Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

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Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Івано-Франківська область / Iwano-Frankiwska oblast
Coat of arms of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Flag of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Basic data
Oblast center : Ivano-Frankivsk
Official languages : Ukrainian
Residents : 1,382,100 (2014)
Population density : 99.23 inhabitants per km²
in cities : 42.2%
Area : 13,928 km²
KOATUU : 2600000000
License plate : AT, KT
Administrative division
Rajons : 14th
Cities : 15th
managed by Oblast: 6th
administered by Rajon: 9
Urban-type settlements : 24
Villages: 745
Settlements : 20th
Address: вул. Грушевського 21
76004 м. Івано-Франківськ
Website: Official website
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Statistical information

The Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast ( Ukrainian Івано-Франківська область Ivano-Frankiwska oblast - to 1962 Станіславська область Stanislawska oblast , Russian Ивано-Франковская область Ivano-Frankowskaja oblast ) called Region is an administrative unit of Ukraine in the southwest of the country. It has around 1.38 million inhabitants (2014). The oblast is part of the historic Galicia landscape .

The capital is Ivano-Frankivsk , other cities are Kalush , Burschtyn and Kolomyja . In the south, the Carpathian Mountains form the border with Romania . On the border with the Transcarpathian Oblast is the Hoverla , the highest mountain in Ukraine at 2,061 meters. In the northwest the oblast borders on the Lviv Oblast , in the northeast on the Ternopil Oblast , in the southeast on the Chernivtsi Oblast and in the southwest on the Zakarpattia Oblast.


The oblast was created as Stanislaw / Stanyslawiw Oblast (Russian / Ukrainian) after the occupation of Eastern Poland by the Soviet Union as part of the Ukrainian SSR by ukase on December 4, 1939 from most parts of the previous Polish Voivodeship Stanislau . Initially, the following formerly Polish powiate ( called Ujesd in Russian ) were retained:

  • Gorodenka / Horodenka (Городенковский уезд)
  • Dolina (Долинский уезд)
  • Kalusch / Kałusz (Калушский уезд)
  • Kolomyja / Kołomyja (Коломыйский уезд)
  • Kossow / Kosów (Косовский уезд)
  • Nadwornaja / Nadwórna (Надворнянский уезд)
  • Rogatin / Rohatyn (Рогатинский уезд)
  • Snjatyn / Śniatyn (Снятынский уезд)
  • Stanislaw / Stanisławów (Станиславский уезд)
  • Tlumatsch / Tłumacz (Тлумачский уезд)
Overview map of the new western regions of Ukraine since 1939

After deliberations on January 10, 1940, the Ujesde was dissolved on January 17, 1940 and replaced by the following Rajons (the Russian names are given as they reflect the official names of the time):

  • Bohorodchany district with Bohorodchany district center (Богородчаны)
  • Bolschowzy Rajon with Bolschowzy Rajonszentrum (Большовцы)
  • Bolechow district with Bolechow district center (Болехов)
  • Rayon Bukatschjowzy with Rajonszentrum Bukatschjowzy (Букачёвцы)
  • Burschtyn Raion with Burschtyn Raion Center (Бурштын)
  • Galitsch Rajon with Galitsch Rajonszentrum (Галич)
  • Gwosdez district with Gwosdez district center (Гвоздец)
  • Gorodenka district with Gorodenka district center (Городенка)
  • Deljatin district with Deljatin district center (Делятин)
  • Dolina district with Dolina district center (Долина)
  • Jablonow district with Jablonow district center (Яблонов)
  • Kalush district with Kalush district center (Калуш)
  • Kolomyja district with Kolomyja district center (Коломыя)
  • Korschew Rajon with Korschew Rajonszentrum (Коршев)
  • Kossow Raion with Kossow Raion Center (Косов)
  • Kuty district with Kuty district center (Куты)
  • Lanchin district with Lanchin district center (Ланчин)
  • Lissez district with Lissez district center (Лисец)
  • Mikulitschin district with Mikulitschin district center (Микуличин)
  • Nadwornaja district with Nadwornaja district center (Надворная)
  • Novitsa district with Novitsa district center (Новица)
  • Obertin district with Obertin district center (Обертин)
  • Otynija district with Otynija district center (Отыния)
  • Rogatin District with Rogatin District Center (Рогатин)
  • Zabolotov Raion with Zabolotov Raion Center (Заболотов)
  • Rayon Schabje with Rajonszentrum Schabje (Жабье)
  • Shovten district with Shovten district center (Жовтень)
  • Snyatyn district with Snyatyn district center (Снятын)
  • Solotvin district with the Solotvin district center (Солотвин)
  • Stanislav district with Stanislav district center (Станислав)
  • Tlumach district with Tlumach district center (Тлумач)
  • Chernelitsa Raion with Chernelitsa Raion Center (Чернелица)
  • Rayon Wygoda with Rajonszentrum Wygoda (Выгода)
  • Voinilow district with Voinilow district center (Войнилов)

Then came the independent city of Stanislaw. As late as 1940, the Rajone Mikulitschin in Rajon were Yaremche , Nowiza in Pereginskoje and Deljatin in Petscheneschin renamed by reorganization of Rajon Tysmeniza with Rajonszentrum came Tysmeniza (Тысменица) added so that now 36 Rajone existed.

