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Anni-Frid Lyngstad (2013)

Anni-Frid Synni "Frida" Lyngstad (born November 15, 1945 in Bjørkåsen , Norway , real name Anni-Frid Princess Reuss von Plauen ) is a Swedish singer of German- Norwegian descent. She was a member of the Swedish pop group ABBA from 1972 to 1982 .


Early years and personal life

Anni-Frid Lyngstad (1976)

At the end of 1945 she was born as " Tyskerbarn " in a Norwegian mining settlement as the daughter of 19-year-old Synni Lyngstad. Her father Alfred Haase (1919–2009) was a German Wehrmacht soldier from Gunzenhausen in Central Franconia who was stationed in Narvik , Norway during World War II . She didn't get to know him until 1977, after the youth magazine Bravo published her story. Until then, she had assumed that her father had died in the last days of the war.

Lyngstad came to Sweden with her grandmother Arntine in early 1947 as a toddler. Her mother died of kidney failure in September 1947. Lyngstad grew up with her grandmother, first in Torshälla , and later in Eskilstuna . When she was twelve she started singing in a music band. Two years later she finished school and began training as a seamstress, which she did not complete. On April 3, 1963, at the age of 17, she married the carpet dealer and amateur musician Ragnar Fredriksson and had two children with him, a son (* 1963) and a daughter (* 1967). The daughter died in a car accident in the United States in 1998.

In September 1967 Lyngstad had her first television appearance on the Swedish television show Hylands Hörna . Several solo albums followed (with EMI Records), with which she had only moderate success in Sweden. In 1969 she took part with the title Härlig är vår jord in the Swedish elimination competition for the Grand Prix d'Eurovision (the Melodifestivalen ) and finished 4th. She was then signed by EMI Sweden and moved to Stockholm. After her divorce from Fredriksson, she went on a seven-month tour with Charlie Norman , where she met the musician Benny Andersson in a restaurant in Malmö in 1968 . The two became a couple in 1969 and they became engaged the following year. The wedding took place on October 6, 1978 in the Stockholm suburb of Lidingö . In February 1981, their record company announced that Andersson and Lyngstad had split and filed for divorce.

In the mid-1980s, Lyngstad met the German Heinrich Ruzzo Prince Reuss von Plauen , who had grown up temporarily in Sweden . She was married to him from August 26, 1992 until his death from cancer on October 29, 1999. The couple lived in Freiburg (Friborg), Switzerland, from 1986 . Today Lyngstad lives both in Switzerland ( Zermatt ) and on her estate in southern Sweden.

Career with ABBA

From 1974, Lyngstad celebrated worldwide success with ABBA. After ABBA was dissolved in 1982, she sold her shares in the "ABBA empire" (a mixture of different companies, company holdings and other capital investments) and was the only one of the four ABBA members to be largely harmless from the group's financial crash caused by mismanagement and stock market speculation , unfavorable borrowings and back tax claims, while the other ABBA members and Stig Anderson suffered heavy losses. In 1982 she moved from Stockholm to London.

Solo career

Anni-Frid Lyngstad (1982)

In 1972 Polar Music released the Christmas album När juldagsmorgon glimmar ('When Christmas Morning Shimmers'), on which the label's most famous artists performed traditional Swedish Christmas carols. Lyngstad then sang the pieces När det lider mot jul ('When Christmas approaches') and Gläns över sjö och strand ('It shines over the sea and the beach'), also known as Betlehems stjärna ('The Star of Bethlehem'). In 1975 she recorded the duet Med varann ('Together') with the Swedish singer and songwriter Björn Skifs for his album Schiffz .

Her greatest international success outside of ABBA was in 1982 under the name 'Frida' with the album Something's Going On, produced by Phil Collins . It contains the singles I Know There's Something Going On and To Turn the Stone as well as Here We'll Stay , a duet with Collins. The LP, which was recorded in the Stockholm studios by Polar Music in the spring of 1982 , sold 1.5 million copies worldwide. In February 1984 Lyngstad went to Paris to record her second solo album Shine . It was produced by Steve Lillywhite , who had made a name for himself as a producer of bands like U2 . Lyngstad wanted to expand her “rockier” image and wrote her own songs for the first time (for example Don't Do It, That's Tough, Light of Love) . On the album there is also a piece by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson called Slowly. However, Shine could not build on the success that the previous album had achieved internationally.

