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General information
place Cologne , Germany
Berlin , Germany
Visitor numbers
2010 400 ( Cologne Exhibition Center )
2011 1,700 (sold out, Cologne Exhibition Center )
2012 4,000+ (sold out, Cologne Exhibition Center )
2013 9,500 (sold out, Lanxess Arena )
2014 15,000 (sold out, Lanxess Arena )
2015 6,000 (sold out, Arena Berlin ), 15,300 (sold out, Lanxess Arena )
2016 3,000 (sold out, Metropolis Hall ), 12,000 ( Lanxess Arena )
2017 15,000+ (sold out Lanxess Arena )

The Videodays (spelling: VideoDays , 2010–2013: VideoDay ) were the largest YouTuber Festival in Europe, which took place from 2010 to 2017 in Cologne and Berlin . YouTube artists met their viewers at the events, gave autographs and appeared in a large stage show.


VideoDays organizer Christoph Krachten

The VideoDay was held for the first time in August 2010 during gamescom in a room at the Cologne Exhibition Center . In the years that followed, larger and larger events with increasing numbers of visitors took place on the Cologne exhibition grounds and later in the Lanxess Arena . The VideoDays have also been active in other European cities since 2015. The idea for such a meeting comes from Philipp Betz, a German YouTuber who publishes videos under the pseudonym MrTrashpack . The events are organized by a team led by Christoph Krachten .

As of 2013, the so-called PlayAwards were awarded as part of the VideoDays, which honor outstanding YouTube producers in various categories. There is also the VideoDays Academy , a series of workshops for interested web video creators.

The VideoDays planned for 2018 in Berlin and Cologne were canceled a few weeks before the event in Berlin due to insufficient demand for tickets and insufficient sponsorship. In the following years there were no other VideoDays events.


Fans during the VideoDays stage show

The primary goal of VideoDays is to enable great YouTube artists to meet their fans . On the so-called CommunityDay , the second day of the event, spectators can receive photos and autographs with the stars. Due to the enormous popularity of some YouTubers, these autograph slots are secured by security staff . Small and medium-sized YouTubers can be met freely on the entire site.

The focus of the first day, ShowDay , is a multi-hour stage show in which the artists perform with a specially developed program. This day is broadcast live on the Internet in a video stream via satellite uplink . In the run-up to the stage show, the artists walk across a red carpet, where talks with fans and the press take place.

In separate artist and press areas, YouTubers also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and give interviews .

Individual events


The first VideoDay, which was held on August 19, 2010 in a space at the Cologne trade fair, was originally intended as a small meeting of German YouTubers. Since a large part of the YouTuber community consisted of gamers , and numerous well-known creators came from the greater Cologne area, a time was chosen during the gamescom games fair. The event was planned and announced just a few days beforehand based on a spontaneous idea. With around 400 participants, it was already the largest YouTuber meeting in German-speaking countries.


In 2011, a larger hall in the congress center of the Cologne trade fair was used for the VideoDay. This time the organization was headed by Christoph Krachten, operator and moderator of the YouTube channel Clixoom . With the support of sponsors - measured by the number of visitors and the available space - a larger event than in the previous year was realized. Initially, around 1,500 guests were expected, later this number was corrected to around 1,700 visitors. The ZDF spoke of a sold out event.

In advance, access codes were distributed over the Internet to guarantee entry. Unlike the year before, it was no longer just a meeting, but an organized event with live performances by well-known YouTubers such as aequitas, MaximNoise, Y-Titty and Mr Tutorial . In addition, other YouTubers such as Coldmirror and DieAussenseiter took part offstage . The 2011 event was supported by the city of Cologne , gamescom , the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Medien.NRW, among others.


For the VideoDay on August 19, 2012, the organizers were given an entire exhibition hall at the Cologne Exhibition Center. Due to the great demand, tickets were offered online for free download in advance. The exhibition hall consisted of three areas with different action areas. For the first time, a professional stage was set up, which was equipped with lighting effects as well as a sound system and monitors. Several live performances by well-known YouTubers, including Y-Titty, Gronkh , Lord Abbadon, iBlali, Manniac and Freshtorge , took place on this stage . It was moderated by Christoph Krachten and Janique Johnson (Miss Bremen 2011) . As part of the show, a world record attempt in mass beatboxing was started, which was initiated by the Berlin rapper Bee Low . The entire event was also broadcast on YouTube as a live stream for the first time. There were also video broadcasts of the “Summer in the City”, a similar meeting in London .

