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This list provides an overview of the network of motorways in Italy . The total network has a length of 6,758 km, of which 5,695 km are operated by 24 licensed operating companies and 900 km by the state road operating company ANAS itself.


Today's motorway network in Italy

On September 21, 1924, Europe's first motorway opened in Italy. The route, which is now classified as the A8 , was part of the Autostrada dei Laghi , which was built by the Italian engineer Piero Puricelli. He also planned to build a motorway network that would connect all of Italy's major commercial centers. The fascists, who came to power in 1922, used the motorway construction for their propaganda. Benito Mussolini said of the motorway in 1925: "The motorway is a great Italian achievement and a sure sign of our engineering spirit, not unworthy of the sons of ancient Rome."

In 1933 there was already a motorway network in Italy that was 457.5 km long, the 50 km long route between Genoa and Serravalle was under construction (today A7 ). The Autostrada Pedemontana , today's A4, was completed in 1933 between Venice and Turin . Other early highways in Italy were today's A11 , which was built within a year and opened on August 26, 1933. In 1932 the Turin- Milan section was opened , and in 1929 between Naples and Pompeii .

These motorway projects were financed by private motorway companies, for whose liabilities the state provided guarantees.

Overview of the network

A distinction is made between the following street categories:

Motorways (Autostrade)

The numbering of the motorways in Italy does not follow a geographical logic as in Germany , but a strictly sequential one. Ordinary highways between the major cities of the country are numbered between 1 ( Milan - Naples , Autostrada del Sole ) and 34 ( Villesse (A4) - Gorizia -Sant'Andrea). Smaller branches ( ital . : diramazioni ) he deals with connecting routes between two other motorways: however, they have double numbering ( e.g. A11 / A12 as a motorway connection between the A11 and A12 motorways ).

In contrast to systems common in France, it is not immediately clear whether the use of a motorway is subject to a toll .

At 760 km in length, the A1 is the longest and most important motorway in the country. It is about 20 km longer than the A14 , which runs along the Adriatic coast . The Autostrada A34 is 17 km long and is currently the shortest motorway.

