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Trelde coat of arms
Coordinates: 53 ° 19 ′ 7 "  N , 9 ° 47 ′ 38"  E
Height : 51  (50-60)  m
Residents : 1571  (March 31, 2020) Registration Office
Incorporation : July 1, 1972
Incorporated into: Buchholz in the north heath
Postal code : 21244
Area code : 04186
Seal of the municipality of Trelde Amt Tostedt (between 1850 and 1923)

Trelde is a district (locality) of the city of Buchholz in the Nordheide in the district of Harburg near Hamburg in Lower Saxony . Since the local government reform in 1972, the formerly independent municipality Trelde is a village of the town of Buchholz.


The village of Trelde is located in a valley between the B 3 and B 75 and is therefore well connected to the A 1 Hamburg- Bremen . Trelde borders in the north on Wenzendorf , in the east on the Buchholz district of Steinbeck , in the south on the district Sprötze and in the west on Kakenstorf and Drestedt .

The wind turbine for the production of environmentally friendly electrical energy and the radio tower , which was completed in 1996, make Trelde easy to see from a distance.

Community structure

The village of Trelde in turn consists of two districts:

  • Trelde district with the Trelder Berg settlement
  • District Suerhop ( pronunciation: Sehrhop is pronounced with a long vowel (dehnungs -e ), and not with umlaut )


The four villages

Up to 1900 the communities Kakenstorf, Drestedt, Trelde and Sprötze formed the community Die Vierdörfer . Kakenstorf and Drestedt are now independent municipalities, Trelde and Sprötze were incorporated into the town of Buchholz in the Nordheide on July 1, 1972.

Second World War

Under the nearby Trelder Berg, at the intersection of the B 3 and the B 75, there was a development laboratory for radar devices disguised as an air defense position during World War II . All associated facilities were located in an extensive, deep- seated bunker . The development laboratory was connected across Germany via an airfield in Wenzendorf . Towards the end of the Second World War, the facility on the surface was badly damaged in a bomb attack . However, the supplies of food and the telephone line to those trapped remained intact during the bombing . After around 14 days, the people trapped in the bunker were freed. The facility was not restored after the bombing. In the surrounding villages it was said that workers had been buried while digging a well .


Election to the local council of Trelde in 2016
in percent

Trelde has a local council . He is heard about all major changes in the village, but only has decision-making power within his own small budget. The Buchholz city ​​council is responsible for all fundamental decisions .

The local council currently consists of seven members (as of November 2016): CDU (2 seats), Buchholzer List (BL) (2 seats), SPD (1 seat), Greens (1 seat) and FDP (1 seat).

The local mayor is Gerhard Martens (CDU). Imme-Janne Schoof (Buchholzer List, BL) is the deputy mayor.

The election period is usually five years and is therefore expected to last until 2021.

Education, culture and sport


primary school

There is a primary school in Trelde . Due to a lack of pupil numbers, this was organizationally merged with the Sprötze elementary school for the 2005/2006 school year. The Trelde location also provides school supplies for children from the neighboring communities of Kakenstorf with Bötersheim and Drestedt . The next day care center is in Sprötze.

School center II

The Zipfelmützen day-care center and the Buchholz school center II Sprötzer Weg are located in the Trelde district . It houses the Gymnasium am Kattenberge (GAK) , the Realschule am Kattenberge , the Buchholz vocational school and the future workshop , which is unique in Germany . This is an extracurricular educational and leisure facility that is open to all schoolchildren in the Harburg district and encourages the interest and knowledge of children and adolescents in scientific , technical , IT and mathematical topics (so-called MINT subjects ) through various offers, especially in research , should strengthen.


In Trelde there is the " Schützenverein Trelde " and, together with Sprötze, the football team " SG Estetal ". There is a soccer field at the primary school . There is also the " SV Trelde-Kakenstorf ", which offers tennis and youth football, among other things.

fire Department

Use of the FF Trelde in the recovery of a crashed dangerous goods transporter on the A1 Bremen-Hamburg between AS Dibbersen and Hittfeld 2008.

In Trelde there is a location of the volunteer fire brigade (FF) Buchholz. The Trelder fire brigade is specially trained and equipped for accidents with hazardous substances . Around 70 citizens volunteer here. There is also a youth fire brigade . The fire brigade is an important social pillar in village life and organizes various events.

Economy and Transport


In the north of the local area the federal highway 75 runs in an east-west direction between Hamburg and Bremen , in the east the federal highway 3 runs from north to south between Buxtehude and Soltau . The A1 motorway can be reached quickly here. Further district and municipal roads complete Trelde's exceptionally good transport links. There are also well-developed footpaths and cycle paths in all directions.

Trelde also had its own train station on the Buchholz-Bremervörde railway line , which, however, was discontinued for passenger traffic in 1968 and has since been converted into a pedestrian and cycle path. Only the old embankment and the street name Alte Bahnhofstraße still remind of it. The nearest train station is currently a few kilometers away in Sprötze . Trelde is located in the area of ​​the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund and is connected to surrounding places via several KVG regional bus lines.


In the old village of Trelde there are no barely economic structures. There is only one well-known inn and a few small businesses. Many residents commute to Buchholz or Hamburg to work.

Away from the village, at the intersection of the two federal highways , the Trelder Berg, the large industrial area Trelder Berg has been developed since 2008 . A wide variety of companies have settled here. Among other things, a biogas plant , a wood pellet plant from Hanse-Pellet , the European headquarters of the Chinese elevator manufacturer Diao Elevators, the medium-sized logistics service provider InTime, a plant for packaging technology from Linder , a fence construction company and several service companies such as Philbeys Catering , Husen Containerdienst as well as engineers and architects' offices a delivery point of the Deutsche Post have found a home here. There is also a concrete plant and a carpet and wallpaper trade.

The industrial area is known nationwide for its large number of different car dealerships , the so-called Automeile Nordheide. Dealers and workshops of the brands Mercedes , BMW , Mini , Renault , Dacia , Seat , Opel , Audi , Toyota , Hyundai , Fiat , Ford , Honda , Citroen , Alfa Romeo , Jeep , Kia , Mazda , Mitsubishi , Skoda and Smart . Then there is the Porsche expert Hatje.


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