Marmaduke (film)

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German title Marmaduke
Original title Marmaduke
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2010
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Tom Dey
script Jon Vitti
production John Davis
music Christopher Lennertz
camera Greg Gardiner
cut Don Zimmerman

Marmaduke is an American comedy film , a real-life version with computer animation from 2010 and is based on the comic figure of the same name, Marmaduke by Brad Anderson.

The Tom Dey film is a 20th Century Fox production and opened in the United States on June 4, 2010 . It was released in cinemas in German-speaking countries on July 15, 2010.


Marmaduke is a playful, huge mastiff , but because he is also very clumsy, everyone teases him. He leaves the dreary suburb in Kansas with the Winslow family and the house cat Carlos, because his owner Phil Winslow works for Bark organic dog food and is supposed to start a large-scale advertising campaign in sunny California . Phil's boss, Don Twombly, is also a passionate dog lover and moves most business appointments to the dog park. There, Marmaduke meets the beautiful Collie dog named Beverly, but also her friend Rocco, a domineering and violent Beauceron with two miniature pinschers as an entourage named Donner and Blitz. Rocco challenges Marmaduke, but he doesn't want to fight.

He later meets Lucy, an Australian Shepherd bitch, who gradually falls in love with Marmaduke. He also meets Giuseppe, a Chinese crested dog who is afraid of everything, and Einstein, a highly intelligent but downright tiny dachshund . At night they get together, go to Rocco's Purebred Only party and accidentally ruin it when they are startled by it. Marmaduke then asks Lucy to give him tips on how to pick up a certain girl, assuming he was talking about her when he really meant Beverly.

Marmaduke wants to make an impression in the dog park, and so he stages a fake fight with the cat Carlos. A little later he really has to stand his "dog" when his master registers Marmaduke in the dog surfing competition in favor of the Petco advertising campaign and has to compete against Rocco, the defending champion, of all people. When he is crowned the winner, no one is more surprised than himself, but Rocco is out of control. They get caught up in a fight that horrifies Petco executives.

To make up for the bankruptcy, Phil Winslow has to throw himself even more into work and spends the weekend with his wife and children on his boss's boat. Marmaduke uses the storm-free booth and throws a wild party to score even more at Beverly. Rocco also appears there, he recognizes Carlos and thus the fraud of the courageous cat tamer. Everyone wants nothing more to do with Marmaduke, he remains alone in the destroyed house.

When Phil discovers the devastation, he puts his dog outside the door for one night. Marmaduke thinks he has lost everything and runs away. Far outside he meets the supposedly dangerous bonebiter, a mastiff who is said to have killed its owner; but he's just a lonely stray who has got nothing but a blanket and his old food bowl with the label "Buster" on it. He persuades Marmaduke not to risk everything, but to return to his family, when they are surprised by a dog catcher. On the run, he not only loses Buster, but also his orientation, he no longer knows the way home.

When Phil discovers that his dog has run away that morning, he has to decide whether to take his last chance at Petco or to fight for all his family members. So the entire Winslow family goes looking for him, and Lucy also thinks she has to help him. They find him at the same time when suddenly the road breaks under Lucy and she falls into the underground rainwater channel. Marmaduke jumps after them, the fire brigade also starts a rescue operation, but can only rope up Lucy, while Marmaduke is washed away by the raging water. Phil is ready for anything, runs to the exit of the sewer system and jumps into the flood in which Marmaduke threatens to drown. This sensational stunt is filmed by some children on the cell phone camera and posted on YouTube , so he will soon be celebrated as a great hero and also saved the advertising contract.

Marmaduke's world is all right again; Not only is Lucy no longer angry with him, the other dogs from the dog park also ignore Rocco and his “race laws” and shake their legs for the finale.



actor German speakers role
Lee Pace Sascha Rotermund Phil Winslow
Judy Greer Tanja Geke Debbie Winslow
Caroline Sunshine Jodie Blank Barbara Winslow
Finley Jacobsen Oscar Rauker Brian Winslow
Mandy & Milana Haines Celina Gaschina Sarah Winslow
David Walliams Christian Gaul Anton Harrison
William H. Macy Joachim Tennstedt Don Twombly
Glenn McCuen Raúl Richter Bodie
Alex Rockhill Martin Stich Dog catcher
Cameron Cowles Maximilian Merzhäuser Skater Boy # 1
Heather Doerksen Gundi Eberhard Jessica
Ashley Liu Sebastian Christoph Jacob David King (by PETCO)

Animal sounds

English speakers German speakers role race
Owen Wilson Christian Ulmen Marmaduke Danish mastiff
George Lopez Bülent Ceylan Carlos Birman cat
Kiefer Sutherland Tobias Master Rocco (English Bosco) Beauceron
Fergie Nana Spier Beverly (Jezebel) collie
Emma Stone Nora Tschirner Lucy (English Mazie) Australian Shepherd
Christopher Mintz-Plasse Michael Pan Giuseppe Chinese crested dog
Steve Coogan Till Hagen Einstein (English raisin) dachshund
Marlon Wayans Rainer Fritzsche Blitz (English Lightning) Miniature Pinscher
Damon Wayans, Jr. Michael Nowka Donner (Engl. Thunder) Miniature Pinscher
Sam Elliott Helmut Krauss Chupadogra / Buster Mastiff

The German dubbing was done by Interopa Film from Berlin, dialogue director was Michael Nowka.


Soundtrack to the film.


Grossing results

The film grossed 3.4 million dollars on opening one, so ended up in sixth place behind Sex and the City 2 , Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time , Killers , Get Him and Shrek Forever After . That was far less than the openings of other live-action animal talk films and a disappointment for the studio. In Germany it landed in third place behind Eclipse - Bis (s) zum Abendrot and Shrek Forever After .

The film grossed $ 33,644,788 in the US and an additional $ 50,117,056 overseas for a total of $ 83,761,844 worldwide. It was not very successful in the United States, but it became a box office hit worldwide.


  • "The moment I saw Marmaduke's big, drooling lips moving, I knew I was in trouble. A mastiff with a head, who is also the narrator of the film and never shut up, seems quite intrusive. When Phil, his master, who moves the Winslows from Kansas to Orange County and joins the crowd in the park in front of a vegetarian dog food company, well, what else can I tell about a movie in which more dogs (and a cat) than people are too Word come? " - Chicago Sun Times
  • "Because of its content and conceptual formulas, Marmaduke never rises above the status of mass-produced goods that follow tried and tested recipes. And of course, Hollywood's second set is right somewhere. Why invest in a plot when you have a computer-animated dog. Because - like this Already showed Loriot's sketch The talking dog - even if he is not allowed to talk about anything, a farting sound will do. " -
  • " Marmaduke is renewed proof that as a viewer one should become very skeptical as soon as a real film tries to score with talking animals. Because hardly anything is right here: the humor is infantile, the moral club is swung violently, the story is boring and that The setting seems stolen from a below-average high school film. There is little to laugh about, even the very short running time feels boring and hardly anyone will have that much fun with Marmaduke. " -

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