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Robert Korzeniowski athletics

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Robert Korzeniowski (2018)

nation PolandPoland Poland
birthday July 30, 1968
place of birth Lubaczów
size 170 cm
Weight 58 kg
discipline Go
End of career 2004
Medal table
Olympic games 4 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
World championships 3 × gold 0 × silver 1 × bronze
European championships 2 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
Universiade 2 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
Olympic rings Olympic games
gold Atlanta 1996 50 km of walking
gold Sydney 2000 20 km walking
gold Sydney 2000 50 km of walking
gold Athens 2004 50 km of walking
IAAF logo World championships
bronze Gothenburg 1995 50 km of walking
gold Athens 1997 50 km of walking
gold Edmonton 2001 50 km of walking
gold Paris 2003 50 km of walking
EAA logo European championships
gold Budapest 1998 50 km of walking
gold Munich 2002 50 km of walking
Logo of the FISU Universiade
gold Sheffield 1991 20 km walking
gold Buffalo 1993 20 km walking

Robert Marek Korzeniowski (born July 30, 1968 in Lubaczów ) is a former Polish walker . He is a four-time Olympic champion , three-time world champion and two-time European champion. So he's the most successful walker ever.


At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta he won gold in the 50 km walk and gold in the 20 km walk and 50 km walk at the 2000 Sydney Games . He is the first person to walk to win the same Olympic Games over both the short and the long distance. In 2004 in Athens he won again over 50 km and is the first to triumph in this discipline three times in a row.

He was also world champion in 50 km walking in 1997 in Athens , 2001 in Edmonton and 2003 in Paris . At the 2003 World Championships, he walked the 50 km in a world record time of 3:36:03 h. This time was undercut on December 2, 2006 by the Australian Nathan Deakes in Geelong by 16 seconds. In 1998 in Budapest and 2002 in Munich he was also European champion.

Korzeniowski has lived in France since 1992, because the climate means that he finds better training conditions there. The qualified sports teacher is married and speaks fluent French, Russian, English and Spanish.

Korzeniowski is next to the ski jumper Adam Małysz the most popular athlete in Poland and internationally the most successful walker of all time. After the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 Korzeniowski ended his active career and from then on endeavored as an international functionary to popularize this marginal sport. He also began to train his youngest sister Sylwia Korzeniowska in France .

In 2014 he was inducted into the IAAF Hall of Fame .

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