Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig von Pfuel

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Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig von Pfuel

Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig von Pfuel (born October 2, 1781 at Gut Jahnsfelde ; † July 16, 1846 in Karlsbad ) was a Prussian lieutenant general , commandant of Saarlouis , Spandau and Stettin .



Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig of Pfuel came from the old to Jahnsfelde in the Brandenburg Switzerland -based noble family of Pfuel and was the son of Ludwig von Pfuel (1718-1789) and Johanna Christiane Sophie, nee Kranz (1755-1783). His father was a Prussian major general , landlord on Jahnsfelde and formerly court marshal of Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia . The later Prussian general of the infantry , Prime Minister and Minister of War Ernst von Pfuel (1779–1866) was his brother.

Military career

Pfuel attended the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium and then the Kadettenhaus in Berlin . On March 24, 1796, he was transferred to the infantry regiment "von Puttkamer" of the Prussian Army in Brandenburg an der Havel as a porter officer. There he was promoted to second lieutenant on October 10, 1797 and as such, Pfuel was adjutant of the Grenadier Battalion 12/36 from 1803 . During the war against France in 1806 he was wounded in the battle of Jena and made inactive by the surrender of Lübeck.

After the Peace of Tilsit , Pfuel was adjutant in the general staff , rose to staff captain there and finally took his leave on August 20, 1811. With the beginning of the wars of liberation he returned to active service and was a captain in the general staff under Yorck . For his achievements in the battle of Großgörschen , Pfuel received the Iron Cross, 2nd class. In July he joined the General Staff under August von Thümen and took part in the battle of Großbeeren and a number of skirmishes. In the meantime, at the end of August, Pfuel was a major in the General Staff of the 4th Brigade of III. Army Corps and was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class on March 2, 1814.

Pfuel worked briefly from May 20 to October 2, 1815 at the headquarters of the Crown Prince of Württemberg and was then promoted to Lieutenant Colonel at the General Command in Saxony. On July 31, 1817 he was appointed commander of the 33rd Infantry Regiment . This was followed by the same assignment in the 34th Infantry Regiment on March 3, 1820 and promotion to colonel on March 30, 1822 , before Pfuel finally became commander of the Emperor Alexander Grenadier Regiment on March 30, 1825 . In 1829 Pfuel was appointed Commandant of Saarlouis and immediately afterwards Commandant of Spandau . With his promotion to major general he became commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade . A year later, Pfuel took over the 3rd Infantry Brigade . On March 30, 1838, he was commissioned with the leadership of the 12th Division and finally appointed on September 10, 1840 as the commander of this large unit . Pfuel gave up command on April 6, 1842, was promoted to lieutenant general and at the same time appointed commander of Stettin. In this position he was awarded the star for the Order of the Red Eagle, 2nd Class with Oak Leaves, on September 12, 1844 . In 1846 there was a serious argument with his superior General Friedrich von Wrangel . Thereupon King Friedrich Wilhelm IV started an examination, in the course of which Pfuel fell ill, was given leave to go to Karlsbad and died there.

He was the landlord on Jahnsfelde, Wilkendorf and Gielsdorf . He was also a legal knight of the Order of St. John .


Pfuel had married Karoline Adelheid von Boeltzig (1794-1820) on December 24, 1811. She was the daughter of the Prussian major general Wilhelm von Boeltzig . After the death of his first wife, Pfuel married Klara Maria von Rochow (1796–1865) from the Goltzow family on July 9, 1824 in Nennhausen . She was the only daughter of Caroline de la Motte Fouqué .

The following children emerged from the marriages:


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