Sender Koblenz (Dieblich-Naßheck)

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Sender Koblenz (Dieblich-Naßheck)
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Basic data
Place: Thieving
Country: Rhineland-Palatinate
Country: Germany
Altitude : 421  m above sea level NHN
Coordinates: 50 ° 15 ′ 36.2 ″  N , 7 ° 31 ′ 15.2 ″  E
Use: Broadcasting station
Owner : Südwestrundfunk
Mast data
Construction time : 1964
Operating time: since 1964
Last conversion (mast) : 1990-1991
Total height : 280  m
Total mass : 200  t
Enclosed space : 1,120 
Data on the transmission system
Last modification (transmitter) : August 2008
Waveband : FM transmitter
Radio : VHF broadcasting
Position map
Transmitter Koblenz (Dieblich-Naßheck) (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Sender Koblenz (Dieblich-Naßheck)
Sender Koblenz (Dieblich-Naßheck)
Localization of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany

The transmitter Koblenz (Dieblich-Naßheck) is a broadcasting facility of the Südwestrundfunk for VHF radio in the area of ​​the community Dieblich . The facility is located around 12 km southwest of Koblenz near the hamlet of Naßheck in the immediate vicinity of the federal motorway 61 and the "Moselle service station". The transmitter uses a 280 m high, guyed steel truss mast as the antenna carrier. This transmission mast, built in 1964, with a cross-section of 2 × 2 m² and a weight of around 200 t, is the second tallest structure in Rhineland-Palatinate after the Eifel transmitter .


Explosives attack in 1979

On January 18, 1979, a charge of explosives detonated next to the transmitter mast, but only damaged the feed lines. After an hour, broadcasting could be temporarily resumed. The perpetrators were right-wing extremists who wanted to prevent the broadcast of the four-part US television film Holocaust - The History of the Weiss Family on the third television program . Peter Naumann , right-wing terrorist and now a politician of the NPD , and two accomplices detonated two explosive devices on the broadcasting mast of the Koblenz transmitter and the Longinus tower on the Nottuln transmitter while the introductory documentary Endlösung was being broadcast . The attack had no effect on television programming at the Nottuln location, but around one hundred thousand television sets across Germany were affected by a program failure at the Koblenz broadcaster. The bomb attack is considered to be one of the first right-wing terrorist actions in post-war Germany .

Operational changes

In 1990 and 1991 the mast and foundations were reinforced, the guys were renewed and a new company building was built. During the construction work a Celtic grave from around 500 BC was discovered. BC, which contained a warrior and a chariot.

On August 26, 2008, the transmission of the analog television program was switched off in the course of the DVB-T conversion. Since then, the TV program has been broadcast via the Koblenz telecommunications tower .

Air accident in 2015

On the afternoon of December 13, 2015 at around 4:11 p.m., a Fournier RF-5 motor glider grazed parts of the transmission mast due to poor visibility and fog. The machine then crashed. The rubble was distributed over adjacent meadows and a pine tree protection. The pilot, a 48-year-old father and his 9-year-old daughter, who was also on board, were killed in the crash. According to SWR reports, the destination of the flight was Trier-Föhren airfield . The SWR also reported that the pilot is said to have been a professional pilot and flight instructor for the Bundeswehr from Rottweil.

The fire brigades from the region spread via their presence on the social network Facebook that the radio of the fire brigades (radio traffic of the BOS ) was partially impaired by the accident . As a result, the fire brigades in the Mayen-Koblenz district had to occupy their fire brigade operations centers (FEZ) in order to be able to guarantee the alerting of the emergency services. As early as Monday evening, the Rhein-Zeitung reported that the problems with the fire brigade's radio had been resolved. The transmission mast survived the impact of the machine largely undamaged, and transmission operations could be continued without interruptions. For the technicians and the investigating authorities, the problem arose in the first days after the accident that it was not exactly clear whether the mast was damaged in its statics. The mast was already climbed the day after the accident, and on Tuesdays the carrying ropes of the mast were examined with a drone. After it was established that the mast and its supporting structure would not be damaged, the residents of Nassheck were able to return to their homes.

The accident aroused great media interest in general. The Rhein-Zeitung reported that the morning after the crash, around 100 media representatives had been waiting at the scene of the accident to be let near the wreck by the police. The local media, the Rhein-Zeitung and the Südwestrundfunk, accompanied the investigation in the following days with intensive reporting.

The Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU) started investigations into the cause of the accident. Parts of the machine and the pilot's documents were also seized. The investigation report, which was completed in January 2017, names the overly optimistic assessment of the visual flight conditions by the pilot (favored by the good weather at the take-off location) in connection with the time pressure to reach the planned destination airport before sunset as the primary causes of the accident.

Frequencies and Programs

Analog radio (VHF)

program RDS PS RDS PI Regionalization ERP  
Antenna pattern
round (ND) / directional (D)
horizontal (H) / vertical (V)
96.1 SWR1 Rhineland-Palatinate SWR1_RP_ D3A1 - 10 ND H
94.0 SWR2 __SWR2__ D3A2 Rhineland-Palatinate 40 ND H
91.6 SWR3 __SWR3__ D3A3 Rhineland-Palatinate / Cologne 40 D (310–260 °) H
107.4 SWR4 Rhineland-Palatinate SWR4_KO_ D6A4 Radio Koblenz 40 D (340–250 °) H

Digital radio (DAB +)

The digital radio ( DAB + ) is broadcast in vertical polarization and in single-frequency mode with other transmitters. Block 11A was broadcast from the Koblenz telecommunications tower until December 3, 2015 .

block Programs
(data services)
Antenna diagram
round (ND),
directional (D)
horizontal (H) /
vertical (V)
Single frequency network (SFN)
DAB + multiplex of the Südwestrundfunk : 10 ND V

Analog television (PAL)

Before the switch to DVB-T, the following analog TV channels were running here:

channel Frequency  
program ERP
Antenna pattern
round (ND) /
directional (D)
horizontal (H) /
vertical (V)
6th 182.25 The First (SWR) 50 ND H

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