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The Gelao (also Gelo ; own name in IPA : [ klau ]; Chinese  仡佬族 , Pinyin Gēlǎozú ; Vietnamese Cờ Lao ) are an ethnic group that settles in southern China and northern Vietnam .

In the People's Republic of China , they are one of the 55 officially recognized minorities . According to the last census in 2010, they counted 550,746 people in the PRC. They mainly live in Guangxi and Guizhou . Only a few thousand of them still speak the Gelao language, which belongs to the Kra group of the Tai Kadai languages . The rest speak Mandarin , Miao , Yi and / or Bouyei .

In Vietnam, the Cờ Lao are one of the 53 nationally recognized ethnic minorities. Their number was given in the 2009 census with 2,636, they live mostly in the province of Hà Giang .

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