French Parliament

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The French parliament ( French Parlement français ) is a bicameral parliament in the French capital Paris . According to the Constitution of the Fifth French Republic , it consists of the Senate as the upper house and the National Assembly as the lower house . The meetings of the Senate take place in the Palais du Luxembourg , those of the National Assembly in the Palais Bourbon . Joint meetings of the National Assembly and Senate, the so-called Congress of Parliament , are traditionally held in the Palace of Versailles .

Historically, the French parliament developed from the medieval parlement , but only acquired its modern meaning during the course of the French Revolution . The foundations of the French parliament go back to the constitution of 1791 , in which the legislative national assembly was established as a unicameral parliament . In the constitution of 1795 (constitution of the year of revolution III) a two-chamber system with the council of the ancients ("Conseil des Anciens") as upper house and the council of five hundred as lower house was established for the first time.

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