Saara (Nobitz)

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community Nobitz
Coordinates: 50 ° 56 ′ 1 ″  N , 12 ° 25 ′ 19 ″  E
Height : 189  (188-194)  m above sea level NHN
Area : 1.28 km²
Residents : 200
Population density : 156 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : December 31, 2012
Postal code : 04603
Area code : 03447
Location of Saara in the unified municipality of Nobitz
Saara south view
Saara south view

Saara is a district of the East Thuringian municipality of Nobitz in the Altenburger Land . Previously, the place was the capital of the municipality of Saara with an area of ​​42.73 km² and almost 3000 inhabitants.


Saara lies at the confluence of the Sprotte and Pleiße rivers . From a geological point of view, the place is located in the Altenburger-Schmöllner Lösshügelland, part of the Leipzig lowland bay . Neighboring places are Selleris , Gardschütz and Lehndorf in the north, Zehma in the east, Zürchau and Maltis in the south (all municipality of Nobitz), and the Schmöllner district of Papiermühle in the west .

Church tower of the village church


Duke (dux) Thakulf of Thuringia and Margrave of the Sorbian marrow (limes sorabici) donated some hooves to the Fulda monastery from their own property in 848 in the "provinciola Sarowe sita juxta Boemian", ie in the province of Sarowe not far from Bohemia (from the point of view of the Fulda monks). Saara was then mentioned in the Bosau monastery tenth register as a tsarowe between 1181 and 1214 and is probably a Sorbian settlement that was created by clearing and burning in the old settlements between 600 and 800. In addition, a noble family from Pleißenland named themselves after the place in the 13th and 14th centuries, whose most famous descendant is a certain Conrad von Zarowe as a witness in an episcopal Naumburg document from 1222.

Saara belonged to the Wettin office of Altenburg , which was under the sovereignty of the following Ernestine duchies from the 16th century due to several divisions in the course of its existence : Duchy of Saxony (1554 to 1572), Duchy of Saxony-Weimar (1572 to 1603), Duchy of Saxony-Altenburg (1603 to 1672), Duchy of Saxony-Gotha-Altenburg (1672 to 1826). When the Ernestine duchies were reorganized in 1826, the place came back to the duchy of Saxony-Altenburg. After the administrative reform in the duchy, it belonged to the eastern district (until 1900) and to the Altenburg district office (from 1900). From 1918 the village belonged to the Free State of Saxony-Altenburg , which was added to the State of Thuringia in 1920. In 1922 it came to the district of Altenburg .

On July 1, 1950, Saara was incorporated into Lehndorf . During the second district reform in the GDR in 1952, the existing states were dissolved and the districts were redesigned. Thus Saara came as the district of Lehndorf with the district Altenburg to the district of Leipzig , which since 1990 belonged to the district Altenburg Thuringia and opened in 1994 Altenburger in the district of the country.

Saara parish 1996–2012

Due to the central location of Saara, the Saara administrative community was founded on March 8, 1994 in Saara . On January 1, 1996, the Saara municipality was created through the merger of the following municipalities:

At the same time, the Saara administrative community was dissolved, which also included Großstöbnitz (with the districts of Kleinmückern and Papiermühle ), which Schmölln joined.

Under Saara's mayor Stephan Etzold (CDU), who himself lives in Runsdorf, a merger with the municipality of Nobitz was sought in order to receive a bonus of 100 euros from the Free State of Thuringia for each inhabitant of the two municipalities. Nobitz was almost debt-free, while Saara owed around two million euros, mainly due to the development of the industrial park in Mockern. On September 29, 2011, the contract for incorporation into Nobitz was signed. The neighboring town of Altenburg expressed concerns about the merger. It was passed on November 22, 2012 by the Thuringian State Parliament and came into force on December 31, 2012.

Population development

Development of the population of the municipality of Saara (as of December 31st) :

  • 1996: 3307
  • 1997: 3285
  • 1998: 3321
  • 1999: 3345
  • 2000: 3299
  • 2001: 3311
  • 2002: 3323
  • 2003: 3261
  • 2004: 3268
  • 2005: 3214
  • 2006: 3133
  • 2007: 3128
  • 2008: 3105
  • 2009: 3041
  • 2010: 2999
  • 2011: 2942
Data source: Thuringian State Office for Statistics


Former parish date annotation
Bornshain 08/25/1961 Incorporation to Taupadel
Burkersdorf 01/01/1973 Incorporation to Lehndorf
Gardschütz 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Lehndorf
Gieba 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Podelwitz
Gleina 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Burkersdorf
Goesdorf 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Großmecka
Gold show 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Podelwitz
Greipzig 07/01/1950
Incorporation to Lehndorf,
reclassification to Ehrenberg
Grand Mecka 11/01/1973 Incorporation to Podelwitz
Corpus Christi 1923 Incorporation to Lehndorf
Kaimnitz before 1900 Incorporation to Burkersdorf
Kleinmecka 10/01/1922 Incorporation to Großmecka
Lehndorf 01/01/1996 Merger with four parishes to Saara
Löhmigen 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Zehma
Löpitz 1923 Incorporation to Burkersdorf
Maltis 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Zürchau
Mockern 01/01/1996 Merger with four parishes to Saara
Podelwitz 01/01/1996 Merger with four parishes to Saara
Runsdorf 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Podelwitz
Saara 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Lehndorf
Celery 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Lehndorf
Taupadel 01/01/1996 Merger with four parishes to Saara
Tautenhain 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Großmecka
Zehma 01/01/1996 Merger with four parishes to Saara
Zurichau 11/01/1973 Incorporation to Zehma
Zumroda 11/01/1973 Incorporation to Podelwitz

Culture and sights

One of the two towers of the Christophoruskirche Saara bears the twelve letters of the slogan “Use the time” instead of the numbers on the dial .

Web links

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