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Ralf or Ralph is a male given name .

Origin and meaning of the name

Ralf comes from the Old High German Radulf ( rat = the advice , the advice , the counselor ; wolf = the wolf ) and is a short form of the name.


The name Ralf was not in use in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. From the twenties his popularity increased, so that in the early sixties he was among the ten most common boy names of the respective year a few times. Then his popularity gradually declined, since the beginning of the nineties hardly any boys have been called Ralf.

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  • male: Ralf, Ralph, Raedwulf, Radolf , Radolph, Radulf, Radulph, Radulphus, Ranulph , Raoul , Raul ; Wolfrad, Wolfrat, Wolfrath
  • differentiate: Rolf (from Rudolf )

Derived place names

  • Ralph is the name of ten smaller towns in the US and one in Canada
  • Ralphs is a small town in Delaware, USA (38 ° 30 ′ N, 75 ° 38 ′ W)
  • Ralphton is a small town in Pennsylvania (USA) (40 ° 7 ′ N, 79 ° 1 ′ W)
  • (5051) Ralph is the name of an asteroid

Popular culture


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