character designation course length was standing
officially Long form
Autostrada A1 Italia.svg Autostrada A1 Autostrada del Sole A51 - Milan - Bologna - Florence - Rome - Naples - A3 759.6 finished
Autostrada A2 Italia.svg Autostrada A2 Autostrada del Mediterraneo A30 / RA2 - Fisciano - Salerno - Villa San Giovanni - A2 454.0 finished
A30 / RA2 - Fisciano - Avellino - A16 025.0 Expansion to the motorway planned
Autostrada A3 Italia.svg Autostrada A3 A1 - Naples - Salerno - A2 057.0 finished
Autostrada A4 Italia.svg Autostrada A4 La Serenissima Turin - Milan - Venice - RA13 525.0 finished
Autostrada A5 Italia.svg Autostrada A5 Autostrada della Valle d'Aosta / Autoroute de la Vallée d'Aoste A55 - Turin - Aosta - Courmayeur - T1 ( F ) 145.3 finished
Autostrada A6 Italia.svg Autostrada A6 La Verdemare A55 - Turin - Savona - A10 130.9 finished
Autostrada A7 Italia.svg Autostrada A7 La Serravalle (Autostrada dei Giovi) A50 - Milan - Genoa - A10 134.0 finished
Autostrada A8 Italia.svg Autostrada A8 Autostrada dei Laghi A4 / A50 - Milan - Varese 042.6 finished
Autostrada A9 Italia.svg Autostrada A9 A8 - Lainate - Como - ( A2 ) ( CH ) 042.3 finished
Autostrada A10 Italia.svg Autostrada A10 Autostrada dei Fiori A7 - Genoa - Ventimiglia - ( A8 ) ( F ) 158.7 finished
Autostrada A11 Italia.svg Autostrada A11 Firenze - Mare A1 - Florence - Pisa - A12 081.2 finished
Autostrada A12 Italia.svg Autostrada A12 Autostrada Azzura A7 - Genoa - Livorno - San Pietro in Palazzi - SS1 206.0 finished
Tarquinia - Cecina 188.0 in planning
SS1 - Civitavecchia - Tarquinia - A91 082.0 finished
Autostrada A13 Italia.svg Autostrada A13 A1 / A14 Bologna - Padua - A4 116.7 finished
Autostrada A14 Italia.svg Autostrada A14 Autostrada Adriatica A1 - Bologna - Ancona - Pescara - Bari - Massafra - SS7 743.4 finished
Autostrada A15 Italia.svg Autostrada A15 Autocamionale della Cisa A1 - Parma - La Spezia 082.0 finished
Parma - A22 under construction
Autostrada A16 Italia.svg Autostrada A16 Autostrada dei Due Mari A1 - Naples - Canosa - A14 172.0 finished
Autostrada A17 Italia.svg Autostrada A17 (formerly) A1 - Naples - Bari - SS16 to parts of the A14 and A16 rededicated
Autostrada A18 Italia.svg Autostrada A18 A20 - Messina - Catania - A18dir / RA15 075.6 finished
SS114 - Syracuse - Rosolini 041.9 finished
Rosolini - Ragusa - Gela 091.0 under construction
Autostrada A19 Italia.svg Autostrada A19 A19dir - Palermo - Catania - A18 / RA15 199.0 finished
Autostrada A20 Italia.svg Autostrada A20 A18 - Messina - Cefalù - A19 181.0 finished
Autostrada A21 Italia.svg Autostrada A21 Autostrada dei Vini A55 - Turin - Piacenza - Brescia - A4 238.0 finished
Autostrada A22 Italia.svg Autostrada A22 Autostrada del Brennero / Brenner motorway A1 - Modena - Verona - Bolzano - Brenner - ( A13 ) ( A ) 313.0 finished
Autostrada A23 Italia.svg Autostrada A23 Autostrada Alpe-Adria A4 - Palmanova - Udine - Tarvisio - ( A2 ) (A) 120.0 finished
Autostrada A24 Italia.svg Autostrada A24 Autostrada dei Parchi Rome - L'Aquila - Teramo - SS80racc 166.5 finished
Autostrada A25 Italia.svg Autostrada A25 Autostrada dei Parchi A24 - Torano - Pescara - A14 114.0 finished
Autostrada A26 Italia.svg Autostrada A26 Autostrada dei Trafori A10 - Genoa - Alessandria - Gravellona Toce - SS33 197.0 finished
Autostrada A27 Italia.svg Autostrada A27 Autostrada di Alemagna A57 - Venice - Treviso - Belluno - SS51 084.0 finished
Autostrada A28 Italia.svg Autostrada A28 A4 - Portogruaro - Pordenone - Conegliano - A27 044.0 finished
Autostrada A29 Italia.svg Autostrada A29 A29racc to - Mazara del Vallo - SS15 115.7 finished
Autostrada A30 Italia.svg Autostrada A30 A1 - Caserta - Fisciano - A2 / RA2 055.0 finished
Autostrada A31 Italia.svg Autostrada A31 Piovene Rocchette - Vicenza - Badia Polesine - SS434 040.0 finished
Autostrada A32 Italia.svg Autostrada A32 Autostrada del Frejus A55 - Turin - Bardonecchia - Fréjus Tunnel (T4) ( F ) 072.4 finished
Autostrada A33 Italia.svg Autostrada A33 Autostrada delle Langhe Cuneo - A6 - Asti - A21 093.0 under construction
Autostrada A34 Italia.svg Autostrada A34 Raccordo Villesse - Gorizia A4 - Villesse - Gorizia - ( SLO ) 017.0 finished
Autostrada A35 Italia.svg Autostrada A35 Autostrada BreBeMi A4 - Brescia - A58 062.1 finished
Autostrada A36 Italia.svg Autostrada A36 Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda A4 - Monza - A9 - A8 087.0 under construction
Autostrada A91 Italia.svg Autostrada A91 Rome - Fiumicino 018.5 finished
Italian traffic signs - Autostrada CT-SR.svg Autostrada Catania-Siracusa Autostrada Catania - Siracusa RA15 - Catania - Augusta - SS114 025.2 finished
Sistiana - Rabuiese RA13 - Trieste - SS202 - H5 SLO 010.1 finished
Autostrada ASPV Italia.svg Pedemontana Veneta Superstrada Pedemontana Veneta A4 - Montecchio Maggiore - Spresiano - A27 094.75 under construction

