Chronology of the Diadoch Wars

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The Hellenistic world of states as heir to the Alexander Empire after the end of the Diadoch Wars

The chronology of the Diadoch Wars gives an overview of the most important events of the Diadoch Wars in the form of a time table, i.e. the decades-long succession of military conflicts in Asia and Europe that began after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC. Had broken out among the Diadochi . Alexander's companions fought in these wars for his successor (Greek: diadochē ) in the world empire he had conquered or for the division of this empire. As a result of these wars, the " Alexander Empire " fell apart and the Hellenistic world of states of the eastern Mediterranean region emerged.


Royal family Leading diadochi Subordinate Diadochi
King Philip III Arrhidaios , half-brother of Alexander
King Alexander IV. Aigos , son of Alexander
Olympias , mother of Alexander
Roxane , first wife of Alexander
Stateira , second wife of Alexander
Barsine , mistress of Alexander
Heracles , illegitimate son of Alexander
Kynane , sister of Alexander
Cleopatra , sister of Alexander
Thessalonike , sister of Alexander
Eurydice , wife Philip III
Antigonos Monophthalmos
Kassander , son of Antipater
Demetrios Poliorketes , son of Antigonus
Alketas , brother of Perdiccas
Kleitos the white
Alexander , son of Polyperchon
Telesphoros , nephew of Antigonos
Ptolemaios , nephew of Antigonos
Menelaus , brother of Ptolemaios


time Asia Europe
June 10, 323 BC Chr. Alexander the Great dies in Babylon
Summer 323 BC Chr. - Successor dispute in the Alexandrian army : the infantry under Meleagros proclaimed Philip III. Arrhidaios as king against the will of the cavalry under Perdickas
- Perdickas eliminates Meleagros and is recognized as sole commander in chief and imperial regent
- Imperial order of Babylon : Perdickas sets u. a. Ptolemy in Egypt and Lysimachus in Thrace as governors; Leonnatos , Antigonos and Eumenes are tasked with conquering Cappadocia
- Roxane murders Stateira
- Krateros marches on with the veterans to Europe
- Lamish war : the Greeks under Athens rise against the Macedonian hegemony under Antipater
Late year 323 BC Chr. - Leonnatus marches to Europe
- Antigonus refuses to accept Perdiccas' orders
- October: Alexander IV. Aigos is born
- The Greeks occupied Thermopylae and advanced to Thessaly
- Antipater holed up in Lamia and was besieged there
Spring 322 BC Chr. - Perdiccas moves with the army to eastern Asia Minor
- Eumenes conquers Cappadocia
- Battle of Lamia: The Greeks defeat Leonnatos (†)
- Antipater is able to escape from Lamia
Summer 322 BC Chr. - Kynane moves to Asia Minor and is murdered by Alketas
- Perdiccas has to marry Eurydice with Philip III. Accept Arrhidaios
- Perdiccas agrees to a marriage with a daughter of Antipater
- Ptolemy occupies Cyrene and installs Ophellas as governor
- Antipatros unites with Krateros
- Sea battle at Amorgos : Kleitos the White defeats the Greeks
- August 6th Battle of Krannon : Despite a stalemate, the Greeks are defeated
Late year 322 BC Chr. - Alexander IV. Aigos is proclaimed king
- Perdiccas subdues the Pisidians
- Antipater occupies Piraeus ; Demosthenes commits suicide
- the Macedonians march against the Aitolians
- Aristotle dies
Spring 321 BC Chr. - Cleopatra appears in Sardis and offers himself to Perdiccas for marriage
- Antigonus flees to Europe
- Ptolemy diverts Alexander's funeral procession to Egypt
- Antigonus appears in Macedonia and informs Antipater of an impending ascension of Perdiccas

First Diadoch War

Constellation: Antipater , Krateros , Ptolemaios versus Perdiccas
time Asia Europe
Summer 321 BC Chr. - Antipater, Krateros and Ptolemy ally against Perdiccas
- Rome is subject to the Samnites in the battle of the Kaudin passes
Autumn 321 BC Chr. - Antipatros and Krateros begin their march to Asia
- Polyperchon defeats the Aitolians in Thessaly
Spring 320 BC Chr. - Perdiccas marches with the imperial army to Egypt
- Antipater follows him through Asia Minor
- Battle of the Hellespont : Eumenes defeats Krateros (†)
- Perdiccas fails with the crossing on the Nile and is murdered by his own officers
- Ptolemy takes over the imperial army and moves to Syria

