Dnepropetrovsk Oblast

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Dnepropetrovsk Oblast
Дніпропетровська область
Dnipropetrovska oblast
Днепропетровская область
Dnepropetrovskaya oblast
Coat of arms of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Flag of Dnepropetrovsk Oblast
Basic data
Oblast center : Dnipro
Official languages : Ukrainian , Russian
Residents : 3,258,705 (November 1, 2015)
Population density : 101.92 inhabitants per km²
in cities : 83.1%
Area : 31,974 km²
KOATUU : 1200000000
License plate : AE, KE
Administrative division
Rajons : 22nd
Cities : 20th
managed by Oblast: 13
administered by Rajon: 7th
Stadtrajone : 18th
Urban-type settlements : 46
Villages: 1,369
Settlements : 69
Address: пр. Кірова 2
49004 м. Дніпропетровськ
Website: Official website
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Statistical information

The Dnipropetrovsk Oblast ( Ukrainian Дніпропетровська область Dnipropetrovska oblast ; Russian Днепропетровская область Dnepropetrovskaja oblast ) is one of 25 administrative units in the eastern part of Ukraine ( Oblast ) . It has around 3.29 million inhabitants (2014).

The regional capital Dnipro

The license plates for the oblast are AE and KE.

Administrative division

The following data contain the number of individual administrative divisions within Dnepropetrovsk Oblast:

These are divided administratively

  • Councilors (районних рад) - 22
  • City Councils (міських рад) - 20
  • District councils in cities (районних рад у містах) - 18
  • Settlement Councils: (селищних рад) - 40
  • District councils (Ukrainian "сільських рад" - merging of several villages into one administrative unit) - 288.

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Rajons

Map showing the Rajons of the Oblast
Karl Marx Prospect in Kryvyi Rih
Apostolowe district Dnipro district
Jurivka district Krynychky Raion
Kryvyi Rih district Mahdalynivka Raion
Meshova Raion Nikopol district
Novomoskovsk district Pavlohrad district
Petropavlivka district Petrykivka district
Pyatychatky district Pokrowske district
Shyroke district Sofiyivka Raion
Solone district Synelnykowe district
Tomakivka district Vasylkivka district
Verkhnyodniprovsk Raion Zarychanka district

Largest cities and settlements

(Russian name in brackets if different)
Ukrainian name Russian name Resident
January 1, 2006
Dnipro (Dnepr) Дніпро Днепр 1,047,347
Kryvyi Rih (Krivoy Rog) Кривий Ріг Кривой Рог 692.181
Kamjanske (Kamjanskoje) Кам'янське Каменское 247.821
Nikopol Нікополь Никополь 130.396
Pavlohrad (Pavlograd) Павлоград Павлоград 112,594
Novomoskovsk Новомосковськ Новомосковск 70.196
Schowti Wody (Scholtije Wody) Жовті Води Жёлтые Воды 50,201
Marhanez (Marganez) Марганець Марганец 48,723
Pokrov Покров Покров 42,841
Synelnykowe (Sinelnikowo) Синельникове Синельниково 31,408
Terniwka (Ternowka) Тернівка Терновка 29,136
Pershotavensk Першотравенськ Першотравенск 29,010
Wilnohirsk (Wolnogorsk) Вільногірськ Вольногорск 23,933
Pjatychatky (Pjatichatki) Пьятихатки Пятихатки 19,526
Pidhorodne (Podgorodnoye) Підгородне Подгородное 18,432
Verkhnyodniprovsk (Verkhnedneprovsk) Верхньодніпровськ Верхнеднепровск 16,738
Apostolowe (Apostolowo) Апостолове Апостолово 15,276
Zelenodolsk Зеленодольськ Зеленодольск 14,258
Wassylkivka (Wassilkowka) Васильківка Васильковка 11,849
Sloboschanske (Sloboschanskoje) Слобожанське Слобожанское 11,657
Pokrowske (Pokrovskoje) Покровське Покровское 10,949
Schyroke (Schirokoje) Ироке Ирокое 10,629
Pereschtschepyne (Pereschtschepino) Перещепіне Перещепино 10,211


A Russian postcard from 1856 depicting the history, economy, geography and culture of the then Yekaterinoslav province

The oblast is one of the industrial areas of Ukraine. Around 17% of total Ukrainian industrial production is generated here, which corresponds to one eighth of GDP . The economic core of the region is based on mining and the so-called metallurgical industry complex , which generates 40% of Ukrainian production. 100% of Ukrainian manganese ore , 81% of all Ukrainian iron ore , 19% of coal and 12% of Ukrainian nitrogen fertilizer are mined or produced here. In addition, most of the uranium is mined here in Europe . Energy producers in the region provide 12 billion kilowatt hours annually .

In addition, agriculture, which is characterized by large farms, is one of the economic factors. 1.7 million tons of grain, 618,000 tons of sunflowers, 156,000 tons of sugar beets and one million tons of fruit and vegetables were grown here every year.

Foreign trade sales have quadrupled and exports more than tripled within seven years . Germany is one of the region's most important trading partners .

Raw materials industry

40 different types of raw materials are mined here, including large iron ore deposits (mainly in the Krywbass and Dnipro ), non-ferrous metals , uranium deposits (mainly in the Krywbass). In addition, brown / hard coal is mined here, there are deposits of rare minerals such as anduoite , kaolin , rutile and zirconium .

