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Tacitusstrasse , Heddernheim

Publius Cornelius Tacitus (55–120), Roman senator, brilliant speaker and historian. His best-known work here is Germania, in which he describes the origins and customs of the Teutons. What could be more obvious than to commemorate him in Heddernheim, where the Roman city of Nida was, with a street name.

Tagetesweg , Frankfurter Berg

the marigold , lat. Tagetes , gave it its name

Tannenkopfweg , Schwanheim

to a district near Roßdorf / Hanau, where Neolithic cremation graves were found in 1907 . However, these Wetterau cremation graves later turned out to be forgeries.

Tarnowitzer Strasse , Griesheim

Tarnowitz , Polish name Tarnowskie Góry, town near Bytom / Bytom Silesia

Taschnerstraße , Bergen- Enkheim (until 1977 bowling alley )

after the apprenticeship of bag makers or bag makers who manufacture (leather) bags of all kinds and some of which were small businesses up to the 1960s on this street.

Taufsteinweg , Eckenheim

after the highest point in the Vogelsberg , the most powerful extinct volcano in Central Europe, the lava of which came as far as Frankfurt. See basalt road.

Taunustor and Taunusanlage , city center; Taunusstraße , Bahnhofsviertel

These three streets are located at the former location of the first Frankfurt train station, the Taunusbahnhof opened in 1839 , the terminus of the Taunus railway .


Telemannstrasse , Westend

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767) was a famous composer and conductor. 1712–1721 city music director in Frankfurt

Tempelgasse , Harheim

When the temple courtyard in Tempelgasse 3 was demolished in 1938, a large area of ​​stone was uncovered, and a Roman estate and several grave sites were also found. The earlier settlement by the Romans in this part of the city, which was incorporated into Frankfurt in 1972, could be proven. Several street names take this into account.

Teplitz-Schönauer-Strasse , Sachsenhausen

Teplitz-Schönau , in Czech Teplice , city and health resort in northern Bohemia. Many of those displaced from there found a new home in Frankfurt after the Second World War.

Tevesstrasse , Gallus

Alfred Teves , (1868–1953) was the founder of Alfred Teves GmbH, which became part of Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG in 1998. The Frankfurt plant is located in Rödelheim.

Textorstrasse , Sachsenhausen-Nord

The Textors (Latinized by Weber ) were a respected Frankfurt patrician family. Johann Wolfgang Textor was a city scholar, his daughter Catharina Elisabeth was the mother of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe .


Thea-Rasche-Strasse , airport

Thea Rasche (1899–1971), German pilot and journalist, first German with an aerobatic license , known internationally as the “Flying Fräulein”

Theobald-Christ-Strasse , Ostend

Named after the pediatrician Dr. med. Johann Theobald Christ (1777–1841), founder of the Dr. Christ'schen Children's Hospital (today Clementine Children's Hospital ) in this street. Former street name Theobaldstraße (after the first name of Dr. Christ).

Theobald-Ziegler-Strasse , Eckenheim

Theobald Ziegler (1846–1918), philosophy professor and pedagogue from Strasbourg , from 1911 resided in Frankfurt.

Theodor-Fischer-Weg , Praunheim

Theodor Fischer (1862–1938) was an architect and town planner. Among other things, he created the Hessian State Museum in Kassel and that in Wiesbaden

Theodor-Haubach-Weg , Riederwald

Dr. phil. Theodor Haubach (1896–1945), born in Frankfurt, writer and editor, leading member of the Reichsbanner , was executed as a resistance fighter on July 20, 1944 in Berlin-Plötzensee .

Theodor-Heuss-Allee , Westend

Theodor Heuss (1884–1963), first Federal President from 1949 to 1959, founding member of the FDP , member of the Parliamentary Council that drafted the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany . In the Third Reich temporarily prohibited from writing. The original name from around 1890 until shortly after the Second World War was Bismarck Allee .

Theodor-Neubürger-Strasse , Niederursel

Professor Dr. Theodor Neubürger (1830–1915), Privy Medical Council.

