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Rainer Langhans, 2008

Rainer Langhans (* 19th June 1940 in Oschersleben ) is a German author , filmmaker and actor who best known for its membership in the Commune I is known.


Langhans is the son of an engineer. His paternal grandfather was a doctor in Jena , his father worked in an armaments factory near Stolpmünde in Western Pomerania until 1945 . The family fled to Jena at the end of the war . Rainer Langhans was a student at the Jena Grete-Unrein School and a member of the Young Pioneers . In 1953 his parents left Jena and fled to the West on the Berlin S-Bahn. As his parents moved numerous times in the post-war period, he experienced the different school systems in East and West Germany.

After graduating from high school, Langhans volunteered in the Bundeswehr in 1960 and left it as an ensign in the reserve. In 1962 he started at the Free University of Berlin first a law degree . Two semesters later he enrolled in the subject of psychology, but broke off his preliminary thesis in 1969 because of differences with the professor. During this time Hans came up with the student movement in contact and eventually moved in March 1967 in the recently created Political Urbanization Commune I .

Actions in the 1960s

Rainer Langhans distributes leaflets in front of the cafeteria of Freie Universität Berlin (1967)

The so-called “department store fire leaflet” that the Communards circulated in 1967 was intended to criticize consumer society and the napalm attacks of the Americans in the Vietnam War . While Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin , who were then in the vicinity of Commune I, actually set fire to two department stores in Frankfurt am Main months later , Langhans was acquitted by the Berlin Supreme Court , before which he was accused of inciting arson .

When the former President of the Reichstag, Paul Löbe, died in 1967 , a group around Andreas Baader disrupted the funeral services at Schöneberg Town Hall . She carried a coffin with the inscription "SENATE", mocked Löbe and expressed the wish to "bury" the corpses of the Berlin senators at the time. Rainer Langhans took part in the campaign in a petticoat .

The " pudding assassination " that Langhans and others had planned on the occasion of the visit of US Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey also became known : again as a sign of protest against the Vietnam War , the US politician was to be pelted with pudding . The attack was not carried out because Commune I was under surveillance by the Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Langhans had been taken into police custody. The Bild newspaper headlined at the time: "Planned: Berlin - Bomb attack on US Vice President".

1970 until today

Rainer Langhans at Fritz Teufel's funeral , 2010

Langhans was temporarily in a relationship with the photo model Uschi Obermaier , who also lived in Commune I. In Munich she moved with Langhans to the High Fish Commune founded by Thomas Althoff (also spelled Shark Commune ).

When Fleetwood Mac stopped over in Munich as part of a European tour in 1970, the band leader at the time, Peter Green , was invited by Obermaier and Langhans to a party organized by the local community and the shark community .

To this day, Langhans is of the opinion that the private is actually the political. In the early 1970s he had also turned to spiritual and esoteric content. After the publication of an interview with Mathias Bröckers for the TAZ, which was published on April 12, 1989, Langhans came under repeated criticism in the following years for his spiritual interpretation of National Socialism , which he presented several times . National Socialism should be understood as a misguided "search for God" of the Germans; Hitler is a prevented spiritual person. Since Easter 2007, Rainer Langhans has been publicly answering reader inquiries for Focus-online with regular video columns.

Langhans lives in Munich with Christa Ritter , Brigitte Streubel , Anna Werner and Gisela Getty . Her twin sister Jutta Winkelmann also lived there until her death in February 2017 . The community sees itself as a social experiment, which he calls " The Harem ". Unlike in an oriental harem, the members of the group each have their own apartments. The women sometimes have other relationships. In March 2007, Langhans invited the former terrorist Brigitte Mohnhaupt to his harem in an interview with the evening newspaper . “After such a long imprisonment, she certainly has needs, including sexuality. But for us it's about much more: Anyone who is willing to do intensive relationship work - which can also be a form of terror - will experience the paradise of tomorrow. ”In February 2008 , an invitation to Fürth district administrator Gabriele was issued, also via the evening newspaper Pauli .

In 2011 Rainer Langhans was a participant in the 5th season of the RTL show Ich bin ein Star - Get me out of here! For this he received a fee of 50,000 euros. Since he is a vegan , it was contractually regulated that, unlike the other participants, he did not have to eat any animals. According to a press release from the Pirate Party of Bavaria, he donated 20,000 euros of this, and another 20,000 euros should go to Julian Assange's defense fund. Langhans reported on his jungle camp experiences in 2011 in another conversation with Manuel Ochsenreiter from the right-wing extremist magazine First! On May 18, 2011, Langhans took part in a discussion group at the right-wing conservative fraternity Normannia-Nibelungen in Bielefeld .

In the context of his visit to documenta 13 in Kassel , the Hessische / Niedersächsische Allgemeine titled its article Commune Rainer Langhans flirting with the pirates. On November 23, 2012, he was a guest at the program convention of the Pirate Party in Bochum. On August 4, 2013, he was a prominent guest in the pirates' election campaign headquarters in Berlin at the pirate talk entitled Sharing is the new having together with Bruno Kramm , Bundestag candidate for pirates from Bavaria.

Langhans describes himself as an Asperger's autist . He receives a small pension from his time as a contract soldier. According to his own statements, he earns more money through books and lectures.

In 1994 he and Christa Ritter received the Grimme Prize for Snow White Rose Red . In 2015 he was a participant in the scripted reality show Newtopia .

Rainer Langhans lives in Munich- Schwabing .


The online mail order company Zalando published a commercial in 2010 that made reference to Langhans. The location of the commercial is a hippie community in the 68s style. The protagonist, who consciously arouses associations with Langhans, lectures there on the latest threat from capitalism in the form of the advertised online shop. Langhans defended himself against the representation and switched on a lawyer. Zalando then agreed to an out-of-court settlement, in which Langhans himself appeared in a new Zalando online spot, for which, however, he received no fee.

Contemporary witness Gretchen Dutschke says 50 years after 1968: “It is quite possible that Fritz Teufel and Rainer Langhans would be among the YouTube stars today, the so-called 'influencers', [...]. An absurd idea? Might be. However, Commune 1 met the rebellious zeitgeist between hippy and revolutionary rhetoric back then, despite all internal conflicts, very precisely. "

In 2018 the Kunstverein Ahlen awarded an art prize worth 1,968 euros for a gold-plated pubic hair by Rainer Langhans under the title “Searching for the Revolution” to the artists Evelyn Möcking and Daniel Nehring.


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Filmography (as an actor)


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