Fight against the Perdiccans

Constellation: Antigonus versus Alketas , Eumenes
time Asia Europe
Summer 320 BC Chr. - Conference of Triparadeisos : Antipater is recognized as the new Imperial Regent; Antigonus is appointed commander in chief in Asia; Seleucus becomes governor of Babylon; Eumenes and Alketas are outlawed
Autumn 320 BC Chr. - Antipatros and the royal family move to Europe
- Eumenes evades before him to Cappadocia
- Alketas beats Asandros in Caria , but refuses an alliance with Eumenes
Spring 319 BC Chr. - Battle of Orkynia : Antigonus defeats Eumenes
Summer 319 BC Chr. - Siege of Nora : Antigonus traps Eumenes in a mountain fortress
- Battle of Cretopolis : Antigonus defeats Alketas (†)
Fall 319 BC Chr. - Arrhidaios seizes Cyzicus - Antipater dies in Macedonia; Polyperchon becomes his successor in will
Spring 318 BC Chr. - Antigonus drives Arrhidaios out of Kyzikos
- Ptolemaios seizes Syria and Phenicia

Second Diadoch War

Constellation: Cassander , Antigonus versus Polyperchon , Eumenes
time Asia Europe
Summer 318 BC Chr. - Cassander appears in Asia and allies with Antigonus against Polyperchon
- Eumenes is allowed to withdraw from Nora and immediately allies himself with Polyperchon
- Eumenes seizes the “silver shields” and part of the Alexander treasure in Cilicia
- Eumenes occupies Phenicia and builds a fleet
Late year 318 BC Chr. - Polyperchon moves ahead of Athens
- Nikanor , commandant of Piraeus, does not join Polyperchon, but remains on the side of Cassander
Spring 317 BC Chr. - Kassander sails into Piraeus
Summer 317 BC Chr. - After the victory at Byzantion, Antigonus turns against Eumenes - Polyperchon moves to the Peloponnese and proclaims the freedom of the Greeks against Cassander
- Siege of Megalopolis : Polyperchon fails against the city loyal to Cassander
- Battle of Byzantion : Nikanor and Antigonos defeat Kleitos the white (†)
- Cassander has Nikanor executed
Late year 317 BC Chr. - Eumenes' fleet goes over to Antigonus
- Eumenes enters Mesopotamia ; Seleucus and Peithon refuse him
- Athens under Demetrios von Phaleron confesses to Cassander
- Cassander is appointed regent by Eurydike
- Olympias lets Eurydice and Philip III. Assassinate Arrhidaios
- Polyperchon occupies Thermopylae
- Cassander bypasses him by sea and besieges Olympias in Pella
Spring 316 BC Chr. - Eumenes enters Susa and allies himself with the governors of the upper provinces under Peukestas - Cassander victory: Olympias surrenders and is executed; Alexander IV. Aigos and Roxane are taken into house arrest, Polyperchon withdraws to the Peloponnese
Summer 316 BC Chr. - June / July: Battle of the Kopratas : Eumenes defeats Antigonus - Cassander married Thessalonica and founded Kassandreia
- on Sicily seized Agathokles the rule over Syracuse
Late year 316 BC Chr. - Battle of Paraitakene : stalemate between Eumenes and Antigonos
- Battle of Gabiene : stalemate between Eumenes and Antigonos
- Eumenes is betrayed by his own officers to Antigonus and dies in his captivity