Theodor-Stern-Kai , Sachsenhausen (1937–1945 Skagerrakufer )

The widow of the banker Theodor Stern (1837–1900) donated 500,000 marks for medical research in 1901, which were used for the construction of one of the research buildings of the university clinic at this address.
  • During the Nazi dictatorship, Frankfurt renamed streets named after Jews. The new name of the Theodor Stern Wharf now served war propaganda by commemorating the sea battle on the Skagerrak in 1916.

Theodor-Storm-Strasse , Ginnheim

Theodor Storm (1817–1888), German writer. Best known is his work Der Schimmelreiter .

Theodor-Thomas-Strasse , Bonames

Theodor Thomas (1876–1955) was editor of the "Voice of Work", Frankfurt city councilor and co-founder of the Academy of Work .

Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz , Westend-Nord

Theodor W. Adorno (1903–1969), born in Frankfurt, social philosopher, who went into exile in 1938 due to his Jewish descent, returned in 1949 and taught as a professor at the University of Frankfurt. Played an important role in the 1968 movement , whose spiritual foster father he was raised. In 2014, the former Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz on Varrentrappstraße / Robert-Mayer-Straße / Emil-Sulzbach-Straße was renamed Tilly-Edinger-Platz. Thus the name became free; on February 4, 2015, a space behind the former IG-Farben building on the Westend campus site (the so-called campus square) was renamed Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz. At number 1 this is the new, official address of the Goethe University .

Thielenstrasse , Eschersheim

Karl von Thielen (1832–1906), royal Prussian state minister, director of the Reich Railway Office , ennobled in 1900.

Thiotmannstrasse , Höchst

A Franconian landowner named Thiotmann bequeathed goods to the Lorsch monastery around 790. The document provides the first evidence of the town of Höchst, then known as "villa hostat" .

Thorwaldsenstrasse and Thorwaldsenplatz , Sachsenhausen

Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770–1844), eminent Danish sculptor and director of the Art Academy in Copenhagen. Created a tomb for the family crypt on Bethmann-Hollweg in Frankfurt's main cemetery; u. a. the Gutenberg monument in Mainz comes from him.
From 1913 onwards on the route of the local railway, which ran until 1875, there was a remaining triangle due to the curves on the road; The resulting square, like the street, was named after the famous sculptor in 1911.

Throner Strasse , Bornheim

The Throne Monastery ( thronus sanctae mariae ) was a Cistercian monastery near Wehrheim im Taunus .

Thudichumstrasse , Rödelheim

Ludwig Thudichum (1798–1863) was a Protestant pastor in Rödelheim. His son Friedrich followed him in office

Thurn und Taxis-Platz , city center

The noble family von Thurn und Taxis received a postal monopoly from the emperor in the 16th century, which did not expire until 1806. The private Thurn-und-Taxis-Post, headquartered in Frankfurt, continued to operate until the Prussian state forced the sale to it in 1867 and ultimately transferred it to the Deutsche Reichspost. The magnificent Thurn und Taxis Palais stood on Grosse Eschenheimer Strasse, where the Palais Quartier is now being built


Tiberiusstrasse , Heddernheim

Tiberius (42 BC to 37 AD), 2nd Roman Emperor. Conquered the Alpine region for Rome, but gave up the expansion policy in Germania after the battle in the Teutoburg Forest .

Tillystrasse , Nied

Named after Johann T'Serclaes von Tilly (1559-1632), the victorious general of the Catholic League , who defeated the Protestant Union under Christian von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel in the battle of Höchst . Frankfurt, which sympathized with the Protestants, had to pay him a high contribution in order not to be burned down (“ pillage ”). Before the Nieder incorporation in 1928 Mittelstrasse .

Tilly-Edinger-Platz , Westend-Süd

the former Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz on Varrentrappstrasse / Graefstrasse, Tilly Edinger (1897–1967) was a paleontologist and founder of paleoneurology.

Tilsiter Strasse , Bockenheim

Tilsit , in Russian Sovietsk, city in the former East Prussia. Only known to the younger ones as a type of cheese. Other names with reference to East Prussia in the neighborhood (e.g. Rossittener, Königsberger, Elbinger, Lötzener Str.).

Tischbeinstrasse , Sachsenhausen

Painter family. Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein (1751–1829), who accompanied and portrayed Goethe on his trip to Italy in 1787 , became famous . His best-known picture of Goethe in the Campagna hangs in the Städel and is often alienated for advertising purposes.