Heavy industry

The good economic development of heavy industry in the region is based on the significant raw material deposits and the transport links. Abundant and easily accessible deposits of iron ore , especially in the Krywbass region, and the relative proximity to the Donbass region with its rich coal deposits and the existing waterways ensured good connections to the CIS states and economic prosperity. Many metal factories were subsequently settled here, including KrywoRischStal . The Interpipe Group is also based here. The most important metallurgy combines are Severny GOK , Mittal Steel , Nico Tube , Dnijprowskij Stahlwerke and Marganez GOK

mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering accounts for around six percent of industrial production. A gigantic industrial complex was built here in the mid-1940s. Today the oblast is the leader in mechanical engineering in the Ukraine, most recently it was involved with a little more than ten percent of the total Ukrainian production. The mechanical engineering sector in the region has primarily focused on the manufacture of electrotechnical systems, agricultural vehicles and rail technology . The largest mechanical engineering companies in the region are: Dniprowaschmasch (systems for rolling mills), Piwdenmasch (tractors, household appliances and space technology) and Prodmasch .

Electricity industry

The region's electricity economy is mainly based on the rich deposits of brown / hard coal . The thermal power plants "Pridniprovskaya" and "Krivorischskaja" together generate 4700 megawatts of electricity. There is also an important hydroelectric power station on the Kamjansk reservoir . The region generates around 8% of the electricity produced nationwide, making it second among the regions in terms of electricity generation.

Chemical industry

The palette ranges from paints and fertilizers to paints and tires. In Dnipro among other things, is also Dnjeproschina , Europe's largest producer of tires, home. 40% of chemical production is sold abroad.

Construction industry

The upswing had also hit the construction sector. There is a dynamically growing market in the region for a wide variety of construction services with a large number of competitors. With various forms of financing, more than 400,000 square meters were completed in 2006. This corresponds to an increase of 107% over the previous year.

year Foreign trade turnover with goods and services in billion USD Export of goods and services in USD millions
2007 15.7 10.1
2006 11.1 7.2
2005 9 6.1
2004 7.7 5.4
2003 5.6 3.7
2002 4th 2.9
2001 3.8 2.8
2000 3.9 2.9

Industrial production almost tripled in five years from UAH 37,330 million in 2003 to UAH 101,980 million in 2007.

year Industrial production (in UAH million )
2007 101,980
2006 76.105
2005 63,732
2004 51,175
2003 37,330

In the oblast there is mechanical engineering, food industry, chemical industry and steel smelting. In addition, Dnipropetrovsk was a closed city as it was one of the centers of the Soviet space and armaments industry and is still for Ukraine today.

Foreign investment

Investments from Germany represent around one third of the total foreign investments in the region and the volume of trade with Germany increased by 37% in the first nine months of 2007.

year Volume of direct foreign investment
per capita (in USD million )
Increase in the volume of third-party investments over
the next year (in million USD )
2008 2924.2
2007 2361.3 + 562.9
2006 1740.5 +513.2
2005 778.6 +665.3 (and +711.3)
2004 598.4 +180.2


The area has historically been regularly disputed between the Russian Empire , Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire . (see also History of Ukraine ). On February 27, 1932, the oblast was finally re-created as part of an administrative reform, which in turn was formed from the Okrugs created in 1923 (Okrug Katerinoslaw) and 1926 (Okrug Dnipropetrovsk) . Until 1923 the area of ​​today's oblast was in the Yekaterinoslav Governorate , which had existed since 1802 . However, the borders of the oblast, created in 1932, were not comparable to today's.


The area lies in the Eastern European Plain and has many steppes, the Dnepr runs through the Oblast from the northwest directly to Dnipro and then in a southerly direction to the Zaporizhia Oblast . The oblast has a continental climate and very good soils, which makes it very productive in agriculture. The oblast borders in the north on Poltava Oblast , in the northeast on Kharkiv Oblast , in the east on Donetsk Oblast , in the southeast on Zaporizhia Oblast , in the southwest on Kherson Oblast , in the west on a shorter section on Mykolaiv Oblast and in Northwest to Kirovohrad Oblast .


The population is (as of 2014) 3,292,400 and represents 5.3% of the total Ukrainian population. According to the 2001 census, the distribution of ethnic groups in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast is as shown in the table below.

nationality Residents 1989 (%) 2001 (%) Change (%)
Ukrainians 2,825,800 71.6 79.3 + 2.0%
Russians 627,500 24.2 17.6 −32.9%
Belarusians 29,500 1.3 0.8 −40.4%
Jews 13,700 1.3 0.4 −72.5%
Armenians 10,600 0.1 0.3 + 200%
Azerbaijanis 5600 0.2 0.2 −6.1%
Moldovans 4400 0.17 0.12 −33.7%
Roma 410 0.11 0.11 + 0.1%
Tatars 3800 0.15 0.11 −32%
German 3800 0.17 0.11 −41%
Georgians 2800 0.05 0.08 + 40%
Bulgarians 2300 0.07 0.06 −17.2%
Korean 1400 0.03 0.04 + 13.6%
Uzbeks 1400 0.04 0.04 −21.1%
Greeks 1100 0.04 0.03 −24.7%
Other 15,600 0.4 0.5 −22.0%
native language 2001 (%)
Ukrainian 67.0
Russian 32.0
Other languages 1.0
Number of inhabitants
year 1989 1990 1995 1998 2001 2005 2008 2012 2014
Residents 3,881,200 3,899,400 3,888,800 3,758,700 3,612,600 3,476,176 3,398,398 3,320,299 3,292,400

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Coordinates: 48 ° 21 '  N , 35 ° 6'  E