Third Diadoch War

Constellation: Cassander , Ptolemy , Lysimachus versus Antigonus , Demetrios , Polyperchon
time Asia Europe
Spring 315 BC Chr. - Antigonus is master of Asia: Peithon is executed, Peukestas deposed, Seleukos flees to Egypt
Summer 315 BC Chr. - Rome is subject to the Samnites at the Battle of Lautulae
Late year 315 BC Chr. - November: Antigonos retreats to winter camp in Cilicia
- Cassander, Lysimachus and Ptolemaios gave Antigonus an ultimatum to divide his territory
Spring 314 BC Chr. - Antigonus sends Aristodemos to Greece, who agrees an alliance with Polyperchon
- Antigonus marches into Phenicia and begins the siege of Tire
Summer 314 BC Chr. - Antigonus conquers Joppa and Gaza
- Ptolemy the nephew repulses an attempted invasion of Cassander in Asia Minor
- Seleukos carries out sea operations in the Aegean Sea against Antigonus
- Cassander passes through Thessaly and Boeotia on the Peloponnese
- Lysimachus conquers Odessus
Late year 314 BC Chr. - Proclamation by Tire: Antigonus has the formal imperial reign transferred from Polyperchon, Kassander is declared an enemy of the empire, the freedom of the Greeks is demanded
- Ptolemy seizes Cyprus
- Counter-offensive by Alexander and Aristodemus in the Peloponnese
Spring 313 BC Chr. - Ptolemy the nephew beats Asandros and Prepelaos - Cassander in Messinia
Summer 313 BC Chr. - Tire surrenders to Antigonus
- Ptolemy allies with Asandros
- Cassander moves against the Aitolians and Illyrians
- Athens carries out a sea operation against Lemnos , but fails against Dioskourides
- Antigonus as hegemon of the newly founded Nesiotenbunds lord of the Aegean
- Alexander goes over to Cassander's side
- Aristodemos wins the Aitolians as an ally and drives Alexander from Peloponnese
- Alexander is murdered
Late year 313 BC Chr. - Antigonos moves to Asia Minor and sends Telesphoros to Greece
- Demetrios is appointed governor in Syria
- Asandros submits to Antigonus and hands over Caria to him
- Lysimachus subjugates the Odrysen under Seuthes III.
- Aiakides of Epiros falls in Aitolia against an army of Cassander; The young Pyrrhos is saved to the Illyrians
- Sea battle of Oreos: Telesphoros and Medios defeat Kassander
Spring 312 BC Chr. - Antigonos sends his nephew Ptolemy to Greece - Cassander offensive in Thessaly and Euboea
Summer 312 BC Chr. - Byzantium explained Antigonus party for neutral
- Ptolemy eliminates the city kings of Cyprus and proposes a revolt in Cyrene down
- Ptolemy the nephew frees Chalcis and Oropos , marches through Attica , Boeotia and Lokris
Late year 312 BC Chr. - Battle of Gaza : Ptolemy defeats Demetrios
- Ptolemy occupies Phenicia and besieges Tire
Spring 311 BC Chr. - Demetrios defeats Killas near Myus
- Antigonos marches into Syria; Ptolemy retreats to Egypt
- May: Seleucus enters Babylon; Beginning of the Seleucid era
- Telesphorus renounces Antigonus, but is taken prisoner by Ptolemy the nephew
- Alketas II of Epeiros is defeated by an army of Cassander before Eurymenai
- Cassander fails before Apollonia
Summer 311 BC Chr. - Demetrios marches against the Nabateans
- Demetrios marches against Babylon
- Seleukos defeats Nikanor on the Tigris and conquers Ekbatana and Susa
Late year 311 BC Chr. Peace of the Diadochi : Antigonus, Kassander, Ptolemaios and Lysimachus agree a peace and recognize each other in their territories

Babylonian war

Constellation: Antigonus , Demetrios versus Seleukos
time Asia Europe
Spring 310 BC Chr. - Seleucus ousts Demetrios from Babylon
Summer 310 BC Chr. - August: Antigonus moves against Babylon - Cassander has Alexander IV murdered Aigos and Roxane, which ends the Macedonian kingdom
- Agathocles of Syracuse is subject to Carthage in the Battle of Himeras
- Rome defeats the Etruscans in the first battle on Lake Vadimon
Late year 310 BC Chr. - Polyperchon proclaims Heracles king
- Agathocles of Syracuse crosses to Africa
Spring 309 BC Chr. - March: Antigonus is repulsed from Babylon
- Seleucus defeats Antigonus in a field battle
Summer 309 BC Chr. - Phoinix revolts against Antigonus - Polyperchon makes peace with Cassander and murders Heracles and Barsine
- Ptolemy the nephew renounces Antigonos
- Agathocles of Syracuse occupies the area around Carthage
Late year 309 BC Chr. - Ptolemy attacks cities along the coast of Asia Minor
- Antigonus gives up Babylon and all provinces east of the Euphrates in favor of Seleucus
- Seleucus moves to Central Asia
- Ptolemy murders Antigonus' nephew on Kos

