Rivne Oblast

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Rivne Oblast
Рівненська область / Riwnenska oblast
Coat of arms of Rivne Oblast Flag of Rivne Oblast
Basic data
Oblast center : Rivne
Official languages : Ukrainian
Residents : 1,158,800 (2014)
Population density : 57.8 inhabitants per km²
in cities : 46.9%
Area : 20,047 km²
KOATUU : 5600000000
License plate : BK, HK
Administrative division
Rajons : 16
Cities : 11
managed by Oblast: 4th
administered by Rajon: 7th
Urban-type settlements : 16
Villages: 997
Settlements : 3
Address: Майдан Просвіти, 1
33028 м. Рівне
Website: Official website
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The Rivne Oblast ( Ukrainian Рівненська область Riwnenska oblast , Russian Ровненская область Rovnenskaya oblast ) is an administrative unit of Ukraine in the northwest of the country. It has around 1.16 million inhabitants (2014).

The oblast encompasses part of the historic Volyn landscape . In the north lies the border with Belarus with the Breszkaja Woblasz and its Rajons Pinsk and Stolin as well as the Homelskaja Woblasz with their border rajons Iwanawa , Leltschyzy . In the west the oblast borders on the Volyn Oblast , in the southwest on the Lviv Oblast . The southern border is the Ternopil Oblast, the Khmelnitsky Oblast in the southeast and the Zhytomyr Oblast in the east .

By the Oblast the main transport links from the run Ukraine to Poland and to Germany as well as the flow Horyn and Slutsch .

The following license plates are common in the oblast: BK, HK.

Rivne Oblast stretches 130 km from west to east and 210 km from north to south. 52.5% of the population lives in rural areas and 47.5% in urban areas. 853,000 hectares are forested. The oblast is rich in water bodies. There are 171 rivers, each over 10 km in length, over 500 lakes and 31 reservoirs.


The largest rivers are the Pripyat (Ukrainian Прип'ять) and the Styr (Ukrainian Стир).

Although the Prpjat is the largest river in the oblast, it only flows through it a few kilometers. It crosses the Ukrainian-Belarusian border and returns to Ukraine shortly before Kiev , where it flows into the Dnieper . The Styr cuts the oblast twice, once in the southwest and the second time in the northwest.

The longest river in the oblast is the Horyn , it crosses the oblast from south to north. It flows around the district capital Rivne in a northeastern arc, into it flows on the right side of the Slutsch, which comes from the east.


The Oblast emerged as Rowne Oblast after the occupation of Eastern Poland by the Soviet Union as part of the Ukrainian SSR per ukase on December 4, 1939 from the Polish Voivodeship of Volhynia and parts of the Polesian Voivodeship (southern parts of the Powiate Pińsk and Stolin).

Initially, the following formerly Polish powiate ( called Ujesd in Russian ) were retained:

  • Dubno (Дубновский уезд)
  • Sdolbunow / Zdołbunów (Здолбуновский уезд)
  • Kostopol (Костопольский уезд)
  • Rowno / Równe (Ровенский уезд)
  • Sarny (Сарненский уезд)
Overview map of the new western regions of Ukraine since 1939

After deliberations on January 10, 1940, the Ujesde was dissolved on January 17, 1940 and replaced by the following Rajons (the Russian names are given as they reflect the official names of the time):

  • Alexandrija Rajon with Alexandrija Rajonszentrum (Александрия)
  • Beresno district with Beresno district center (Березно)
  • Rayon Goschtscha with Rajonszentrum Goschtscha (Гоща)
  • Demidowka district with Demidowka district center (Демидовка)
  • Dombrovitsa district with Dombrowitsa district center (Домбровица)
  • Dubno district with Dubno district center (Дубно)
  • Grimailov Raion with Sdolbunow Raion Center (Здолбунів)
  • Klewan district with Klewan district center (Клевань)
  • Klessow district with Klessow district center (Клесов)
  • Rayon Korez with Rajonszentrum Korez (Корец)
  • Kostopol Rajon with Kostopol Rajonszentrum (Костополь)
  • Lyudwipol district with Lyudwipol district center (Людвиполь)
  • Meshirichi district with Meshirichi district center (Межиричи)
  • Rayon Mlynow with Rajonszentrum Mlynow (Млынов)
  • Rayon Morotschnoje with Rajonszentrum Morotschnoje (Морочное)
  • Rayon Mizoch with Rajonszentrum Mizoch (Мизоч)
  • Ostroschez district with Ostroschez district center (Острожец)
  • Ostrog district with Ostrog district center (Острог)
  • Rafalovka district with Rafalowka district center (Рафаловка)
  • Rovno district with Rovno district center (Ровно)
  • Rokitnoye district with Rokitnoye district center (Рокитное)
  • Sarny district with Sarny district center (Сарни)
  • Slasnja district with Slasnja district center (Злазня)
  • Stepan district with Stepan district center (Степань)
  • Teslugow district with Teslugow district center (Теслугов)
  • Tutschin district with Tuchin district center (Тучин)
  • Chervonoarmeisk district with Chervonoarmeisk district center (Червоноармейск)
  • Werba district with Werba district center (Верба)
  • Rayon Vysotsk with Rajonszentrum Vysotsk (Высоцк)
  • Wladimirez district with Vladimirez district center (Владимирец)