One of the three event areas was equipped with autograph corners, which were designed with individual banners and props to match the respective YouTubers. In a third area, selected videos from well-known YouTube channels were presented on a large screen with seating. According to the online portal , over 8,000 registrations were received on the VideoDay website alone, although the event was completely sold out months before the event with more than 4,000 guests.


The Lanxess Arena in Cologne, the venue for the VideoDays for the first time in 2013

Due to the previous year's success, the VideoDay took place on August 24, 2013 for the first time in its own venue, the Lanxess Arena Cologne. Tickets could be purchased for the first time. This decision met with some criticism from fans and some YouTube celebrities. This decision was justified with high costs for the venue and security. Despite this initial criticism, the event was completely sold out months before it was held.

On January 12, 2013, the VideoDay invited to a first press conference and a preliminary fan meeting in the Lanxess Arena. Around 1,000 visitors, mainly from North Rhine-Westphalia , took part in this event, according to information from the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger . YouTube stars like ApeCrime , LeFloid and Y-Titty came. As part of the 2013 stage show, the PlayAwards for the most outstanding video makers of the year were presented for the first time . Organizer Christoph Krachten described the 2013 event as a kind of celebration for a new youth culture:

“The new youth culture is celebrated at VideoDay. The stars that emerged from it have long since reached an audience of millions. "

- Christoph Krachten about the VideoDay

A total of 5,000 visitors were expected. According to Bild , the event was attended by 8,000 viewers, while Focus Online , the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and Julius Endert in the ZDF blog even assumed 9,500 visitors. The event was divided into two parts: workshops and autograph sessions in the morning and afternoon; towards evening musical acts such as MC Fitti , Tyler Ward , Eko Fresh and Onkel Berni played on the stage. Benjamin Jaworskyj came to host the event .


YouTube stars on the stage at VideoDays 2014

In 2014 the event took place for the first time over two days, on August 15 and 16, under the name "VideoDays". On CommunityDay, the first day of the event, mainly autograph sessions took place; The focus of the second day, ShowDay, was on three live shows in the arena. By opening the upper tier, a total of around 15,000 tickets were sold. On stage, among others, were the Lochis , ApeCrime , Michael Schulte and Y-Titty on.

For 2014 it was planned that the winner of the first Hometown Rap Sparring 2013 , which was accompanied by Olli Banjo , can appear on the VideoDays.


In 2015, the VideoDays took place for the first time in history not only in Cologne, but also in Berlin , to enable even more viewers to attend the event. In Berlin, the organizers counted a total of 6,000 guests on the grounds of the Arena Berlin on May 1st and 2nd, 2015 . The YouTube stars reached the area on the morning of ShowDay by boat across the Spree . There was another opportunity for autographs and photos on a footbridge with a photo wall, fans and press representatives. The main acts were Dat Adam, Kayef, Y-Titty and DieLochis.

In Cologne, the event took place again in August parallel to gamescom. The organizer announced a new visitor record with 15,300 guests.


In 2016 the VideoDays took place again in Cologne and Berlin. The venue in Berlin was the Metropolis Halle at the Babelsberg Film Park .


2017 Video Days were from the RTL Group owned multi-channel Network Divimove taken, which is planning a further development of the live events in Germany and the expansion to other countries in Europe in the long term. On August 24th and 25th, the event was held for the first time by Divimove; again in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. A total of 500 creators from the platforms YouTube , Instagram and were on site.


The next VideoDays should take place on June 16 and 17, 2018 in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin and on August 11 and 12, 2018 in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. On May 18, 2018, the organizers canceled both VideoDays due to insufficient ticket sales and returns from sponsors.


On August 24, 2013, the so-called PlayAward for the most successful German-speaking online video makers was presented for the first time as part of the VideoDay . This was done via the online platform SocialBlade , which identified three successful YouTube channels in several categories, which were ultimately nominated for an award. A jury made up of representatives from various YouTube networks then selected the winners. In the years that followed, the jury consisted of various prominent members. In 2014 Frank Elstner was a member of the jury, in 2015 Cindy from Marzahn .

Prize winner 2013

The 2013 winners were:

2014 award winners

BibisBeautyPalace, winner 2014

The 2014 award winners were:

Award winner 2015

The 2015 award winners were:



Prize winner 2016

Technology YouTuber Felixba, 2016 winner in the "Information" category
Lukas Rieger , 2016 award winner in the "Music" category

The 2016 award winners were:

Award winner 2017

The 2017 winners were:


Web video creator at the VideoDays Academy

The so-called VideoDays Academy is organized as part of the VideoDays . It is primarily aimed at budding web video creators. In workshop sessions and discussion events, experts and long-time YouTube producers give advice and tips for the production and marketing of successful web videos.

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