Fourth Diadoch War

Constellation: Cassander , Ptolemy , Lysimachus , Seleukos versus Antigonos , Demetrios
time Asia Europe
Spring 308 BC Chr. - Demetrius' counteroffensive in Asia Minor against Ptolemy
- Phoinix is ​​subdued
- Lysimachos founds Lysimacheia
Summer 308 BC Chr. - Antigonus has Cleopatra murdered
- Ophellas allies himself with Agathocles of Syracuse to fight against Carthage, but is betrayed and killed by him
- Ptolemy seizes Sikyons and Corinth
Late year 308 BC Chr.
Spring 307 BC Chr. - Agathocles returns to Syracuse and ends its blockade by Carthage
Summer 307 BC Chr. - Antigonos sends Demetrios to Greece - JUNE 10: Demetrios lock the Munychia from
- Demetrius freed Megara
- Demetrios occupies the Munychia, moves to Athens and restored democracy
Late year 307 BC Chr. - Antigonos founds Antigoneia in Syria - the army of Agathocles mutinies in Africa and surrenders to Carthage
Spring 306 BC Chr. - Antigonus can be proclaimed king of the undivided Alexander Empire in Antigoneia - Battle of Salamis : Demetrios triumphs over Ptolemy by land and sea and conquers Cyprus
Summer 306 BC Chr. - in Epiros Pyrrhos is installed as king
Autumn 306 BC Chr. - Offensive against Egypt: Antigonus fails at the Nile crossing and retreats to Syria - Agathocles of Syracuse makes peace with Carthage
Spring 305 BC Chr. Cassander, Ptolemy, Lysimachus and Seleucus also assume the title of king
Summer 305 BC Chr. - Demetrios takes the Siege of Rhodes in
occupied Rome - Bovianum and annexed Campania
Late year 305 BC Chr.
Spring 304 BC Chr. - Cassander offensive against Aitolia and Athens
- Agathocles of Syracuse assumes the title of king
Summer 304 BC Chr. - Demetrios breaks off the siege of Rhodes and returns to Greece
- Demetrios liberates Halkidiki and Boeotia, alliance with Aitolia
Late year 304 BC Chr. - the Colossus of Rhodes is built
Spring 303 BC Chr.
Summer 303 BC Chr. - Seleukos sells Gedrosien , Arachosien , Gandhara and Paropamisaden to Chandragupta for 500 war elephants
Late year 303 BC Chr. - Demetrios destroys Sikyon and founds Demetrias
- Demetrios conquers Corinth and Orchomenos
Spring 302 BC Chr.
Summer 302 BC Chr. - Demetrios renews the Corinthian League to fight against Cassander
Late year 302 BC Chr. - Lysimachus crosses the Hellespont and operates in Asia Minor against Antigonus
- Phoinix, Dokimos and Philetairos go over to Lysimachus' side
- Antigonus marches from Syria to Cappadocia, where he retires to winter camp
- Kassander offensive in Thessaly against Demetrios
- Pyrrhos is driven out of Epiros by Kassander
Spring 301 BC Chr. - Seleucus returns from the east and moves to Asia Minor to unite with Lysimachus
- Ptolemy annexes Koilesyria , but returns to Egypt
- Demetrios goes to Asia Minor to reunite with his father
- Pyrrhos joins Demetrios
Summer 301 BC Chr. - Battle of Ipsos : Antigonus falls, Seleucus annexes Syria and Cappadocia, Lysimachus annexes the Hellespont, Phrygia and Ionia , Demetrios flees


