . For the “growls” and the “normal screams” in Metal, you use the normal, full voice. The "screams" are slightly higher in pitch of the voice (cf. pitch when roaring), while the "growls" are mostly lower. With these, however, a height variation is also possible, which is achieved by deforming the mouth . Thus, when contracting (as when speaking an "o") a lower tone is created and when opening (as with the sound "a") a higher tone. These two styles of singing are contrasted by the so-called "high-pitched screams", which are "screamed" in falsetto and are therefore higher than the "normal screams".

There is no uniform technique for these styles of singing. Nevertheless, one cannot yodel, “scream” or “growl” without a lot of practice, because vocal cords run the risk of damaging the vocal cords if the vocal cords are violently singing (especially if the distorted part is formed with the “real vocal cords”). This is achieved with practice and "correct" technique, i. H. the formation of the distortion with the pocket or "false vocal cords" but avoided or minimized. Some singers of this style recommend professional singing lessons in order to learn singing technique , to be able to control your own voice better, or to learn breathing technique . The best known singing teacher for guttural singing is the American Melissa Cross, who has already given many popular metal singers great recognition. Some of her students were Corey Taylor from Slipknot , Matthew Tuck from Bullet for My Valentine , and Randy Blythe from Lamb of God . She received a lot of attention with the release of her The Zen of Screaming tutorial DVDs. Thomas Fischer, Aachen singing teacher and former singer of the band 10 Fold B-Low, criticizes the sale of the DVDs as irresponsible: “People somehow imitate it and ruin their vocal cords in the process.” He also demands physical training from his students; For the singer, the body is "the tools of the trade, the basics have to be worked out as with any instrument". Guttural singing is hard work.

Folk music

Guttural singing is an integral part of folk music in many regions. Examples:

Metal, hardcore punk, post-industrial and electronic music

The guttural singing is used in sub-genres of metal ( death or black metal , and often also in pagan , folk and viking metal , and partly in symphonic metal ) but also in hardcore punk ( digital hardcore , emo and metalcore , in the Grindcore environment) as well as in the industrial , EBM and dark electro area. It is generated through the use of (partly distorted ) croaking, grunting and growling (grunting and growling) , clear calling (shouting) or high-pitched screaming or screeching (screaming) . Sometimes the screaming is classified as guttural singing, but often one only calls the grunting or growling that way or screaming is at least viewed as less guttural. In folk metal the singing techniques mentioned under folk music are sometimes used, e.g. B. the Joik at Korpiklaani or the Khoomei at Tengger Cavalry .


The word growling comes from English and means 'growl' because it is similar to the deep growling of an animal - the word grunting is also used as an alternative . A forerunner here was the deep, "barking" vocals of Charles "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner , the singer and guitarist of the US death metal band Death , but the actual growling came about later, among other things, from Swedish and Florida death metal -Bands. It is used as vocals in various musical styles (mainly Grindcore and Death Metal, more rarely also Black , Gothic , Doom Metal , as well as Dark Electro and parts of Swedish Electronic Body Music ).

The pitch of the growling is usually relatively low.

The growling is often used to musically reproduce the primarily brutal lyrics. You can hear this well with Chris Barnes (current singer of Six Feet Under ) or George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher ( Cannibal Corpse ). In particular in Death Doom and Gothic Metal, but not only there, it supports the conveyed melancholy . In Gothic Metal / Symphonic Metal, a female counterpart in soprano is not uncommon (for example in Epica , Tristania , After Forever , or Theater of Tragedy ).

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Screaming , especially high-pitched screaming (screeching with very high frequency peaks), is the highest of the guttural chants in terms of pitch. Quorthon played a pioneering role here , whose vocals on the early Bathory albums ranged from high-pitched screeching to low-pitched croak and thus differed significantly from the high, clear singing in traditional heavy metal as well as other vocal styles in extreme metal. It is mostly used in Black Metal to add emotions to the already aggressive style of music through the singing , such as B. Aggression or " cold " (especially in connection with effects like reverberation ), and hardness . The latter also applies to use in digital hardcore . Benjamin Hedge Olson describes screaming in his master's thesis on diversity, mysticism and identity in Black Metal as "genderless, inhuman, tortured screeching". The range of sounds can range from high-pitched screaming to deeper croaking, but not reaching the depth of the growling . Screaming is also used in crunkcore - but over hip-hop beats and without any connection to extreme metal .

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Shouting comes from English and means something like 'to call' or 'to scream'. When shouting, often only the "real" vocal cords are used or the voice is only partially distorted, which ensures that the scream appears clearer and the text is often easier to understand. The pitch of the shouting is usually the same as the normal “speaking voice” of the singer, but some singers (e.g. Tom Araya, Mille Petrozza) change the shouting to a very high-pitched squeaky screeching, which basically works just like lifting it the speaking voice. Shouting is preferred in hardcore , thrash metal and metalcore , but also in any other (more aggressive, more emotional) rock style. In punk, for example, the opportunity is often used to sing melodically by means of shouts (through the portion that is not formed with the pocket bands). Shouting can quickly lead to vocal cord inflammation due to too much air pressure and too short recovery times.

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