Planned / new / under construction highways

designation course was standing
Telesina Caianello - Benevento in planning
Cispadana Reggiolo - Ferrara in planning
Autostrada della Val Trompia Brescia - Lumezzane in planning
CrM Cremona - Mantua in planning
Autostrada Nuova Romea Venice - Ravenna in planning
Autostrada Nogara - Mare Nogara - Chioggia in planning
Pedemontana Veneta Montecchio Maggiore - Spresiano under construction
Rome – Latina motorway Roma - Latina in planning

City bypasses (tangents)

The city bypasses, often designed as ring motorways , have their own number in Italy. Like the highways, the numbering follows a sequential logic and neglects the geographical location of the bypasses. The most important and busiest tangents are around Milan (combination of the A50 , A51 and A52 motorways ) and around the capital Rome ( A90, or Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) ). The length of the bypass varies greatly from city to city. For example, with the A55 , the north-western Italian city of Turin does not have a “real” bypass, but rather a collection of several branches that is officially run as a single motorway.

character designation course length was standing
officially Long form
Autostrada A50 Italia.svg Autostrada A50 Tangenziale Ovest di Milano West bypass Milan 031.5 finished
Autostrada A51 Italia.svg Autostrada A51 Tangenziale Est di Milano East bypass Milan 030.1 finished
Autostrada A52 Italia.svg Autostrada A52 Tangenziale Nord di Milano Milan north bypass 012.9 finished
Autostrada A53 Italia.svg Autostrada A53 Raccordo Autostradale di Pavia A7 - Bereguardo - Pavia - A54 009.1 finished
Autostrada A54 Italia.svg Autostrada A54 Tangenziale Ovest di Pavia West bypass Pavia 008.4 finished
Autostrada A55 Italia.svg Autostrada A55 Tangenziale Nord di Torino Turin north bypass 020.2 finished
Tangenziale Sud di Torino Turin south bypass 025.9 finished
Raccordo della Falchera Feeder Falchera 003.1 finished
Diramazione per Moncalieri Moncalieri junction 006.2 finished
Aces di penetrazione urbana
di corso Regina Margherita
Axis corso Regina Margherita 000.8 finished
Autostrada del Pinerolese South bypass Turin -Turin-Pinerolo 023.4 finished
Aces di penetrazione urbana
di corso Orbassano
Axis corso Orbassano 001.3 finished
Autostrada A56 Italia.svg Autostrada A56 Tangenziale di Napoli Tangent Naples 020.2 finished
Autostrada A57 Italia.svg Autostrada A57 Tangenziale di Mestre Tangent Mestre 026.0 finished
Autostrada A58 Italia.svg Autostrada A58 Tangenziale esterna di Milano Outer east bypass Milan 032.0 finished
Autostrada A59 Italia.svg Autostrada A59 Tangenziale di Como Tangent Como 002.4 finished
006.6 in planning
Autostrada A60 Italia.svg Autostrada A60 Tangenziale di Varese Tangent Varese 004.5 finished
006.0 in planning
Autostrada A90 Italia.svg Autostrada A90 Grande Raccordo Anulare (di Roma) Ring motorway around Rome 068.2 finished

Furthermore, the cities of Bologna (RA1), Reggio Calabria (RA4) and Catania (RA15) also have tangents. However, these are not classified as motorways, but as feeders .

