House of Representatives (Belarus)

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The Parliament Building of Belarus
Distribution of seats
A total of 110 seats

The House of Representatives ( Belarusian Палата Прадстаўнікоў , Russian Палата представителей , full name: the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus , Belarusian Палата Прадстаўнікоў Нацыянальнага сходу Рэспублiкi Беларусь , Russian Палата представителей Национального Собрания Республики Беларусь ) is the lower house in the bicameral system of Belarus .

The House of Representatives consists of 110 members who are elected de jure in general, free, equal, direct and secret elections. It is located in the capital Minsk .

The 1st Chamber (Upper House) of the National Assembly is formed by the Council of the Republic .


The last elections took place on November 17, 2019.


Political party Number of MPs
2012 2016 2019
Liberal Democratic Party 0 1 1
United Citizens' Party of Belarus 0 1 0
Party yes BNF 0 0 0
Communist Party of Belarus 3 8th 11
Republican Party for Labor and Justice 1 3 6th
Belarusian Patriotic Party 0 3 2
Agrarian Party (Belarus) 1 0 1

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