FK Khimki

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FK Khimki
Logo since December 2006
Basic data
Surname Futbolniy Club Khimki
Seat Khimki
founding 1997
Colours Red Black
president RussiaRussia Vladimir Strelchenko
First soccer team
Head coach RussiaRussia Andrei Talalaev
Venue Arena Khimki
Places 18,636
league Premjer League
2019/20   2nd place, Perwenstwo FNL

The FK Chimki ( Russian футбольный клуб Химки , scientific transliteration Futbolny klub Chimki ) is a Russian football club that was founded in 1997. The seat of the association is in Khimki in the Moscow Oblast .


Old FC Chimki logo

The association was created in 1996 through the merger of Rodina Chimki and Nowator Chimki. In May 1996 an amateur tournament with over 150 teams, including FK Chimki, took place in Russia . The winner of this tournament should be promoted to the 3rd division. FK Khimki won the tournament in the final against Energia Ulyanovsk on penalties. As a result, they were in 1997 third division . In 2000 the team rose to the second Russian league (1st division). After six seasons in the second division, FK Chimki celebrated renewed promotion, this time to the Premjer league . 2007 was followed by her first year in the Russian football club, which the club finished with a ninth place. During the 2008 season Sergei Juran was signed as the new head coach with the goal of remaining in the Premjer league. This goal was achieved with the 14th place in the table. Despite this, Juran was released on November 30, 2008.

At the beginning of the 2009 season , the club should merge with the league competitor FK Saturn Ramenskoje . Due to the financial crisis from 2007, the merger was ordered by the regional political leaders for financial reasons. The home games should be played alternately in the two home sites. However, the merger was not realized because the partner club was saved, so both clubs continued to play independently in the Premjer League.

The 2009 season ended the team in the last place in the table, with all fifteen back round games were lost, and therefore had to relegate to the second-class 1st division . After the 2012/13 season, the club even rose to the third-class Perwenstwo PFL . In 2016 after winning the relay championship West in the third division, the renewed promotion to the second-class Perwenstwo FNL could be celebrated.


From 2008 to 2009, the Khimki arena , which has a capacity of 18,636 seats, was the home ground of FK Khimki. Since relegation from the Premjer League, the club played its home games in Rodina Stadium, which has a capacity of 10,033 . Since 2018, the club has played its home games again in the Khimki arena.


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