Tituscorso and Titusstrasse , Heddernheim

Titus (39–81), Roman Emperor 79–81 after Emperor Vespasian, is best known for the suppression of the Jewish uprising . During his reign, Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompeii .


Töngesgasse , old town

Verballhorn from "Antonis Gass", after the local Antoniterkloster . This Catholic religious order had also had a monastery in Höchst since 1441, which in turn had a branch on the site of today's Capuchin monastery.

Toni-Sender-Strasse , Sossenheim

Toni Sender (1888–1964), born in Wiesbaden-Biebrich, politician, SPD member of the Reichstag, emigrated in 1933.

Töplitzstrasse , Sachsenhausen (1937–1945 Robert-Koch-Strasse )

Julius Töplitz (1850–1918) and his wife Betty, a Jewish couple, established a foundation for popular education purposes and survivors of the war.
  • Robert Koch (1843–1910), Secret Medical Councilor, bacteriologist

Tornowstrasse , Bockenheim

Eugen Tornow (1834–1904), building contractor. 1908 posthumous foundation for scientific purposes, which was used to expand the physical association .


Trajanstrasse , Heddernheim

Marcus Ulpius Traianus (53–117), Roman emperor from 98. Under him, the Roman Empire experienced its heyday.

Trakehner Strasse , Bockenheim

Trakehnen , in Russian Jasnaja Poljana, city in East Prussia. Famous for its horse stud .

Tränkweg , Schwanheim

Leads from the former Hofgut Goldstein to the Main. The field name is first recorded in 1692 as (Acker) "above the Tränckweeg".

Treburer Strasse , Niederrad

Trebur , municipality in the Groß-Gerau district

Treisberger Strasse , Praunheim

Treisberg , village in the Hochtaunus, district of Schmitten

Treunerweg , Eschersheim

The brothers Hermann (1876–1962) and Robert (1877–1948) Treuner produced the model of Frankfurt's old town exhibited in the city's historical museum

Triebstraße , Seckbach (old) (since the incorporation of Bergen-Enkheim in 1977: Im Trieb )

Connection between Wilhelmshöher Straße and Sausee .

Triebstrasse , Bergen- Enkheim

It was used as early as the 13th century to drive cattle to the lamp, to the Rangenberg and forest.

Trifelsstrasse , Niederrad

The castle Trifels , located at Annweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate, housed in interregnum - and wartime Reichskleinodien

Trierische Gasse and Trierisches Plätze , old town

Today the southern part of Hasengasse south of Töngesgasse . The cookies resulted from the intersection rabbit / Töngesgasse to southern leather hall , the Trierische alley from this south to Schnurgasse , today's Berlin street . The trading center of the Trier merchants in the trading metropolis of Frankfurt was located here. Today's street Im Trierischer Hof is a reminder of this, but is located a little east of the former street, more in the area of ​​the former Lindheimer Gasse .

Triftstrasse , Niederrad

Drift here means cattle drive; that is, the way on which the cattle were driven to pasture.

Trümpertstraße , Rödelheim (until 1935 Cromestraße , previously Haingraben )

Rudolf Wilhelm Karl Trümpert, born in Assenheim in 1849, evangelical pastor and historian in Rödelheim, later Prof. in Darmstadt.
August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome (1753–1833), geographer, statistician and political scientist, teacher at the Philanthropin Dessau .


Tucholskystrasse , Sachsenhausen

Kurt Tucholsky (1890–1935), one of the most important publicists and satirists in the Weimar Republic . At times co-editor of the magazine “Die Weltbühne”. Sharp opponent of the emerging National Socialism . In 1930 he moved to Sweden, where he later committed suicide.

Turiner Strasse , Sachsenhausen

Turin , Italian Torino , city in Piedmont . Venue of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Turmstrasse , Bornheim

after the tower of the Johanniskirche in this street

Tuchgaden , old town (also Unter den Tuchgaden )

The street of the cloth merchants led diagonally from the Weckmarkt to the (old) market . It was separated from the latter by the Red House , under which a passage led.

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