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Gabor Steingart (2019)

Gabor Steingart (born June 14, 1962 in West Berlin ) is a German journalist , author and media manager .

From 2001 to 2007 he headed the capital city office of Spiegel in Berlin and then until 2010 its office in Washington. From 2010 to 2018 he was first editor-in-chief , then publisher of Handelsblatt , and from 2012 chairman of the management board and, with a three percent stake, co-owner of the Handelsblatt Media Group .

2018 founded Steingart the media company Media Pioneer with location Berlin . There he publishes the morning briefing , which appears on weekdays . Since August 2018 he has been on the air with a podcast in which he talks about political and economic events in the world and interviews well-known personalities.


Steingart was born in Berlin as the son of a German and a Hungarian who fled to the West in 1956 in the wake of the Hungarian people's uprising . As a result of his father's career as a chemist and manager, he grew up in several cities. In 1984 he published his first book contradiction undesirable. Observations from 111 years of Fuldaer Zeitung , which he had done as a high school graduation thesis. After graduating from the educational reformist Hermann Lietz School in Bieberstein , he studied political science, economics and German at the University of Marburg and the Free University of Berlin . After graduating, Steingart graduated from the Georg von Holtzbrinck School for Business Journalists . At the local level, he worked for the Greens as a financial politician and was a member of the Marburg city council .

From 1989 he worked as a reporter for Wirtschaftswoche in Leipzig, Bonn and Berlin and as an editor for the news magazine Der Spiegel . In 1995, Steingart was promoted from the new editor-in-chief Stefan Aust to head of economics in Hamburg. In 2001 he took over the management of the capital city office in Berlin, from July 2007 he headed the office in Washington .

In 2007 Steingart received the Helmut Schmidt Journalist Prize for the cover story World War for Prosperity as an “outstanding example of critical business and consumer journalism”.

From 2010 to 2013 Steingart was editor-in-chief and then publisher of the business newspaper Handelsblatt . In October 2012 he was appointed CEO of the Handelsblatt Media Group (formerly Handelsblatt Publishing Group ). The publisher Dieter von Holtzbrinck transferred 3 percent of the shares in the Handelsblatt Media Group to him. In February 2018 he was released by Dieter von Holtzbrinck. This sparked a public controversy (see below). After the mutual separation and withdrawal of Steingart as co-owner of the Handelsblatt Media Group in October 2018, he founded Media Pioneer GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin, in which Axel Springer SE only acquired a 36 percent stake in May 2019 ; Axel Springer SE now holds 46.48 percent. In 2019, Journalist magazine printed an interview with Steingart in which all the answers were blacked out after Steingart had changed not only answers but also questions in the authorized version. Even the manager magazin refused Steingart answering several questions. Instead, he threatened his lawyer Christian Scherz with lawsuits. In its 1/2020 issue, the magazine reported in detail on controversies in connection with Steingart's media startup Media Pioneer and journalistically questionable deals with large corporations that Steingart had entered into with the Handelsblatt. Steingart commissioned Media Pioneer to build a ship that will serve as the future headquarters of the editorial staff and which will operate on the Spree. The planned launch was until the corona crisis in May 2020.

Steingart is a frequent guest on television programs such as ARD Press Club , Anne Will or Maybrit Illner, and also works as a speaker and author. He publishes regularly on the Axis of Good .

Morning briefing

He has been publishing the Morning Briefing since June 2018 . It is to be distinguished from the Handelsblatt Morning Briefing , which Steingart introduced and built up as publisher of the Handelsblatt. Steingarts Morning Briefing appears as a newsletter every working day via e-mail , is free of charge and is available on its website. It also appears regularly as a guest post on Focus Online . The morning briefing is quoted by other media such as B. Bild , Meedia or Statista . It is also mentioned by various media personalities.


Steingart has been running a free, weekday podcast Steingart's Morning Briefing - The Podcast, since August 2018 . The podcast occupies top positions in the iTunes charts, including number 1 in August and October 2018. Steingart informs and evaluates world political and economic events, makes reference to the morning briefing and speaks to well-known personalities and experts from e.g. B. Politics, media, economy and science. Sometimes a single guest is interviewed, sometimes two or more guests, and occasionally a guest commentary is recorded. At the end of a podcast edition there are assessments of the stock market.

Steingart mostly moderates the podcast himself and is sometimes represented by his team. Robin Alexander appeared as a guest presenter every Friday from August 2019 to June 2020 .

The podcast is regularly picked up by other media, often in connection with statements from the interview partners, such as the business analyst Dirk Müller or Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble .

Controversy over Handelsblatt dismissal

Steingart's dismissal from the Handelsblatt triggered a public discussion. In an article from February 7, 2018, Steingart called the power struggle at the top of the SPD a “perfect murder” by party chairman Martin Schulz against Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel . Holtzbrinck stated that he and Steingart had "differences in essential corporate law issues" and "in individual cases - different assessments of journalistic standards".

In a letter to Dieter von Holtzbrinck, from which Der Spiegel quoted, some executives stood behind Steingart, including Miriam Meckel (publisher) and Beat Balzli (editor-in-chief) and Handelsblatt editor-in-chief Sven Afhüppe , who he appointed to Wirtschaftswoche . They are "shocked and stunned". To enforce Steingart's departure with a view to his text is "a devastating signal to the editors and the entire house: the punishment for an - albeit inconvenient - opinion is immediate dismissal." This sends "massive shock waves to the Handelsblatt Media Group, about the we are very worried. "

The FAZ suspected that it was not just the opinion text about Schulz that led to a rift with von Holtzbrinck: “Steingart always writes with a sledgehammer , he exaggerates excessively, deliberately and without mercy, makes no prisoners and makes no secret of the fact that he is very important holds. “Die Welt commented that von Holtzbrinck had made himself vulnerable by apologizing to Schulz and separating from Steingart. This separation has enormous consequences, as Steingart modernized the publishing house significantly. “Steingart's dismissal will not collapse the Handelsblatt publishing group, but it will still tremble.” According to Spiegel , the dismissal involved different strategic plans for the Handelsblatt Media Group. Steingart demanded huge investments and is said to have encouraged the sale of specialist magazines. He also criticized the supervisory board for being incorrectly put together and not digitally savvy. The manager magazin wrote that Steingart's failed projects such as the Handelsblatt Global Edition led to losses of a good 15 million euros - especially supervisory board chairman Grabner no longer wanted to accept that. In addition, Steingart tore down the usual boundaries between editorial and publishing house with extensive advertising business: editors advertised furniture manufacturer Walter Knoll in a brochure , and boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko was allowed to advertise his management courses in a column and received uncritical interviews.

Two years after the departure of Steingart, the trade journal Wirtschaftsjournalist came to the conclusion in an analysis in February 2020: "It can be seen that the Handelsblatt Group is noticeably lacking in creative and innovative minds. As a successor to Steingart, nobody is far and wide in journalism View."

Activity as a book author

Steingart stimulated social debates with books such as Germany - The Descent of a Superstar (2004) and Worldquake: Living in the Age of Overstrain (2016). Excerpts of his works have been published in advance in Der Spiegel and Bild (newspaper) . His books have been widely discussed, have appeared on the publisher's own bestseller lists, and have appeared in other countries such as the USA and China.

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