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A vocational school for music or music school offers professional training as a musician at the technical school level and qualifies for further studies at music colleges and conservatories . Concepts, areas of focus and degree options vary. The sponsorship can be state, church or private.

Vocational school concept in Bavaria

A special feature is the concept of vocational schools in Bavaria , which has existed since 1977 , with which a targeted shortage of skilled workers in some music professions, especially in the promotion of amateur music , was to be counteracted.

The duration of this training is two years. A year of training at a vocational school for music is based on the school year and the holiday regulations for general schools. The lessons are full-time with about 22–32 hours per week.

The training ends after two years with the state final examination and confers the certificate of state-certified ensemble leader / choir director , in popular music with the degree of state-certified leader of popular music . With the knowledge acquired, one is qualified to lead musical amateur groups such as choirs , wind orchestras , chamber orchestras , ensembles of various styles. The acquired qualification enables z. B. also activities as arranger, music teacher, band musician, studio musician, temporary musician and composer. In music-related professions, studying at a vocational school can also provide a good basis. In the field of church music , the training concludes with the church music C examination .

In addition, the successful completion of two years of schooling at a vocational school for music forms the first part of training for specialist teachers in music and word processing to elementary , middle , real and special schools , which then in the State Department Ansbach can be continued.

A third school year can be followed either as a pedagogical advanced year , in which a teaching qualification is acquired for teaching at singing and music schools , or as an artistic advanced year , which provides evidence of in-depth artistic training in the main subject and evidence of aptitude for scientific work.

Independent of the desired qualifications, training at a vocational school for music also serves as preparation for the aptitude test at a university for music .


The following subjects are offered:


There is at least one vocational school for music in each of the seven Bavarian districts . The locations are:

Further music schools

There are also vocational schools for music professions in public, church and private sector sponsorship in other federal states in the field of church music , popular music and music theater . Further technical schools form the profession of musical instrument maker .

The following educational institutions at technical school level offer the completion of the church music C or D exam.

The following vocational schools are responsible for making musical instruments:

Other vocational schools for music are:

  • Music College Hanover
  • Hamburg : School of Music - state-recognized vocational school for popular music (rock, pop, jazz)
  • Vocational school for music at the Hamburg Mozarteum
  • Bad Nenndorf: CJD School Schlaffhorst-Andersen
  • Frankfurt am Main : Stage & Musical School. State-recognized vocational school for musicals and drama
  • Leipzig : Musifa. Vocational school for rock, pop and jazz.
  • Zweibrücken : The music workshop. Vocational school for instrumental soloists

Music schools in (Ex-) USSR

The network of vocational schools for music ( Russian музыкальные училища , sometimes Russian музыкальные колледжи ) worked in the Soviet Union ( USSR ) and now functions in many post-Soviet states, including Russia. There were (are) two types of music schools. The first train (te) n music teachers for kindergartens and middle schools . The second plays the role of the career stage between completing a seven-year music school for children / adolescents and matriculation at the conservatory. In both cases, the technical college course lasts four years.

In general, worldwide, however, a special music degree is rather unusual at the technical school level. Those who want to become professional musicians make this decision as early as elementary school age and move on to music high schools . After high school you can either work professionally or be directly admitted to the Conservatory or University of Music. In Russia such a variant is possible if an eleven (previously ten) year special music school (equivalent music high school , example: Central Music School Moscow ) has been completed instead of a simple children's music school .

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