Summit Series 1972

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The 1972 Summit Series was the first competition between professional Soviet and Canadian ice hockey players (at the time, the Olympics allowed only amateur players to compete and the amateur status of Soviet players was a constant issue). The series went over eight games, including four in Canada (venues: Montreal , Toronto , Winnipeg and Vancouver ) and four games in the Soviet Union (all in Moscow ).


In the first game, on September 2, 1972 in Montreal, Phil Esposito scored the first goal for Canada 30 seconds after the start of the game, after six minutes Canada led 2-0. But the Soviets came back into play. After the first period the score was 2-2, in the second period Valery Kharlamov scored two goals and the Soviet Union led 4-2. Bobby Clarke scored the next goal for Canada, but the Soviets scored three more goals and won 7-3. This defeat, especially at height, had surprised the Canadian public. The level of ice hockey in Europe and also in the Soviet Union, i.e. outside the National Hockey League , had been underestimated by the North Americans.

Canada won the second game 4-1 and in the third game it was enough for a 4-4 draw. Canada lost 3-5 in their fourth game and was booed for this performance by the 15,570 fans present. After a two-week break, the Canadian team went to the Soviet Union to play games five to eight. On September 22, Canada lost their fifth game in Moscow 4-5 and were two games behind.

Game number six was won 3-2 by the Canadians and was the most controversial of the series. In the second third, Bobby Clarke hit Valery Kharlamov's ankle with a stick to injure him. Although Kharlamov could continue to play, he had to sit out in the seventh game and was ineffective in the eighth game. Canada also won the seventh game, so game eight became the decisive game.

Before the eighth game, both teams had three wins, three losses and one draw. However, the Soviet Union had scored one more goal, so Canada had to win. On September 28th the time had come. After the first third it was 2-2, but after the second third the Soviet Union led 5-3. Phil Esposito and Yvan Cournoyer succeeded in connecting or equalizing in the third period. 34 seconds before the end of the game, Paul Henderson scored the winning goal for Canada. Canada had thus narrowly won the 1972 Summit Series in the final accounts.


Bobby Orr , then one of the most important players in the Canadian squad, was nominated but was unable to participate due to a knee injury. The success of the Summit Series in 1972 was to contribute significantly to the development of the Canada Cup tournament. In the past, the importance of this event grew and the term "Summit Series" became an unofficial but widely accepted term.

The teams

Flag of Canada.svg Canadian national ice hockey team

Head Coach : Harry Sinden
Assistant Coach : John Ferguson

# player Item team Games
1 Eddie Johnston Boston Bruins 0
29 Ken Dryden Montréal Canadiens 4th
35 Tony Esposito Chicago Black Hawks 4th
2 Gary Bergman Detroit Red Wings 8th
3 Pat Stapleton Chicago Black Hawks 7th
4th Bobby Orr Boston Bruins 0
5 Brad Park New York Rangers 8th
16 Rod Seiling New York Rangers 3
17th Bill White Chicago Black Hawks 7th
23 Serge Savard Montréal Canadiens 5
25th Guy Lapointe Montréal Canadiens 7th
26th Don Awrey Boston Bruins 2
32 Dale Tallon Vancouver Canucks 0
37 Jocelyn Guèvremont Vancouver Canucks 0
38 Brian Glennie Toronto Maple Leafs 0
6th Ron Ellis RW Toronto Maple Leafs 8th
7th Phil Esposito C. Boston Bruins 8th
8th Rod Gilbert RW New York Rangers 6th
9 Bill Goldsworthy RW Minnesota North Stars 3
10 Dennis Hull LW Chicago Black Hawks 4th
11 Vic Hadfield LW New York Rangers 2
12 Yvan Cournoyer RW Montréal Canadiens 8th
14th Wayne Cashman RW Boston Bruins 2
15th Red Berenson C. Detroit Red Wings 2
18th Jean Ratelle C. New York Rangers 6th
19th Paul Henderson LW Toronto Maple Leafs 8th
20th Pete Mahovlich LW Montréal Canadiens 7th
21st Stan Mikita C. Chicago Black Hawks 2
22nd Jean-Paul Parisé LW Minnesota North Stars 6th
24 Mickey Redmond RW Detroit Red Wings 1
27 Frank Mahovlich LW Montréal Canadiens 6th
28 Bobby Clarke LW Philadelphia Flyers 8th
33 Gilbert Perreault C. Buffalo Sabers 2
34 Marcel Dionne C. Detroit Red Wings 0
36 Rick Martin LW Buffalo Sabers 0

Flag of the Soviet Union (dark version) .svg Soviet national ice hockey team

Head coach : Vsevolod Bobrov
Assistant coach : Boris Kulagin ( Krylja Sowetow Moscow )

# player Item team Games
1 Wiktor Singer HK Spartak Moscow 0
20th Vladislav Tretyak HK CSKA Moscow 8th
26th Alexander Pashkov HK Dynamo Moscow 0
27 Alexander Sidelnikov Krylya Sovetov Moscow 0
2 Alexander Gusew HK CSKA Moscow 6th
3 Vladimir Luttchenko HK CSKA Moscow 8th
4th Viktor Kuskin HK CSKA Moscow 7th
5 Alexander Ragulin HK CSKA Moscow 6th
6th Valery Vasilyev HK Dynamo Moscow 6th
7th Gennady Zygankov HK CSKA Moscow 8th
14th Yuri Shatalov Krylya Sovetov Moscow 2
25th Yuri Lyapkin Chimik Voskressensk 6th
26th Yevgeny Paladev HK Spartak Moscow 3
Vitaly Davydov HK Dynamo Moscow 0
8th Vyacheslav Starshinov C. HK Spartak Moscow 1
9 Yuri Blinov LW HK CSKA Moscow 5
10 Alexander Malzew RW HK Dynamo Moscow 8th
11 Yevgeny Simin RW HK Spartak Moscow 2
12 Yevgeny Mishakov LW HK CSKA Moscow 6th
13 Boris Mikhailov RW HK CSKA Moscow 8th
15th Alexander Yakushev LW HK Spartak Moscow 8th
16 Vladimir Petrov C. HK CSKA Moscow 8th
17th Valery Kharlamov LW HK CSKA Moscow 7th
18th Vladimir Wikulov LW HK CSKA Moscow 6th
19th Vladimir Shadrin C. HK Spartak Moscow 8th
21st Vyacheslav Soloduchin C. SKA Leningrad 1
22nd Vyacheslav Anisine C. Krylya Sovetov Moscow 7th
23 Yuri Lebedev LW Krylya Sovetov Moscow 3
24 Alexander Budonov RW Krylya Sovetov Moscow 3
29 Alexander Martynjuk RW HK Spartak Moscow 1
30th Alexander Wolchkov C. HK CSKA Moscow 3

G = goalkeeper; D = defender; C = center; LW / RW = winger

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