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Carl Johann Hoffmann (born November 4, 1819 in Darmstadt ; † May 27, 1874 there ) was a lawyer , member of the state parliament and member of the Reichstag .


Karl Hoffmann was the son of the businessman and commercial councilor Ernst Emil Hoffmann and his wife Caroline Friederike Wilhelmine, née Leussner. Hoffmann, who was of Protestant faith, married Mathilde, nee Siegfrieden, on July 1, 1845 in Darmstadt. After the death of his first wife on April 25, 1859, he married Louise Jakobine Julie Emilie nee Weber on September 20, 1860 in Marburg. He was the father of the architect Ludwig Hoffmann .

Hoffmann studied in Gießen and Heidelberg from 1838 . In 1841 he was promoted to Dr. jur. PhD. He became court clerk in Darmstadt and in 1849 court attorney at the court in Darmstadt .

In 1850 and again from 1862 to 1874 he was a member of the Second Chamber of the Estates. He was elected for the constituency Starkenburg 2 / Groß-Gerau (I) or Darmstadt and was President of the II. Chamber of the Hessian State Parliament . From 1871 to 1874 he was a member of the German Reichstag for the National Liberal Party for the constituency of Hessen 4 (Darmstadt - Groß-Gerau ).


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