Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

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Senát Parlamentu České republiky
logo Waldstein Palace
logo Waldstein Palace
Basic data
Seat: Waldstein Palace ,
Legislative period : 2 years
MPs: 81
Current legislative period
Last choice: October 2018
Next choice: October 2020
Chair: Jaroslav Kubera ( ODS )
13 7th 6th 15th 19th 19th 
Distribution of seats: Government (20)
  • ČSSD : 13
  • ANO : 7
  • Opposition (61)
  • STAN : 19
  • ODS : 19
  • KDU-ČSL : 15
  • SEN 21 : 6
  • Non-attached: 1
  • Website
    Allocation of seats in the Czech Senate from 1996 to 2012

    The Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech Senát Parlamentu České republiky ) was created with the 1992 constitution as the upper house of the Czech Parliament. The first elections to the Senate took place in 1996.


    The Senate follows the tradition of the Senate of the National Assembly in the first Czechoslovak Republic . According to the constitution adopted on January 29, 1920, this existed from 1920 to 1938, entirely in keeping with the Austro-Hungarian tradition and following the models of France and the USA. This Senate had 150 members who were elected for a term of eight years. The minimum age for running for the Senate was 45 years. The first Senate elections took place in May 1920, shortly after the first parliamentary elections.


    The following parliamentary groups (clubs) are currently represented in the Senate (as of the 2018 elections ):


    Electoral system

    Constituencies for the Senate elections

    The Senate cannot be dissolved. The senators are elected from constituency-related candidates through a majority vote. According to the number of constituencies , the Senate consists of 81 people who must be at least 40 years old. The candidates can of political parties proposed (and supports), or independent candidate. Independent candidates must provide a list of at least 1,000 signatures from people who support their candidacy. A deposit of 20,000 Czech crowns is also required.

    The senators are elected for 6 years each. If none of the candidates in a constituency achieve an absolute majority of the votes, a runoff election takes place between the two best-placed candidates . The elections take place every two years, with one third of the constituencies being elected. Well-known or worthy public figures often appear as candidates for election.

    In the first election, one third of the senators were elected for two years, another third for four years, and the rest for six years.

    In the regular elections, there will be joint elections in constituencies 1, 4, 7, ... 79, two years later in constituencies 2, 5, 8, ... 80, and again two years later in constituencies 3, 6, 9, ... 81 elected. If a senator leaves office prematurely, the successor in the relevant constituency will be determined by a by-election .




    Senate members in the Waldstein Palace

    If the Senate does not approve a law, it must be approved again by the Chamber of Deputies with a majority of all MPs. The approval of the Senate is only required for changes to the constitutional law and electoral laws. The Senate is solely responsible for confirming the constitutional judges appointed by the President . Together with the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate elected the President of the Czech Republic for a five-year term until a constitutional amendment came into force in 2013. Since then, the President of the Czech Republic has continued to be elected for a five-year term, but directly by the people.


    The Senate elects a chairman ( předseda ) after each Senate election .

    Seat of the Senate

    The seat of the Senate is the Palais Waldstein in Prague , branches are the Palais Kolovrat and the Small Palais Fürstenberg. The Senate meeting room is located in the converted former stables of the Waldstein Palace.

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