Federal government Vranitzky V

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Federal government Vranitzky V
22. Federal Government of the Second Republic of Austria
Franz Vranitzky
Chancellor Franz Vranitzky
choice 1995
Legislative period XX.
Appointed by Federal President Thomas Klestil
education March 12, 1996
The End January 28, 1997
Duration 0 years and 322 days
predecessor Federal government Vranitzky IV
successor Federal Government Climate
Party (s) SPÖ and ÖVP
National Council

The Austrian federal government Vranitzky V was formed after the National Council election on December 17, 1995 . It followed the previous cabinet Vranitzky IV , from which it differed little in terms of personnel.

The Vranitzky V cabinet was appointed by Federal President Thomas Klestil on March 12, 1996. Previously, there had been changes in the Vranitzky IV cabinet, which he had entrusted with the continuation of the business, which had been unusual until then.

On May 1, 1996, the competencies of individual ministries were changed: The two federal ministries for the environment and for youth and family (both under Martin Bartenstein) were merged into one department called the environment, youth and family. The ministries for science, research and the arts as well as for public economy and transport (both under Scholten) were combined to form the science, transport and art department. The agendas for public economy (formerly called nationalized enterprises) were transferred to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the economic department was filled on June 16, 1996 after the resignation of Johannes Ditz .

The cabinet was in office until January 20, 1997, when Franz Vranitzky resigned after more than ten years as Chancellor. It was then entrusted by the Federal President with the continuation of business until January 28, 1997.

Federal government Vranitzky V - March 12, 1996 to January 28, 1997
Office photo Surname Political party State Secretary Political party
Franz Vranitzky SPÖ Karl Schlögl SPÖ
Vice Chancellor and Foreign Affairs
Wolfgang Schüssel in Fairness for Austria 2000 (cropped) .jpg
Wolfgang bowl ÖVP Benita Ferrero-Waldner ÖVP
Caspar a.jpg
Caspar One SPÖ
Judiciary Nikolaus Michalek Non-party
Federal Chancellor Viktor Klima.JPG
Viktor Klima SPÖ Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer SPÖ
Economic affairs Johannes Ditz
until June 16, 1996
Johann Farnleitner.jpg
Johann Farnleitner
from June 16, 1996
Work and social Franz Hums SPÖ
Agriculture and Forestry
Wilhelm Molterer ÖVP-Bauernbund-Erntedankfest 2008a.jpg
Wilhelm Molterer ÖVP
National defense
Werner Fasslabend, 1993.JPEG
Werner Fasslabend ÖVP
Public economy and transport until April 30, 1996, then dissolved
Enough is enough - Vienna 20090701 058 Rudolf Scholten.jpg
Rudolf Scholten SPÖ
Research and Art Science until April 30, 1996
Science, Transport and Art
Enough is enough - Vienna 20090701 058 Rudolf Scholten.jpg
Rudolf Scholten SPÖ
Teaching and cultural affairs
Gehrer Elisabeth 2006 DSCN2500.jpg
Elisabeth Gehrer ÖVP
Youth and family until April 30, 1996, then united with the environment
Bartenstein-Martin 2009.jpg
Martin Bartenstein ÖVP
Environment until April 30, 1996, then with youth and family unites
environment, youth and family
Bartenstein-Martin 2009.jpg
Martin Bartenstein ÖVP
Women affairs Helga Konrad SPÖ
Health and consumer protection
Christa Krammer 2009.jpg
Christa Krammer SPÖ


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