Johannes Kaspar Stredele from Montani and Wisberg

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Johannes Kaspar Stredele von Montani and Wisberg (* around 1582 ; † December 28, 1642 in Olomouc ) was administrator of the Olomouc bishopric .


His father was the imperial councilor Johann Karl Stredele , professor of the Pandects and for a time rector of the University of Vienna .

Johannes Kaspar Stredele studied 1604-1608 as an alumne of the Collegium Germanicum theology in Rome and in 1609 acquired the theological doctorate . As early as 1608 he became canon with St. Stephan in Vienna and in 1611 rector of the University of Vienna. In the years 1611–1612 and 1613–1618 he was the official and general vicar of Bishop Leopold V of Passau for the Austrian part of the diocese of Passau , the land under the Enns . In 1631 he became titular bishop of Sarepta and auxiliary bishop in Passau.

Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria , several Episcopal offices held simultaneously and no priestly ordinations had received, appointed in his capacity as bishop of Passau the Auxiliary Bishop John Kaspar Stredele 1634 Offizial and vicar general for the country whether the Enns based in Passau. He held this office until 1638.

In the years 1640–1642 Stredele, again under Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, this time in his capacity as Bishop of Olomouc, was administrator of the Diocese of Olomouc, where he had been a member of the cathedral chapter since 1612 .

1615–1642 Stredele held the post of provost of Ardagger in Lower Austria . As an imperial council, he worked for the emperors Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III. He was also an Apostolic Protonotary . In the Thirty Years' War it was added by the Swedes abuse, the consequences of which he died.


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