Motorway junctions (Diramazioni autostradali)

character designation course length was standing
officially Long form
Autostrada A1dir Italia.svg Autostrada A1dir North Gov. Roma Nord A1 - Fiano Romano - Rome - GRA 023.0 finished
Autostrada A1dir Sud Gov. Roma Sud A1 - San Cesareo - Rome - GRA 020.0 finished
Autostrada A1var Italia.svg Autostrada A1var Variant of Valico A1 - Marzabotto - Barberino di Mugello - A1 033.0 finished
Autostrada A2dirNA Italia.svg.png Autostrada A2dir NA Diramazione Napoli A2 - Salerno - A3 002.4 finished
Autostrada A2dirRC Italia.svg.png Autostrada A2dir RC Diramazione Reggio Calabria A2 - Villa San Giovanni - Reggio Calabria 009.1 finished
Autostrada A4-A5 Italia.svg Autostrada A4 / A5 Diramazione Ivrea - Santhià A4 / A26 / 4 - Santhià - Ivrea - A5 023.6 finished
Autostrada A8-A26 Italia.svg Autostrada A8 / A26 Diramazione Gallarate - Gattico A8 - Gallarate - Gattico - A26 023.2 finished
Autostrada A11-A12 Italia.svg Autostrada A11 / A12 Bretella A11 / A12 A11 - Lucca - Viareggio - A12 018.2 finished
Autostrada A14dir Italia.svg Autostrada A14dir Diramazione Ravenna A14 - Castel Bolognese - Ravenna - SS16 / SS309 029.8 finished
Autostrada A18dir Italia.svg Autostrada A18dir Diramazione Catania A18 / RA15 - Catania centro 005.0 finished
Autostrada A19dir Italia.svg Autostrada A19dir Diramazione by via Giafar A19 / SS121 - Palermo 005.2 finished
Autostrada A21dir Italia.svg Autostrada A21dir Diramazione Fiorenzuola d'Arda A1 - A21 012.3 finished
Autostrada A21racc Italia.svg Autostrada A21racc Ospitaletto - Montichiari A35 - Montichiari Symbol: flight 028.5 finished
Autostrada A26-A4 Italia.svg Autostrada A26 / A4 Diramazione Stroppiana - Santhià A26 - Stroppiana - Santhià - A4 / A4 / 5 029.7 finished
Autostrada A26-A7 Italia.svg Autostrada A26 / A7 Diramazione Predosa - Bettole A26 - Predosa - Tortona - A7 017.0 finished
Autostrada A29dir Italia.svg Autostrada A29dir Diramazione Alcamo - Trapani A29 - Alcamo - Trapani 036.9 finished
Autostrada A29dirA Italia.svg Autostrada A29dirA Diramazione per Birgi A29dir - Paceco - Birgi Symbol: flight 013.1 finished
Autostrada A29racc Italia.svg Autostrada A29racc Bretella Aeroporto "Falcone e Borsellino" A29 - Punta Raisi Symbol: flight 004.0 finished
Autostrada A29racc to Italia.svg Autostrada A29racc to Raccordo A29 - Palermo (Raccordo via Belgio) A29 / SS113 - Palermo 005.6 finished

Motorway feeder (Raccordi autostradali)

Rete autostradale italiana con Raccordi.svg

A motorway feeder ( Italian : raccordo autostradale ) is the name given to roads in Italy that connect larger cities or other important areas that are not directly connected to the motorway network to a motorway in the most direct way possible. Of the 17 feeders currently in existence, four are classified as “similar to a motorway” (green signs) and twelve as belonging to the “normal state road network” ( viabilità statale ordinaria ) (blue signs). The RA7 is the only one that is signposted and guided as a real motorway ( A53 ). The designation "RA7" appears exclusively in the internal use of ANAS .

