Supreme Soviet (Transnistria)

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Supreme Soviet
coat of arms Parliament building
logo Parliament building
Basic data
Seat: Tiraspol
Legislative period : five years
First session: 1990
MPs: 43
Current legislative period
Last choice: November 29, 2015
Next choice: probably 2020
Chair: Alexander Shcherba ( renewal )
35 7th 
Distribution of seats:
  • Renewal 35
  • PKP 1
  • Independent 7
  • Website

    The Supreme Soviet of Transdniestria (Moldovan: Советул Супрем ал Републичий Молдовенешть Нистрене or Sovietul Suprem al Republicii Moldoveneşti Nistrene , Russian: Верховный Совет Приднестровской Молдавской Республики , Ukrainian: Верховна Рада Придністровської Молдавської Республіки ) is the parliament of the internationally unrecognized state .


    With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1990, there was a conflict in Moldova between the Romanian- speaking part of the Moldovans, whose representatives wanted to unite the country with Romania , and ethnic minorities. On the eastern bank of the Dniester , a separate state called Transnistrian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic ( PMSSR for short ) was established independently of the central power in Chișinău . From this emerged today's Transnistria, which since August 1991 has officially been called the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic or in Russian PMR / Pridnestrovskaja Moldavskaja Respublika. Igor Smirnov was declared the first chairman of the Provisional Supreme Soviet of Transnistria on September 2, 1990. Since the constitutional amendment in 2009, it has been a unicameral parliament with 43 members who are directly elected.


    Individual evidence

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    Coordinates: 46 ° 50 ′ 12 ″  N , 29 ° 36 ′ 23 ″  E