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general information
Civil name: HK P9S
Military designation: P9S
Developer / Manufacturer: Heckler
Manufacturer country: Germany
Production time: 1970 (.45 ACP 1976) to 1995
Model variants: P9 without cocked trigger,
P9S-Sport Group II and III
with sports trigger,
second barrel / slide
Weapon Category: gun
Overall length: 192 mm
Total height: 141 mm
Total width: 34 mm
Weight: (unloaded) 0.880 kg,
.45 ACP: 0.750 kg
Technical specifications
Caliber : 9mm parabellum , .45 ACP , 7.65mm parabellum
Possible magazine fillings : 9 cartridges
.45 ACP: 7 cartridges
Ammunition supply : Sheet metal magazine, single row
Fire types: Semi-automatic
Number of trains : 6th
Twist : Right, polygonal profile
Visor : Open sights
Closure : movably supported roller lock
Charging principle: Fixed barrel recoil loader
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The Heckler & Koch P9S (the abbreviation "P9S" stands for: "Pistol - 9 rounds - cocking trigger") is a modern self-loading pistol with cocking trigger and semi-rigid locked (movably supported) roller lock . It is available in the calibers 9 mm Parabellum (also 9 mm Luger, service designation 9 mm x 19), .45 ACP (also .45 Auto) and 7.65 mm Parabellum (for Italy).

The P9S emerged directly from the P9 (without a clamping trigger). The P9 series implements the small-sized roller lock known from the successful Heckler & Koch assault and machine guns ( G 3, G 41, IMG 13 etc.) and submachine guns ( MP 5 ) in a self-loading pistol. At the start of production, it represented an alternative to the HK4 model with its relatively weak calibers.

Distinctive external features of the P9S are: The largely closed and therefore dirt-resistant design, the use of stamped sheet metal parts for the handle and locking piece, a reflection-reducing and corrosion-proof surface treatment, a handle / trigger guard element made of plastic , a multifunctional tension / release lever and a separate lever lock à la Mauser HSc / HK 4 .

The 9 mm Parabellum caliber P9S has a single-row magazine for 9 cartridges and a cold-hammered polygon barrel . The magazine of the version in caliber .45 ACP holds 7 cartridges like the Colt M1911 . Due to the polygon course, the bullet speed increases and thus the impulse acting on the weapon. In order to extend the life of the weapon, there is a rubber buffer under the muzzle that brakes the slide in the return. The roller lock divides the impulse and thus additionally reduces the return speed of the lock. Overall, the weapon has a noticeably smoother behavior when firing than other weapons of the same caliber.

The lock can be removed by pressing a button on the trigger guard. This enables quick changes to the weapon configuration. When changing between the different calibers, different magazines must also be used. Alternatively, different barrels and bolt heads can be used in the same bolt. The rubber buffer under the barrel must be replaced regularly (after approx. 5,000 shots).

The P9S was used as a service pistol by numerous domestic and foreign police and military authorities as well as special units, including a. at the Saarland police, the GSG9 and with a modification for the installation of a silencer at the US Navy Seals . There are also richly equipped sports sets with a long second barrel / slide, custom-made handles, sports sights , barrel weights (HK P9S-Sport Group II and III) as competition weapons for large-caliber sport shooting.

Until Theodor Koch's death in October 1976, four prototypes of a shortened version of the P 9 K were also produced. However, this variant was never mass-produced.