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Paul is a German , English , French , Romanian and Dutch First and last name, the origin of the Latin , male first name Paul is.

For the feminine form of the first name, see Paula .

Origin and meaning

Paul as a form of Paul is of Latin origin and means "small" or "little". The name means "the little one", "the little one", also "the boy (younger)", like the Latin addition minor . The Greek form Παῦλος Pavlos also goes back to the Latin name.


The first name Paul was often among the ten most frequently given boy names in Germany in the last years of the 19th century. Its popularity then declined gradually, from the early 1940s onwards. The trend reversed in the mid-1970s: the name quickly became popular again. Since the turn of the millennium, he has been one of the ten most popular first names in Germany several times.

name day

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Name bearer

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  • Paul I (337-339), (341-342), (346-351), Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Paul II (641–653), Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Paul III (687–693), Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Paul IV (780–784), Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Paul (1990–2009), Patriarch of the Serbs




Second and last name

family name

See Paul (family name)

Fictional characters


  • Paul (Octopus) (2008–2010), oracle animal for predicting game results in soccer tournaments


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