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Winner of the Danish film award Bodil in the category Best Actress ( Bedste kvindelige hovedrolle ). The Association of Danish Film Critics and Screenwriters (Danish Filmmedarbejderforeningen ) has been presenting its awards to the best film productions and filmmakers at a gala in Copenhagen at the end of February and beginning of March every year since 1948 .

The most successful in this category was Trine Dyrholm (1991, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2017) with five wins, followed by colleagues Tove Maës (1954, 1971 and 1983) and Ghita Nørby (1976, 1990 and 1992), respectively could triumph three times. With another win in the Best Supporting Actress category , Dyrholm is also the most honored actress ahead of Nørby (also a win in the Best Supporting Actress category ). The only non-Scandinavian actresses were able to join the list of winners in 1997, later Oscar- nominated British Emily Watson ( Breaking the Waves ) and in 2010 and 2014 the French Charlotte Gainsbourg ( Antichrist , Nymphomaniac ).

Prize winners 1948–1999

year Award winners Movie title German title
1948 Bodil Kjer Soldiers and Jenny not known
1949 Karin Nellemose Kampen mod urettes not known
1950 Astrid Villaume Susanne not known
1951 Prize not awarded
1952 Bodil Kjer Mød mig paa Cassiopeia not known
1953 Prize not awarded
1954 Tove Maës Heaven he blå not known
1955 Birgitte Federspiel Ordet The word
1956 Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen Altid ballad not known
1957 Birgit Sadolin Tre piger fra Jylland not known
1958 Clara Pontoppidan En kvinde it overfloor not known
1959 Birgitte Federspiel En Fremdmed banker på A stranger knocks
1960 Bodil Ipsen Tro, håb and kærlighed Faith, Hope and Sorcery
1961 Lise Ringheim The sidste vinter No pardon after midnight
1962 Prize not awarded
1963 Bright Virkner Den kære family Fine people - just like us
1964 Laila Andersson Gudrun not known
1965 Lone Hertz Tine not known
1966 Prize not awarded
1967 Lone Hertz Uro not known
1968 Harriet Andersson Mennesque fashion and music are reviewed They meet, they love each other, and their hearts are full of sweet music
1969 Prize not awarded
1970 Anne-Lise Gabold Midt i en jazztid not known
1971 Tove Maës This is of course med fru Knudsen not known
1972 Prize not awarded
1973 Lotte Tarp Farlige kys not known
1974 Prize not awarded
1975 Agneta Ekmanner By Per - in a dangerous way
1976 Ghita Nørby The summer korte not known
Prize not awarded
1979 Kirsten Olesen Honning måne honeymoon
1980 Prize not awarded
1981 Karen Lykkehus Next stop - Paradis Next stop is paradise
1982 Solbjørg Højfeldt Sling revals not known
1983 Tove Maës Felix not known
1984 Line Arlien-Søborg Skønheden and udyret Dear father, I am sixteen
1985 Prize not awarded
1986 Stine Bierlich Ofelia kommer til byen not known
1987 Kirsten Lehfeldt Flame speech hjerter Flambéed hearts
1988 Prize not awarded
1989 Karina Skands Heaven and Helvede not known
1990 Ghita Nørby Dansen med Regitze Dancing with Regitze
1991 Trine Dyrholm Springflod Spring tide
1992 Ghita Nørby Freud flytter hjemmefra Freud Leaving Home
1993 Anne Louise Hassing Kærlighedens smerte not known
1994 Sofie Gråbøl Sort høst Black harvest
1995 Kirsten Rolffes Riget The Kingdom - Hospital of Spirits
1996 Puk Scharbau Kun en pige not known
1997 Emily Watson Breaking the waves Breaking the waves
1998 Sidse Babett Knudsen Let's get lost Let's get lost
1999 Bodil Jørgensen Idiots Idiots

Prize winners and nominations 2000–2009


Sidse Babett Knudsen - The Only Right One ( Den eneste ene )


Björk - Dancer in the Dark


Stine Stengade - Kira ( En kærlighedshistorie )


Paprika Steen - Okay


Birthe Neumann - Lykkevej


Connie Nielsen - Brothers - Between brothers ( Brødre )


Trine Dyrholm - Fluerne på væggen


Trine Dyrholm - En Soap ( En soap )


Noomi Rapace - Daisy Diamond


Lene Maria Christensen - Frygtelig Lykkelig

Award winners and nominations 2010–2019


Charlotte Gainsbourg - Antichrist


Trine Dyrholm - In a Better World ( Hævnen )


Lene Maria Christensen - A family ( En familie )


Sara Hjort Ditlevsen - Undskyld jeg forstyrrer


Charlotte Gainsbourg - Nymphomaniac


Danica Curcic - Silent Heart - My life is mine ( Stille hjerte )


Mille Lehfeldt - Long history kort


Trine Dyrholm - The Commune (Kollektivet)


Amanda Collin - En frygtelig kvinde


Victoria Carmen Sonne - Holiday - Sun, pain and sensuality (Holiday)

Award winners and nominations from 2020


Trine Dyrholm - Queen (Dronningen)

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