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Motorway network in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg there is a well-developed, toll- free motorway and expressway network ( French : Autoroutes et voies express , Lux . : Autobunnen a Schnellstrossen ) currently around 150 km long, which together with the 2875 km long national road network forms the backbone of traffic in the Grand Duchy. The motorways are signposted with an A , the expressways with a B.

The expansion of the motorway network began very late compared to the neighboring European countries: In 1969 the first sections of the A1 (Kirchberg-Senningerberg) and A4 ( Steinbrücken - Esch / Lallingen ) were put into operation. After these first sections, the motorway network was gradually expanded:

year Length in km
1969 5
1990 78
1995 123
2000 115
2008 147

The government of the Grand Duchy is considering joining a planned Benelux- wide toll for trucks and abandoning the previous Eurovignette system . The Netherlands has been pushing for such a solution for some time, but so far the implementation has failed due to the disagreement between Wallonia and Flanders in Belgium over the introduction of a truck toll. Going it alone is currently ruled out.


The motorways that are marked with blue signs in Luxembourg (for example  A4  ) run as follows:

Short Surname course length
A1 E29 E44 Tréirer Autobunn Gaspericher Kreuz - Wasserbillig - border to Germany ; further thanA64 36 km
A3 E25 E29 Diddelenger Autobunn Hesperange - Dudelange - border to France ; further thanA31 13 km
A4 Escher Autobunn Luxembourg (City) - Esch-sur-Alzette - further thanN31 15 km
A6 E25 E44 Areler Autobunn Border to Belgium ; further than A4- Steinfort - Gaspericher Kreuz 21 km
A7 E29 E421 Nordstrooss Dreieck Grünewald - Schieren - further than  B7  31 km
A13 E29 Collectrice du Sud and Saarautobunn N31- Pétange - Schengen - border to Germany ; further thanA8 42 km

The expressways that are marked with red signs in Luxembourg (for example  B3  ) run as follows:

Short Surname course length
 B3  B3 Luxembourg City (Rue de Bonnevoie) - wider thanA3 2 km
 B4  B4 Luxembourg City (Place Saints Pierre et Paul) - wider thanA4 1 km
 B7  B7 Schieren - Erpeldingen - further thanN7 6 km


Speed ​​limits in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The A6 and A1 motorways merge and cross the entire country from the Belgian / Luxembourg to the Luxembourg / German border.

At the same time, these two motorways form the "Boulevard Contournement" bypass around the city of Luxembourg . To the north, this half-ring is supplemented by the A7, which was completed in 2016 .

All motorway exits are numbered consecutively (analogous to the system used in D, CH and F, different from A / CZ), whereby the exits with the 1 are all in the vicinity of the capital. The A13, which crosses the south of the Grand Duchy and does not run near Luxembourg , is numbered from west to east.

A speed limit of 130 km / h applies on all motorways in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg , while the top speed is 110 km / h in the wet.

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