time Asia Europe
Late year 301 BC Chr. - Demetrios is sea king and strikes back Lysimachos from Cilicia
- Mithridates Ktistes establishes himself as ruler in the Pontus region
- Collapse of the Corinthian League
- party fight in Athens, Demetrios is expelled from the city
300 BC Chr. - Demetrios attacks the Chersonesos on
- Lachares is tyrant in Athens
299 BC Chr. - Conflict between Seleucus and Ptolemy over Koilesyria
- Ptolemy allies with Lysimachus
- Sea victory of Agathocles of Syracuse over Cassander
298 BC Chr. - Seleucus allies with Demetrios
- Demetrios conquers Gaza and Samaria from Ptolemaios
- Peace between Ptolemy and Demetrios, who holds Pyrrhus hostage
297 BC Chr. - Zipoites , Prince of Bithynia , rises to be king - Kassander dies
296 BC Chr. - Demetrios returns to Greece and conquers the Peloponnese
- supported by Ptolemy, Pyrrhos regains power in Epiros
- Philip IV dies in Macedonia .
295 BC Chr. - Rome defeats the Samnites and their allies in the battle of Sentinum
294 BC Chr. - Lysimachus conquers Ephesus , Cilicia is annexed by Seleucus and Cyprus by Ptolemy - Demetrios moves back into Athens, drives out Lachares and restores democracy
- Demetrios defeats the Spartians at Mantineia
- Demetrios eliminates Alexander V and becomes ruler in Macedonia
293 BC Chr. - Lysimachus is captured by the Geten
- Demetrios moves against Thrace
292 BC Chr. - Pyrrhos marches through Thessaly to Thermopylae
- Demetrius' counteroffensive, who conquers Boeotia and passes through Epiros
291 BC Chr.
290 BC Chr. - Demetrios conquers Thebes and allies himself with Agathocles of Syracuse against Pyrrhus
- Rome obliges the Samnites to military success
289 BC Chr. - Ptolemy in Alexandria directed the cult of the deified Alexander a - Demetrios passes through Aitolia, but is driven back by Pyrrhos to Macedonia
- Demetrios' armor for a campaign to conquer Asia provokes an alliance of Pyrrhos, Lysimachus, Ptolemaios and Seleukos against him
- Agathocles of Syracuse dies

Fifth Diadoch War

Constellation: Pyrrhus , Ptolemy , Lysimachus , Seleucus versus Demetrios
time Asia Europe
288 BC Chr. - War on two fronts in Macedonia: Lysimachus attacks the east and Pyrrhus the west
- Ptolemy sends his fleet to the Aegean Sea
- Demetrios' army deserted at Beroia
- Athens under Olympiodoros rises against Demetrios
- Demetrios leaves Macedonia, lands in Attica and besieges Athens
- Demetrios gives up the siege of Athens
287 BC Chr. - Demetrios is pushed to Cilicia by Prince Agathocles
- Demetrios winters in Cataonia
- Ptolemy takes over Sidon and Tire
- Demetrios appoints his son Antigonos Gonatas as his trustee in Europe and crosses to Asia Minor
286 BC Chr. - Demetrios' troops desert to Seleukos
- Demetrios surrenders to Seleukos and is taken prisoner
- Ptolemy becomes the new hegemon of the Nesioten League


time Asia Europe
285 BC Chr. - With the completion of the Serapeum of Alexandria , Ptolemy establishes the Serapis cult - Pyrrhos and Antigonos Gonatas are defeated by Lysimachus, who annexes Macedonia
284 BC Chr.
283 BC Chr. - Demetrios dies in captivity
- Ptolemy dies, successor is Ptolemy II.
- Lysimachus executes his son Agathocles, whose followers flee to Seleucus
- Rome defeats and subdues the Etruscans after the second battle on the Vadimonian lake

Sixth Diadoch War

Constellation: Seleucus versus Lysimachus
time Asia Europe
282 BC Chr. - Seleucus goes on the offensive against Lysimachus in Asia Minor; Philetairus of Pergamon goes over to him
Spring 281 BC Chr. - Battle of Kurupedion : Seleucus defeats Lysimachus (†)


time Asia Europe
281 BC Chr. - Seleukos is lord of Asia and hands over the " Seleucid Empire " to his son Antiochus I to cross over to Europe - Seleukos is murdered by Ptolemy Keraunos , who takes power in Macedonia
280 BC Chr. - Pyrrhus crosses over to Italy to fight against Rome
279 BC Chr. - Antigonos Gonatas allies with Nicomedes I of Bithynia against Antiochus I. - Onslaught of the Celts on Greece : Ptolemy Keraunos falls; Celts advance to Thermopylae
- “ Pyrrhic victory ” over Rome in the battle of Asculum
- Rome allies itself with Carthage
278 BC Chr. - Antigonos Gonatas cedes his cities in Asia Minor to Antiochus I and in return is recognized as king of Macedonia - Pyrrhos crosses over to Sicily to fight Carthage
- Aitolians and Phokers defeat the Celts at Delphi
277 BC Chr. - Antigonos Gonatas defeats the Celts at Lysimacheia and rises to be king of Macedonia


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