Stanislaw / Stanyslawiw Oblast in 1958

However, the oblast was dissolved again after Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the area was largely absorbed in the Galicia district and could only be restored after the area was recaptured by the Red Army in 1944.

On June 6, 1957, the Vyhoda, Shovten, Kuty, Pechenischyn and Chernelytsia Rajons were dissolved, and on March 11, 1959, Bukachivtsi, Korschiw, Perehinske and Zolotvyn followed.

On November 9, 1962, the oblast was renamed, analogous to the renaming of the oblast capital in Ivan Frankivsk Oblast, in memory of Ivan Franko , shortly afterwards on December 30, 1962 the Rajons Bolekhiv, Bilschiwzi, Burschtyn, Wojnyliw, Hwisdez, Sabolotiw, Lanchyn, Lyssez , Nadwirna, Obertyn, Rohatyn, Roschnjatiw, Snjatyn, Stanyslaviw, Tlumach, Tysmenyzja, Yabluniv and Yaremcha dissolved and divided among the remaining Rajons. The Rajon Shabje, however, was renamed analogous to the eponymous capital of the Rajon Verkhovyna Rajon (Верховина), but was also dissolved on October 28, 1963.

At the end of 1963 the following Rajons existed:

  • Bohorodchany Raion
  • Halych district
  • Horodenka Raion
  • Kalush district
  • Kolomyja district
  • Kosiv Raion

In addition there was the industrial bayon Dolyna, which included the city of Dolyna.

On January 4, 1965, these borders were changed again and the Rajons Nadwirna, Rohatyn, Roschnjatiw, Snjatyn and Tlumatsch with new borders emerged, on December 8th 1966 the Rajons Verkhovyna and Ivano-Frankivsk followed, from the latter the present Rajon emerged in 1982 Tysmenitsa .

Biggest cities

city Ukrainian name Russian name Resident
January 1, 2006
Ivano-Frankivsk Івано-Франківськ Ивано-Франковск 220,721
Kalush Калуш Калуш 67,339
Kolomyia Коломия Коломыя 61,048
Nadwirna Надвірна Надворная 21,319
Dolyna Долина Долина 20,641
Burschtyn Бурштин Бурштын 15,153
Bolekhiv Болехів Болехов 10,485
Sniatyn Снятин Снятын 10,285
Tysmenitsa Тисмениця Тысменица 9,564
Horodenka Городенка Городенка 9,479
Tlumach Тлумач Тлумач 8,741
Rohatyn Рогатин Рогатин 8,285
Kosiv Косів Косов 8,236

Administrative division

The Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast is administratively divided into 14 Rajons and 6 cities directly subordinate to the Oblast administration. These are the cities of Yaremche , Bolechiv , Kalush , Kolomyja , Burschtyn and the eponymous administrative center of the oblast, the city of Ivano-Frankivsk .

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Rajons and their administrative centers

Map showing the Rajons of the Oblast
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Rajons
German name Ukrainian name Administrative center
Bohorodchany Raion Богородчанський район
Bohorodchanskyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)
Verkhovyna Raion Верховинський район
Verkhovynskyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)
Halych district Галицький район
Halyzkyj rajon
Horodenka Raion Городенківський район
Horodenkiwskyj rajon
Dolyna district Долинський район
Dolynskyj rajon
Kalush district Калуський район
Kaluskyj rajon
Kolomyja district Коломийський район
Kolomyjskyj rajon
Kosiv Raion Косівський район
Kosivskyj rajon
Nadvirna district Надвірнянський район
Nadvirnjanskyj rajon
Rohatyn district Рогатинський район
Rohatynskyj rajon
Roschnyativ district Рожнятівський район
Roschnjatiwskyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)
Snyatyn Raion Снятинський район
Snjatynskyj rajon
Tysmenitsya district Тисменицький район
Tysmenyzkyj rajon
Tlumach district Тлумацький район Tlumachkyj


Number of inhabitants
year 1989 1990 1995 1998 2001 2005 2008 2012 2014
Residents 1,423,500 1,431,400 1,466,800 1,448,200 1,420,200 1,393,616 1,382,603 1.380.128 1,382,100
nationality Residents 1989 (%) 2001 (%) Change (%)
Ukrainians 1,371,200 95.0 97.5 + 2.1%
Russians 24,900 4.0 1.8 −56.3%
native language 1989 (%) 2001 (%)
Ukrainian 94.9 97.8
Russian 5.1 1.8
Others 0.4

National park

Carpathian National Natural Park

In the area of ​​the oblast lies the 515 km² Carpathian National Nature Park.

Web links

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