Tomaszów Mazowiecki

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Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Coat of arms of Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Tomaszów Mazowiecki (Poland)
Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Basic data
State : Poland
Voivodeship : Łódź
Powiat : Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Area : 41.70  km²
Geographic location : 51 ° 31 '  N , 20 ° 2'  E Coordinates: 51 ° 31 '0 "  N , 20 ° 2' 0"  E
Height : 179 m npm
Residents : 62,339
(Jun. 30, 2019)
Postal code : 97-200 to 97-205
Telephone code : (+48) 44
License plate : ETM
Economy and Transport
Street : Warsaw - Prague
Rail route : Koluszki – Opoczno
Next international airport : Łódź-Lublinek
Gminatype: Borough
Surface: 41.70 km²
Residents: 62,339
(Jun. 30, 2019)
Population density : 1495 inhabitants / km²
Community number  ( GUS ): 1016011
Administration (as of 2007)
Mayor : Marcin Witko
ul.Polskiej Organizacji Wojskowej 10/16 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Website :

The main square in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

Tomaszów Mazowiecki (  [ tɔˈmaʃuf mazɔˈvʲɛtski ] ) is a medium- sized town in Poland in the Łódź Voivodeship . Please click to listen!Play


Geographical location

The city is located 110 km south of Warsaw and 55 km southeast of Łódź . It is located on the E 67 , which connects Warsaw with Prague. Neither in terms of the historical landscapes of Poland nor in terms of the current shape of the voivodeships is it in Mazovia .

When Tomaszów was founded as a mining site on the south bank of the Wolbórka , it was located in the far east of the voivodeship and Zemia (country) Sieradz (see administrative division of Poland-Lithuania → Duchy of Greater Poland ). The Wolbórka formed the border with the voivodeship and Ziemia Lęczycka. Five kilometers to the east it flows into the Pilica , coming from the southwest , at that time the western and northern borders of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship of Sandomierz. The border of the Mazovian Voivodeship Rawa ran more than 10 km northeast.

When Tomaszów was elevated to a city in the Russian Congress Poland in 1822 , however, it was in the Masovian Voivodeship, just north of its southern border.


A settlement on the site of today's Tomaszów Mazowiecki was founded by Count Tomasz Ostrowski in 1788 when iron ore was found here . The city museum is now housed in his palace. In 1789 the settlement was called Kuźnice Tomaszowskie . In 1824 the place received the status of a trading and industrial settlement. The town received the town charter on July 6, 1830 as Tomaszów Mazowiecki . The connection to the rail network took place in 1885. The place was one of the most important textile production locations next to Łódź .

Before the First World War , 40,000 people lived there. One of the city's landmarks is the Church of the Redeemer, which was consecrated as an Evangelical Lutheran house of worship in 1903 and was primarily used by the 3,000 residents of Tomaszów and the surrounding area.

Tomaszów was a part of Russian Poland until the First World War. After the re-establishment of a Polish state in 1919, the city became the seat of a powiat .

During World War II the city on September 6, 1939 fell under German occupation , and in December 1940 was here ghetto set up and a Führerhauptquartier ( facility center ). The Red Army reached Tomaszów Mazowiecki on January 18, 1945.


Part of the University of Łódź is located in the city. In the city there is also the famous Cantinero dance school , which can look back on several successes at national level (Polish championships).


The Tomaszów Mazowiecki station, a long-distance traffic stop, is located on the Łódź – Dębica railway and is the start of the Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Spała railway, which is no longer regularly used for passenger transport, and the Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Radom railway, which is only used by long-distance trains .

Rural community

The rural community of Tomaszów Mazowiecki includes 25 towns with a Schulzenamt. Its headquarters are in the city of Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The rural community, to which the city itself does not belong, has an area of ​​151.3 km², on which (as of June 30, 2019) 11,197 people live.

Town twinning

Tomaszów lists the following five partner cities :

city country
Hîncești CoA of Hînceşti.gif (since 2017) Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Republic of Moldova
Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk coa.png (since 2004) UkraineUkraine Ukraine
Linares Coat of Arms of Linares (Spain) .svg SpainSpain Andalusia, Spain
Mionica Grb Mionice.png SerbiaSerbia Kolubara, Serbia
Polonezkoy POLONEZKÖY COAT OF ARMS.gif TurkeyTurkey Istanbul, Turkey
Prato Prato-Stemma.png ItalyItaly Tuscany, Italy


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