In addition there were the independent cities of Dubno and Rowno.

Rovno Oblast in 1958

In the same year there were changes to the Rajonen, the Rajonszentrum Slasne was moved to Deraschne and Teslugow to Kosyn .

However, the oblast was dissolved again after Germany's attack on the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the area was incorporated into the Reichskommissariat Ukraine and could only be re-established after the area was recaptured by the Red Army in 1944.

The oblast was called Ровенська область / Rowenska oblast ( Rovne Oblast ) until 1991 and was renamed by decision of the Verkhovna Rada analogous to the eponymous city of Rivne . Since 1991 it has been part of what is now Ukraine.

Largest cities and settlements

The capital of the Oblast is Rivne ; other important cities are Sarny and Dubno .

city Ukrainian name Russian name Resident
January 1, 2006
Rivne Рівне Ровно 248.054
Dubno Дубно Дубно 38.208
Kostopil Костопіль Костополь 30.214
Sarny Сарни Сарны 28,151
Sdolbuniw Здолбунів Здолбунов 24,760
Ostroh Ostrog Ostrog 15.202
Beresne Березне Березно 13,127
Radyvyliw Радивилів Radivilov 10,290
Dubrovytsia Дубровиця Дубровица 9,428
Volodymyrez Володимирець Владимирец 8,739
Mlyniw Млинів Млинов 8,407
Korez Корець Корец 8,031
Klewan Клевань Клевань 7,960
Kwassyliw Квасилів Квасилов 7,658
Rokytne Рокитне Рокитное 7,050
Wasash Вараш Вараш 39,527

Administrative division

The Rivne Oblast is administratively divided into 16 Rajons and 4 cities directly under the Oblast administration. These are the cities of Dubno , Warasch , Ostroh and the eponymous administrative center of the oblast, the city of Rivne .

Rivne Oblast Rajons and their administrative centers

Map showing the Rajons of the Oblast
Rivne Oblast Rajons
German name Ukrainian name Administrative center
Beresne district Березнівський район
Bereznivskyj rajon
Dubno district Дубенський район
Dubenskyj rajon
Demydivka district Демидівський район
Demyrdivskyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)
Dubrovitsia district Дубровицький район
Dubrowyzkyj rajon
Hoshcha district Гощанський район
Hoschtschanskyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)
Kostopil district Костопільський район
Kostopilskyj rajon
Korets district Корецький район
Korezkyj rajon
Mlyniv district Млинівський район
Mlyniwskyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)
Ostroh district Острозький район
Ostroskyj rajon
Radyvyliv district Радивилівський район
Radyvyliwskyj rajon
Rivne district Рівненський район
Riwnenskyj rajon
Rokytne district Рокитнівський район
Rokytniwskyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)
Sarichne district Зарічненський район Sarichnenskyj
(urban-type settlement)
Sarny district Сарненський район
Sarnenskyj rajon
Sdolbuniv district Здолбунівський район
Sdolbuniwskyj rajon
Volodymyrez district Володимирецький район
Volodymyrezkyj rajon
(urban-type settlement)


Number of inhabitants
year 1989 1990 1995 1998 2001 2005 2008 2012 2014
Residents 1,169,700 1,173,300 1,194,500 1,189,700 1,178,900 1,160,695 1,151,990 1,154,256 1,158,800
nationality Residents 1989 (%) 2001 (%) Change (%)
Ukrainians 1,123,400 93.3 95.9 + 3.5%
Russians 30,100 4.6 2.6 −43.8%
Belarusians 11,800 1.4 1.0 −26.5%
Poland 2,000 0.3 0.2 −33.0%
native language 2001 (%)
Ukrainian 97.0
Russian 2.7

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