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Gunter Wesener (born June 3, 1932 in Graz ) is an Austrian legal scholar , legal historian and professor emeritus at the University of Graz .


Gunter Wesener's family comes from Recklinghausen in Westphalia , some of his ancestors were judges from the Electorate of Cologne in Vest Recklinghausen . The progenitor of the family is Wolffgang Wesener (1494–1557), mayor in Halle an der Saale . An ancestor in the 16th century was the long-time mayor of Cologne and imperial councilor Arnold von Siegen .

Gunter Wesener attended the Lichtenfels Grammar School in Graz from 1942 to 1950 and then studied law in Graz. He received his doctorate on November 5, 1954. On March 14, 1959, he married Carmen Lintner, who was born in Bolzano.

His teachers at the law faculty in Graz included Artur Steinwenter , Sibylle Bolla-Kotek , Max Rintelen , Walter Wilburg , Hermann Baltl and Hermann Hämmerle ; Franz Bydlinski , Robert Seiler and Josef Krainer junior were among his fellow students . In the academic year 1953/54 he was a research assistant, then after completing his legal practice from April 1, 1955, assistant at the Institute for Roman Law at the University of Graz.

The habilitation at the suggestion of Artur Steinwenter and Hubert Niederländer took place on July 11, 1957 with the thesis "History of inheritance law in Austria since its reception " (venia for Roman law and the history of private law in modern times). Theo Mayer-Maly and Hermann Baltl were reviewers . The topic of the trial lecture was overcoming self-help in Roman law.

In 1958 Gunter Wesener was a visiting professor in Heidelberg , on September 16, 1959, he was appointed as successor to Artur Steinwenter as extraordinary professor, and on November 25, 1963 as full professor of law and political science at the University of Graz with teaching obligation for Roman law. He was dean of the Graz law faculty in the academic year 1965/66 and from 1979 to 1981. From 1987, Gunter Wesener was a member of the commission for the Savigny Foundation of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (since 1995: Commission for Legal History of Austria ). Since 1989 he has been co-editor of “Research on the Modern History of Private Law ” and since 2011 of “Contributions to the Legal History of Austria”. Since 1995 he has been a member of the international jury for the award of the “Premio romanistico internazionale Gérard Boulvert”. Since 2009 he has been a member of the Comitato scientifico internazionale of the journal 'IVRA', since 2010 also of the Comitato of the journal 'Index'. His pupils were Herwig Stiegler , Georg Klingenberg , Johannes Michael Rainer , Evelyn Höbenreich and Martin Pennitz .

Gunter Wesener's academic work focuses on Roman private law , the Usus modernus pandectarum and the history of private law . The "Modern German History of Private Law", a revision of Gerhard Wesenberg's work , was published in several editions and was a textbook for generations of law students and has been translated into Spanish and Italian .



The list of Gunter Wesener's publications includes pages 58–77 in the edition of “Three Lectures…” (see literature).

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