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N / A

After the fire , Höchst

In 1778 25 houses and many barns burned down in the town of Höchst . One of the highest streets is therefore simply called “Brand”.

Nahestrasse, Unterliederbach

Nahe , 116 km long tributary of the Rhine, rises in Saarland, then flows through Rhineland-Palatinate to the Rhine. Is a recognized wine-growing region.

Nansenring , Sachsenhausen

Fridtjof Nansen (1861–1930), Norwegian zoologist, polar researcher, philanthropist and international statesman. Crossed Greenland on skis. Because of his services to international refugee aid, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 .

Nassauer Strasse , Heddernheim

Nassau , city on the Lahn, in the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis / Rhineland-Palatinate. According to another version, the aristocratic family originating from there is to be emphasized, which in one of the many side lines, namely with Orange- Nassau, constitutes the ruling house in the Netherlands.

Nathan-Trier-Strasse , Griesheim (1933–1945 Josef-Wolff-Strasse )

According to the city's additional sign to the street sign, the street is named after the donor heart Nathan Trier. According to other sources, however, it was named after Joseph Nathan Trier (1800–1872), brother of the aforementioned and founder of the Griesheim oilcloth factory, who together with his wife Clara set up a foundation for the education of girls and women. The oilcloth factory was established in the east of Griesheim in 1823 and existed for more than 150 years; Most of the factory premises were sold to a housing association in 1975.
  • Under National Socialism, the honor for the Jewish fellow citizen Nathan Trier was canceled and the street was renamed after Josef Wolff, Mayor of Griesheim from 1888 to 1921.

Nauheimer Strasse , Bockenheim

Bad Nauheim , spa town in the Wetterau district


Nebeniusstraße , Riederwald

Karl Friedrich Nebenius (1784–1857), statesman of Baden , author of the Baden constitution of 1818, briefly also Minister of the Interior of the state. Dismissed from civil service after the Baden Revolution of 1848/49.

Neckarstrasse , Bahnhofsviertel

Neckar , 367 km long navigable river in Baden-Württemberg that flows into the Rhine near Mannheim . Cities such as Rottweil , Tübingen , Stuttgart , Heilbronn and Heidelberg lie on its banks . Until the end of the last ice age , it even ran through the Hessian Ried to Trebur.

Neebstrasse , Bornheim

Heinrich Adam Neeb (1805–1878), elementary school teacher from Lich , who had devoted himself to promoting German singing and who organized the Great German Singing Festival of 1838 . 1853 founder of the Germania Choir, 1858 of the Neeb Quartet.

Nell-Breuning-Strasse , Sachsenhausen

Oswald von Nell-Breuning (1890–1991), Catholic theologian, Jesuit, political economist and social philosopher, who is known as the “Nestor of Catholic social teaching”. He lived in Frankfurt from 1928.

Nelly-Sachs-Platz , Kalbach

Nelly Sachs (1891–1970), actually Leonie Sachs, German writer and poet of Jewish descent. In 1940 she managed to emigrate to Sweden with the help of the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf . In 1966 the Nobel Prize Committee awarded her the Nobel Prize in Literature "for her outstanding lyrical and dramatic works, which interpret the fate of Israel with moving force."

Nesenstrasse , Nordend

Wilhelm Nesen (1492–1524), educator and humanist from Nastätten. First head of the Latin school founded in 1520, from which later the Goethe-Gymnasium and the Lessing-Gymnasium emerged .

Nesselbuschstrasse , Heddernheim

Name of a parcel in the former Heddernheim district . Replicates the eastern boundary wall of the Roman municipal city of Nida .

Neue Gasse , old town

West parallel street of Kruggasse , ran from Schnurgasse (Berliner Straße) to the chicken market .

Neue Kräme , old town

The lane leading north from the Römerberg became a very popular traders' street with shops from the 16th century and was named Unter den neue Krämen .

Neue Mainzer Strasse , city center

Neue Mainzer Straße was built in 1810 after the former Frankfurt city wall was torn down. It got its name after the Mainz bulwark , a strong bastion to defend the banks of the Main. Today it is considered a bank ridge because of its narrow street canyons .

Neuenhainer Strasse , Gallus

Neuenhain, since 1977 district of Bad Soden am Taunus in the Main-Taunus-Kreis

Neue Rothofstrasse , city center

after the former Rothen Hof , an estate with a country house and large livestock.

Neue Schlesingergasse , city center

So named in 1845 after the former Schlesinger Hof.

New Börneplatz , city center

Created in 1996 based on the no longer existing Börneplatz, named after Ludwig Börne . The place serves as anti-Semitism - Memorial .

Neuer Wall , Sachsenhausen

This alley in Alt-Sachsenhausen was on the Sachsenhausen city wall, near the Affentor .

Neuhaußstrasse , Nordend

The patrician family Neuhauß had become rich through international wholesale. Jacob Neuhauß donated the All Saints Chapel in 1366 . In 1666 the family died out.

