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Luca is a male and female given name. In Germany , however, it is mostly used as a male first name.

Origin and meaning

The name is the Italian form of the name Lukas and the Greek Louka. In Italy and Greece the name is exclusively male. In Hungary and Croatia, the name in the spelling with "c" is exclusively female and is pronounced 'Lutsa' (a variant of Lucia ). In Germany the name was understood as the feminine form of Lukas and was formerly considered feminine. As the short form of the name Lucia (the shining one), he also takes a feminine position.

The name has been given to newborns in Germany since the mid-1990s, mainly as a first name for boys. This is due to the large number of immigrants, mainly from Italy. The name was received in the media through the song Luka by Suzanne Vega. Because of this song, Luca was or is often understood as a woman's name, although this name has long belonged to the top group of the most popular male first names. This means that a clear gender assignment can be assumed in the general consciousness of the population, so that an additional first name is sometimes recommended, but is not necessary.


  • German : Luka
  • Italian : Luca (male), Lucrezia, Lucia (female)
  • Hungarian : Luca (pronunciation: Lutsa ), Lucia (both female)
  • Greek : Louka (male)
  • Croatian : Luca (female, pronunciation: Lutsa ), Luka (male)

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Variation "Luka"

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