After Shine , Lyngstad only appeared sporadically. Occasionally she recorded another single; Among other things, she released the Abba instrumental Arrival as a sung version in English and French with various duet partners . After that, she largely withdrew from the music business; she was now mainly active for charity and especially for environmental protection. She founded the environmental foundation "Artister för miljö" ('Artists for the Environment').

In 1996 a Swedish-language album was released, produced by Anders Glenmark, entitled Djupa andetag ('Deep Breaths '), which reached number one on the charts in Sweden. There you can hear the duet Alla mina bästa år ('All my best years') with Marie Fredriksson from Roxette . In 2003 she agreed with the musician Jon Lord from Deep Purple to record together the piece The Sun Will Shine Again , which was composed for her . The studio version is included on Lord's 2004 album Beyond the Notes . In late 2010, Lyngstad's version of Morning Has Broken was released on the album Reconnection by Swedish jazz musician Georg Wadenius .

In 2018 Arturo Sandoval released his CD "Ultimate Duets", on which Anni-Frid Lyngstad sings the ABBA track "Andante, Andante" in Spanish.


Studio albums

year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1971 Frida - - - - - SE28 (1 week)
First published: March 31, 1971
Chart entry only April 2017
1975 Ensam - - - - - SE1 (20 weeks)
First published: November 10, 1975
1982 Something's going on DE12 (17 weeks)
AT10 (2 weeks)
- UK18th

(7 weeks)UK
US41 (28 weeks)
SE1 (11 weeks)
First published: September 6, 1982
1984 Shine DE49 (2 weeks)
- CH29 (1 week)
UK67 (1 week)
- SE6 (5 weeks)
First published: September 11, 1984
1996 Djupa day - - - - - SE1

(21 weeks)SE
First published: September 20, 1996

gray hatching : no chart data available for this year


  • 1971: Anni-Frid Lyngstad
  • 1991: På egen hand
  • 1993: Tre kvart från nu
  • 1994: Agnetha & Frida - The Voice Of ABBA (official compilation of 14 solo hits 1982-1985, label: Karussell Ltd./Polydor No. 550 212-2)
  • 1997: Frida - The Mixes
  • 1997: Frida 1967-1972
  • 1998: Svenska pop favorite
  • 2000: 14 hits
  • 2001: The Collection
  • 2005: Frida - The Box (4XCD 1XDVD)


year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1982 I Know There's Something Going On
Something’s Going On
DE5 (21 weeks)
AT3 (8 weeks)
CH1 (9 weeks)
UK43 (7 weeks)
US13 (29 weeks)
SE3 (9 weeks)
First published: August 1982
To Turn the Stone
Something’s Going On
DE39 (7 weeks)
- - - - -
First published: November 1982
1983 Here We'll Stay
Something’s Going On
- - - UK100 (1 week)
- -
First published: June 1983
Time - - - UK45 (5 weeks)
- -
First publication: November 1983
with BA Robertson
1984 Shine
DE51 (4 weeks)
- - UK82 (3 weeks)
- SE6 (5 weeks)
First published: August 1984
1987 Så length vi has varann
Mellan dröm also verklighet
- - - - - SE5 (7 weeks)
First published: January 1987
with Ratata
1996 Även en blomma
Djupa andetag
- - - - - SE11 (9 weeks)
First published: August 1996
Djupa andetag
- - - - - SE24 (1 week)
First published: November 1996
1997 Alla mina bästa år
Djupa andetag
- - - - - SE54 (1 week)
First published: February 1997
with Marie Fredriksson

