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Ernst Philipp Engel Schenck (born July 15, 1782 in Darmstadt ; † September 15, 1846 there ) was a Hessian civil servant and politician and a former member of the 2nd Chamber of the Land estates of the Grand Duchy of Hesse .


Ernst Schenck was the son of the President of the Court of Appeal and Cassation (Johann) August Schenck (1744-1806) and his wife Johannette Margarethe Reinhardine nee Schleiermacher (1747-1813). His brother Friedrich Schenck also became a member of the state parliament.

Ernst Schenck married his wife Dorothea Wilhelmine Johannette, née von Schmalkalder (born December 6, 1780 in Gießen, † April 2, 1855 in Darmstadt) on August 28, 1806 in Gießen , the daughter of the Grand Ducal Hessian court advisor and rent official in Gießen, Georg Christian Philipp von Schmalkalder and Charlotte Ludowika Philippine Krebs.

The marriage had four children:

  • Charlotte Schenck (1808-1889)
  • August Ernst Georg Karl Theodor Schenck (1810–1885) Postmaster in Langen
  • Antoinette Friederike Freifrau von Mirbach (1814–1891), married on August 11, 1842 in Darmstadt the Royal Prussian District President in Bonn, Magnus Freiherr von Mirbach (1806–1888)
  • Karl Ludwig Georg Theodor Schenck (1818–1836)

education and profession

Ernst Schenck became a senior war councilor in 1813, a secret senior war councilor in 1821, a member of the high court of law in 1822, a secret councilor in 1826 and a member of the state debt repayment fund in 1833.


From 1820 to 1824 Schenck was elected to the second chamber of the estates for the constituency of Starkenburg 11 / Umstadt and then from 1826 to 1834 for the constituency of the city of Darmstadt. From 1826 to 1833 he was President of the Chamber. From 1835 to 1846 he was again (this time for the constituency Starkenburg 2 / Groß-Gerau) a member of the second chamber. There he represented liberal-conservative positions. After his death, Christian Zöppritz was elected to the chamber as his successor in a by-election.


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