Still standing

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Television series
German title Still standing
Original title Still standing
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2002-2006
length 22 minutes
Episodes 88 in 4 seasons
genre Sitcom
Theme music Will Hoge - You Make Me Happy
idea Diane Burroughs
Joey Gutierrez
music Dennis C. Brown
First broadcast September 30, 2002 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
August 28, 2006 on RTL II

Still Standing is an American sitcom produced by 20th Century Fox and CBS Productions that aired in the United States from September 30, 2002 through March 8, 2006. The series was first seen on German television from August 28, 2006 to January 31, 2007 on RTL II . The titles of the individual episodes always begin with the word "Still" in the English original.


Salesman Bill Miller lives in suburban Chicago with his wife, dental assistant Judy, and their three children, Brian, Lauren, and Tina. The parents' different upbringing styles repeatedly lead to friction. While daughter Lauren is usually very stubborn and insistent on your plans, her older brother Brian is rather shy and withdrawn. The impression is often given that he has more feminine tendencies or is even homosexual. Contrary to his father's wish to play football, he prefers to take part in cheerleading, for example. Father Bill often reacts depressed to these facts and tries again and again with his own kind of emphasis to drive this behavior out of his son. In the end, he still stands behind the wishes of his son, whom he loves very much despite everything. A regular guest in the family is Judy's younger sister Linda, who is still looking for the man of her dreams.


Renee Olstead was awarded the 2006 Young Artist Award awarded.


main actor

role actor Voice actor
William "Bill" Miller Mark Addy Detlef Bierstedt
Judy Miller Jami Gertz Andrea Aust
Brian Miller Taylor Ball Ricardo Richter
Lauren Miller Renee Olstead Lea Raschewski
Tina Miller Soleil Borda Mathilda from Benda
Linda Michaels Jennifer Irwin Cathlen Gawlich

supporting cast

role actor Voice actor
Daniel "Fitz" Fitzsimmons Joel Murray Stefan Fredrich
Carl David Koechner Gerald Schaale
Trevor Greg Vaughan David Nathan
Bonnie Ashley Tisdale Victoria Frenz
Jerry Bergner Lex Medlin Stefan Gossler
Louise Miller Sally Struthers Regina Lemnitz
Dr. Nathan Gerber Richard child Michael Pan
Ted Halverson Kevin Nealon Thomas Petruo
Kathy Halverson Marin Mazzie Arianne Borbach
Al Miller Paul Sorvino Klaus Sonnenschein
Hans-Werner Bussinger
Johnny Clyde Kusatsu Stefan Staudinger
Helen Michaels # 1 Janet Carroll Marianne Lutz
Helen Michaels # 2 Swoosie Kurtz
Gene Michaels Steven Gilborn Hans Teuscher
Kyle Polsky Todd Stashwick Olaf Reichmann
Perry James Patrick Stuart Tommy Morgenstern
Maxwell "Mack" McDaniel John Marshall Jones Helmut Gauss
Coach Kirk Stone Thomas F. Wilson Gerald Paradise
Gary David Hasselhoff Peter Reinhardt
Eric Mitch Rouse Johannes Berenz
Jeff Hackman Chris Elliott Dennis Schmidt-Foss

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