More singles

  • 1967: En Ledig Dag / Peter Kom Tillbaka
  • 1967: Din / Du Är Så Underbart Rar
  • 1968: Simsalabim / Vi Möts Igen
  • 1968: Mycket Kär / När Du Blir Min
  • 1969: Härlig Är Vår Jord / Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott
  • 1969: Så Synd Du Måste Gå / Försök Och Sov På Saken
  • 1969: Peter Pan / Du Betonar Kärlek Lite Fel
  • 1970: Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår / Du Var Främling Här Igår
  • 1971: En Liten Sång Om Kärlek / Tre Kvart Från Nu
  • 1971: En Kväll Om Sommarn / Vi Vet Allt, Men Nästan Inget (duets with Lars Berghagen)
  • 1971: Min Egen Stad / En Gång Är Ingen Gång
  • 1971: Nu Vissla I Ett Slag (Whistle While You Work)
  • 1972: Vi Är Alla Bara Barn I Början / Kom Och Sjung En Sång
  • 1972: Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan / Ska Man Skratta Eller Gråta
  • 1975: Fernando / Ett Liv I Solen
  • 1982: Threnody
  • 1982: I Got Something
  • 1982: Tell Me It's Over / I Got Something (Japan)
  • 1982: I See Red / I Got Something (South Africa)
  • 1983: Strangers
  • 1983: Belle (Frida & Daniel Balavoine ) / C'est Fini (Balavoine)
  • 1983: I Am The Seeker (BA Robertson)
  • 1984: That's Tough
  • 1984: Come to Me (I Am Woman) / Slowly
  • 1984: Heart of the Country / Slowly
  • 1984: Twist in the Dark / Come to Me (I Am Woman)
  • 1987: You Finns Hos Mig (Ratata)
  • 1987: Om Du Var Här (Ratata) / As Long As I Have You (Frida & Ratata)
  • 1992: Änglamark (Artister För Miljö feat. Frida) / Saltwater (Frida)
  • 1999: Dancing Queen (with the Real Group) - Original Version / Vee's Anniversary
  • 2003: Lieber Gott (Frida & Dan Daniell) / I Have a Dream (Frida & Dan Daniell) / When I have to go then (Dan Daniell / Switzerland)
  • 2004: The Sun Will Shine Again (with Jon Lord )
  • 2010: Morning Has Broken
  • 2015: 1865 (with Dan Daniell)

Cover versions

As was the custom in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s, Frida recorded many titles by foreign artists and published them in Swedish.

Title (swedish) Original title Original interpreter album
1967 Peter, kom tillbaka Come back soon, boy Freddy Quinn Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1967 Din Quiéreme mucho Tito Schipa Frida 1967-1972
1968 Bäby läv Baby love The Supremes
1968 Mycket kär Non Illuderti May Orietta Berti Frida 1967-1972
1968 När you blir min The Lonesome Road Gene Austin Frida 1967-1972
1968 Vi want to We'll Meet Again (1939) Vera Lynn Frida 1967-1972
1969 Så synd du måste gå It hurts to say goodbye Margaret Whiting Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1969 Försök och sov på saken Surround Yourself with Sorrow Cilla Black Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1970 Där du går lämnar kärleken spår Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) Edison Lighthouse Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1970 You were främling här igår I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten Dusty Springfield Frida 1967-1972
1970 En ton av tystnad The Sound of Silence Simon and Garfunkel Frida
1970 Suzanne Suzanne Leonard Cohen Frida
1971 Tre kvart från nu Melody in F Anton Grigoryevich Rubinstein Frida
1971 Be eloquent And I'll Be There The Peppermint Rainbow Frida
1971 En liten sång om kärlek Five Pennies Saints Sylvia Fine Frida
1971 Allting skall bli bra / Vad gör jag med min kärlek Everything's Alright / I Don't Know How to Love Him Jesus Christ superstar Frida
1971 Have a look at the hunted tanker on the day Goin 'out of my head Little Anthony & The Imperials Frida
1971 Min egen stad It's nice to be back The Hep Stars Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1971 En kväll om sommar'n Changes Phil Ochs Frida 1967-1972
1971 Nu vissla i ett slag Whistle While You Work Adriana Caselotti
1972 En gång Är ingen gång There Goes My Everything Jack Greene Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1972 Alone dag Weekend in Portofino Gian Costello Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1972 You are så underbart rare Can't Take My Eyes Off You Frankie Valli Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1972 Kom och sjung en sång No sad song Helen Reddy Frida 1967-1972
1972 Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan Chi Salta Il Fosso Loretta Goggi Frida ensam (2005)
1972 Ska man skratta eller gråta Principessa Gianfranco Baldazzi Frida ensam (2005)
1975 Jag är mej själv nu Young girl Gary Puckett & the Union Gap Frida ensam
1975 Vill du låna en man? The Most Beautiful Girl Charlie Rich Frida ensam
1975 Aldrig mej Vado Via Drupi Frida ensam
1975 Ett liv i solen Anima Mia Cugini di Campagna Frida ensam
1975 Guld och gröna ängar? The Wall Street Shuffle 10cc Frida ensam
1975 Liv på Mars? Life on Mars David Bowie Frida ensam
1975 Skulle de 'va' skönt Wouldn't it be nice The Beach Boys Frida ensam
1975 Var är min clown Send in the clowns Frank Sinatra and others Frida ensam
1975 Syrtaki Siko Chorepse Syrtaki ? Frida ensam


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