Neuhofstrasse , Nordend

to Neuhof, which was formerly located there.

Neumannstrasse , Eschersheim

From 1888 the Neumann Brothers construction company built several streets in this residential area, the Eschersheim water tower and a school on the White Stone.

Neunkircher Weg , Schwanheim

Neunkirchen (Saar) , district town in Saarland .


Nibelungenallee and -platz , Nordend

This heavily trafficked part of the avenue ring honors the Germanic heroes of the 5th century , immortalized in songs and legends , i.e. Siegfried, Kriemhilde, Gunther, Gernot, Giselher and Hagen von Tronje.

Nidacorso and Nidaforum , Heddernheim

Named after the ancient Roman town of Nida , which stood on the site of today's Heddernheim and played an important role as a garrison town before the Teutons conquered the Limes and forced the Romans to retreat from the area they held for more than three centuries.

Niddagaustraße , Rödelheim, formerly Gartenstraße

Under Emperor Charlemagne , the Frankish Empire was divided into districts, most of which were named after rivers. The Niddagau comprised the area south of the Taunus to the Main, with Rödelheim as the main town.

Nidderauer Strasse , Bergen -Enkheim

Nidderau , a town in the Main-Kinzig district that only emerged in 1970 and emerged from the merger of Windecken and Heldenbergen.

Niedergasse , Seckbach

The alley runs on the route of a paved Roman road from the Mainkur over the Auerweg am Huthpark , the Marbachweg and the Hügelstraße and finally over the Elisabethenstraße to Mainz .

Niedernhauser Strasse , Gallus

Niedernhausen , municipality in the Rheingau-Taunus district

Niederelder Weg , Heddernheim

Niederschelden, a district of Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia since 1974 , right on the border with Rhineland-Palatinate.

Niersteiner Strasse , Sachsenhausen

Nierstein , municipality in the Mainz-Bingen / Rheinhessen district , known for its wine-growing.

Nikolaus-Brum-Strasse , Sossenheim

Nikolaus Brum (1867–1940), last mayor of Sossenheim from 1903 until it was incorporated into Frankfurt in 1928. He campaigned for exemplary orchards in the Sossenheimer Unterfeld .

Nikolausstrasse , Sossenheim

after the church patron of the local community, St. Nicholas .

Nina-Rubinstein-Weg , Westend-Nord

Nina Rubinstein (1908–1996), sociologist, interpreter and photographer. Born in Berlin as a child of Latvian Jews. Forced to flee to Paris as a doctoral student in 1933, later on to New York, she returned to Frankfurt in 1989, where she received the doctorate 56 years late for her dissertation from 1933 “French emigration after 1789”.

Nistergasse , Heddernheim

The Nister , also known as the Große Nister to distinguish it, is a left tributary of the Sieg , which runs entirely in Rhineland-Palatinate.


Nobelring , Sachsenhausen

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833–1896), Swedish chemist and inventor. Until his death he had been awarded a total of 355 patents. The most explosive was probably the invention of dynamite , with which he earned a great fortune. Remaining wedlock and childless, he was in charge of the foundation of the Nobel Prizes, which are awarded annually for outstanding achievements in science, literature and peace efforts.

Nuns path , Oberrad

Up until the Reformation there was a hermitage in Oberrad, in other words a hermitage for old, single women. Every year there was a procession to this hermitage to ask for protection from epidemics in the chapel there.

Nordheimstrasse , Sachsenhausen

Friedrich August von Nordheim (1813–1884), artist and engraver living in Frankfurt since 1844 . Created u. a. the template for the minting of the last Frankfurt thaler , which the Free Imperial City , which had the coin shelf , put into circulation in 1857.

Nördlinger Weg , Zeilsheim

Nördlingen , large district town and old free imperial town in the Donau-Ries district . In the battle of Nördlingen in 1634, the Swedish Protestant forces were decisively defeated for the first time by the Catholic imperial Habsburg troops.

Norbert-Wollheim-Platz , Westend

Until February 4, 2015 Grüneburgplatz . Norbert Wollheim is a victim of Nazi tyranny.


Nürburgstrasse , Schwanheim

The Nürburg is a ruined castle in the Eifel near the town of Nürburg south of Adenau in the district of Ahrweiler / Rhineland-Palatinate. Autosport fans are known for the nearby Nürburgring .

Nürnberger Hof , old town

The Nürnberger Hof , built in 1410 by city and cathedral builder Madern Gerthener , was the exhibition center and trading center of the Nuremberg merchants. The Nuremberg commercial agency was the largest of its kind in Frankfurt (see article ).

Nussgartenstrasse , Seckbach

About 150 meters north of the confluence of the Kreuzweg and Nussgartenstraße there used to be a lignite mine of the Taunus union, which reached a depth of 17 meters, as a map from 1926 shows. The mouth of the shaft, which can no longer be precisely determined today, was 150 meters above sea level.