Federal Government Bowl I

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Federal Government Bowl I
24. Federal Government of the Second Republic of Austria
Wolfgang bowl
Chancellor Wolfgang bowl
choice 1999
Legislative period XXI.
Appointed by Federal President Thomas Klestil
education February 4, 2000
The End February 28, 2003
Duration 3 years and 24 days
predecessor Federal Government Climate
successor Federal Government Bowl II
Party (s) ÖVP and FPÖ
National Council

The Austrian Federal Government Schüssel I was formed after the National Council election on October 3, 1999 and held office from its appointment by Federal President Thomas Klestil on February 4, 2000 until the Federal Government Schüssel II took office on February 28, 2003.

Government work

For the first time it was a government coalition between ÖVP and FPÖ ( black-blue ) and replaced the grand coalition of the federal climate government (1997-1999).

Personal details

Federal Government Bowl I - February 4, 2000 to February 28, 2003
Office photo Surname Political party State Secretary Political party
W Schuessel7.jpg
Wolfgang bowl ÖVP Franz Morak ÖVP
Vice Chancellor and Public Achievement and Sport
Susanne Riess-Passer (Gala Night of Sports 2009) .jpg
Susanne Riess-Passer FPÖ
Foreign Affairs
Benita Ferrero-Waldner.jpg
Benita Ferrero-Waldner ÖVP
Ernst Strasser at EPP Conference on Cyber ​​Security (5389731063) (cropped) .jpg
Ernst Strasser ÖVP
Judiciary Michael Krüger
until March 2, 2000
Dieter Böhmdorfer
from March 2, 2000
Karl-Heinz Grasser Photo.jpg
Karl-Heinz Grasser FPÖ Alfred Finz ÖVP
Economy and work
Bartenstein-Martin 2009.jpg
Martin Bartenstein ÖVP Mares Rossmann FPÖ
Social Security and Generations Elisabeth Sickl
until October 24, 2000
FPÖ Reinhart Waneck FPÖ
Herbert Haupt
from October 24, 2000
Agriculture and forestry until March 31st 2000
Agriculture, forestry, environment and water management
Wilhelm Molterer ÖVP-Bauernbund-Erntedankfest 2008a.jpg
Wilhelm Molterer ÖVP
National defense
Herbert Scheibner (2006) .jpg
Herbert Scheibner FPÖ
Transport, innovation and technology Michael Schmid
until November 13, 2000
Monika Forstinger
until February 18, 2002
Mathias Reichhold
from February 18, 2002
Education, science and culture
Gehrer Elisabeth 2006 DSCN2500.jpg
Elisabeth Gehrer ÖVP

"Sanctions" of the EU member states

In the - then still - 14 other member states of the European Union (EU) there were fears that xenophobic and racist statements by leading FPÖ functionaries could rub off on government policy. The governments of the 14 countries coordinated and decided to reduce their bilateral relations at government and diplomatic level with the Schüssel I government. The Czech Republic, Canada, Israel and Norway followed suit. On the part of the federal government, these measures were referred to as " (EU) sanctions against Austria ".

In September 2000, the 14 governments lifted the reductions in relations.