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flag coat of arms
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Federal district Central Russia
Oblast Tula
Rajon Shchokino
mayor Yuri Savushkin
Founded 1870
City since 1938
surface 15  km²
population 58,139 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Population density 3876 inhabitants / km²
Height of the center 240  m
Time zone UTC + 3
Telephone code (+7) 48751
Post Code 30124x
License Plate 71
OKATO 70 432
Geographical location
Coordinates 54 ° 0 ′  N , 37 ° 31 ′  E Coordinates: 54 ° 0 ′ 0 ″  N , 37 ° 31 ′ 0 ″  E
Shchokino (European Russia)
Red pog.svg
Location in the western part of Russia
Shchokino (Tula Oblast)
Red pog.svg
Location in Tula Oblast
List of cities in Russia

Shchokino ( Russian Щёкино , DIN transliteration Ščëkino ) is a Russian medium - sized town and district center with 58,139 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010) in the Tula Oblast in the Central Federal District .


Shchokino is located in the central Russian lignite mining district in the north of the Central Russian Plate , a good 200 km south of Moscow and 15 km southwest of the regional capital Tula . The closest cities to Tula are Sovetsk (10 km southeast), Lipki (13 km southeast) and Bolochowo (21 km northeast). The natural surroundings of the city mainly consist of the forest-steppe landscape typical of southern Russia and southern central Russia , with forest areas only accounting for about 13% of the area of ​​the Shchokino district.


The first settlements in the area of ​​today's Shchokino emerged in the 1840s with the construction of a continuous road from Moscow via Tula to Oryol . Around two decades later, the parallel railway line, which is now part of the route from Moscow via Kursk and Kharkiv to Simferopol , was also put into operation . The Jassenki railway station was built in the area of ​​today's town in 1869 .

Shchokino Railway Station

The founding of the actual city began in 1870, when the industrial mining of brown coal began around the station. At the beginning of the 20th century, Shchokino was already a large settlement with commercial and industrial companies. In 1903 the station was also named Shchokino after the associated village.

In the 1930s, Shchokino was declared the center of the Rajon of the same name and was granted city rights in 1938 . During the Second World War , Shchokino was occupied by the Germans for a relatively short period of time (from October to December 1941) during the Battle of Moscow , but it still suffered considerable damage during this period. In the 1950s, new chemical plants based on lignite mining were built in the city.

Population development

year Residents
1939 11,334
1959 45,556
1970 61,313
1979 70,318
1989 69,251
2002 61,588
2010 58,139

Note: census data

Economy and Transport

In addition to mining, which no longer has its original significance today, the chemical industry is another important branch of the economy in Shchokino, which is represented by three large companies - OAO Shchokinoasot , AO Chimwolokno and AOST Sawod Kislotoupor . Another important feature is a thermal power station that went into operation in 1953.

The M2 trunk road , which connects Moscow with southern Russia, and the Moscow Kurskaya – Tula – Kursk – Simferopol railway line , on which Shchokino has a long-distance train station, runs through the city .


Shchokino has a local museum . The former Tolstoy estate and open-air museum " Yasnaya Polyana " are close to the city, one of the most important sights in Tula Oblast.

sons and daughters of the town

Individual evidence

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