The use of all motorway slip roads is free of charge .

character designation target course length was standing
short form Long form
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 1.svg RA1 Raccordo autostradale 1 Autostrada A1 Italia.svg Autostrada A13 Italia.svg Autostrada A14 Italia.svg Tangent to Bologna 019.6 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 2.svg RA2 Raccordo autostradale 2 Autostrada A2 Italia.svg Autostrada A30 Italia.svg A30 / A2 - Atripalda 021.0 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 3.svg RA3 Raccordo autostradale 3 Autostrada A1 Italia.svg Impruneta - Siena - SS674 056.4 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 4.svg RA4 Raccordo autostradale 4 Autostrada A2dirRC Italia.svg.png Tangent Reggio Calabria 005.5 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 5.svg RA5 Raccordo autostradale 5 Autostrada A2 Italia.svg A2 - Sicignano - Potenza - SS407 051.5 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 6.svg RA6 Raccordo autostradale 6 Autostrada A1 Italia.svg Bettolle - Perugia - SS3 bis 058.4 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 7.svg RA7 Raccordo autostradale 7 Autostrada A7 Italia.svg A7 - Pavia - A54 009.1 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 8.svg RA8 Raccordo autostradale 8 Autostrada A13 Italia.svg A13 - Ferrara - Porto Garibaldi - SS309 054.0 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 9.svg RA9 Raccordo autostradale 9 Autostrada A16 Italia.svg A16 - Benevento - SS372 012.7 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 10.svg RA10 Raccordo autostradale 10 Autostrada A55 Italia.svg A55 - Caselle Symbol: flight 011.1 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 11.svg RA11 Raccordo autostradale 11 Autostrada A14 Italia.svg SS4 - Ascoli Piceno - San Benedetto del Tronto - SS16 026.3 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 12.svg RA12 Raccordo autostradale 12 Autostrada A25 Italia.svg SS5 - Chieti - Pescara - SS16 014.8 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 13.svg RA13 Raccordo autostradale 13 Autostrada A4 Italia.svg A4 - Sistiana-Rabuiese 024.1 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 14.svg RA14 Raccordo autostradale 14 Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 13.svg RA13 - A3 ( SLO ) 001.5 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 15.svg RA15 Raccordo autostradale 15 Autostrada A18 Italia.svg Autostrada A18dir Italia.svg Autostrada A19 Italia.svg Italian traffic signs - Autostrada CT-SR.svg Tangent Catania 023.3 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 16.svg RA16 Raccordo autostradale 16 Autostrada A28 Italia.svg A28 - SS13 003.8 finished
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 17.svg RA17 (former) Raccordo autostradale 17 Autostrada A4 Italia.svg A4 - Villesse - Gorizia - H4 ( SLO ) 017.0 upgraded to A34

Tunnel (Trafori)

Important single-tube motorway tunnels have their own numbering in the Italian motorway system. Of the former four tunnels ( Italian : traforo ( Sg. )) Only three officially exist, as the T3 in the province of Genoa has been downgraded. The use of these tunnels is chargeable.

character designation course length was standing
officially Long form
Traforo T1 Italia.svg Traforo 1 Traforo del Monte Bianco ( SS26dir ) - Courmayeur - T1 - Chamonix ( F ) 011.6 finished
Traforo T2 Italia.svg Traforo 2 Traforo del Gran San Bernardo Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses - T2 - Bourg-Saint-Pierre ( CH ) 005.8 finished
Traforo T3 Italia.svg Traforo 3 (former) Traforo di Bargagli - Lumarzo-Ferriere Bargagli - T3 - Ferriere 002.3 downgraded to SS225
Traforo T4 Italia.svg Traforo 4 Traforo del Fréjus A32 - Bardonecchia - T4 - Modane (F) - ( A43 ) ( F ) 012.9 finished

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Notes and individual references

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  3. Officially signposted and guided as "A53". In ANAS -internal documents, however, the designation "RA7" (Raccordo autostradale 7) is used.
  4. Name only ANAS -internal; official name: " A53 "